Chapter 759 – Really Laughable

“Audiences, the Saintess has collected six pearls as of now and has gotten a temporary lead. However, the Pearl Princess is opening oysters at a hundred percent rate. With a method that did not need to fight sea centipedes, it really makes us look forward to how this will turn out…”

“Great. The Saintess has once again valiantly opened another wave of oysters, this time it is a staggering amount of fifty! It’s fifty! Is this awesome or not? This time, the Saintess has gotten four pearls. The Saintess obtained a total of ten pearls now, good one Saintess…”

“Now let us look at the Pearl Little Princess’s situation. The Pearl Little Princess’s pace is also picking up, while maintaining a hundred percent success rate, she managed to harvest six pearls consecutively, without any misses! The Pearl Little Princess now has eleven pearls; good, the Pearl Little Princess’s awesomeness is exploding, she has now exceeded the Saintess by one pearl…”


Huan Qing Yan looked at that fella who was commenting; his looks were decent, but his attitude was rather vulgar and showy. She did not know where he had popped out from and to think that he was treating himself like a big Olympic hotshot.

After taking one glance, she retracted her gaze and continued to harvest pearls.

Not opening a wrong one every time has lost its suspense, therefore Huan Qing Yan playfully opened one that has a sea centipede. She summoned her Pig Spirit Treasure to bite it, however not to its death. Instead, she got it to drag along the sea centipede and let it play with it like a cat playing with its prey.

“Great! The Pearl Little Princess has finally opened a miss this time and got a sea centipede. Is this a mistake or to entertain the audience? Let us watch in anticipation!”


Black lines appeared on Huan Qing Yan, this commenter’s eyes were truly sharp, really laughable.

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Bai Li Zi Xi got more and more anxious, her dance was no longer as graceful as it was earlier on, while exhaustion started to appear on her face.

This time, she opened one hundred oysters but only three pearls appeared.

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People were saying that acquiring one every hundred was already pretty good, yet she had managed to acquire so many each time. That was also because she had sent out her spirit energy to perform a rough detection beforehand. Initially, she could get three pearls by opening only thirty oysters and now, she could the same amount after only opening a hundred oysters; her judgment was reducing greatly.

What’s more, this time there were seventy sea centipedes of various sizes, all of them ferociously charged and had the Luan Spirit Treasure surrounded.

Even though the Luan Spirit Treasure has a natural advantage over insects, killing one each bite would still require it to bite seventy times. In addition, the Luan Spirit Treasure has been fighting the sea centipedes from the beginning and had accumulated a couple of injuries from them.

Now that seventy suddenly charged at it, the Luan Spirit Treasure was completely overwhelmed.

It turned around at dived towards Bai Li Zi Xi’s wrist, wanting to escape.

Yet it was forcefully held outside by Bai Li Zi Xi, after Bai Li Zi Xi collected the three pearls, she also joined in to exterminate the sea centipedes and no longer continued to open oysters.

“It’s very unfortunate, the Saintess got too impatient and called out too many sea centipedes; it is likely she is temporarily unable to open any more oysters. Currently, the Saintess has thirteen pearls, while our Pearl Little Princess has fifteen. She is still taking her time to open oysters…”

“May I ask the Pearl Little Princess, how do you sustain such a high level of accuracy? What is your secret? Can you reveal a couple of tips to benefit humanity’s cultivators?”


Huan Qing Yan maintained a charming smile and continued to open oysters. As she worked, she replied.

“Use your heart to sense. Pearls are treasures of nature, calm your heart and communicate with it, you guys can try it too. People with the purest of intentions will be able to easily sense it, while people with complicated thoughts will find it hard to sense it at all. If that happens, then you will be like a certain someone and use brute strength to open them. It is actually similar, just that you will be communicating with many sea centipedes only…”

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