Chapter 758 – Valiant

It shouldn’t be possible? The fairy supporting Huan Meng Yue from behind, was Bai Li Zi Xi?

That cannot be right!

They were thousands of miles apart, how were they able to communicate through their spirit treasures?

How come they were connected in the first place?

Huan Qing Yan felt that there might be one person who would be able to explain this question. That person would be Bai Cheng Feng; Bai Cheng Feng was a regressor so he must have known the connection between Huan Meng Yue and Bai Li Zi Xi.

She would ask him when an opportunity arises.

For now, her impression towards Bai Li Zi Xi was only getting worse, while her alertness towards her was higher and higher.

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Her relationship with this love rival of hers has gone rather deep; in addition, that skill of hers was too mysterious!

On one side, as Huan Qing Yan got into deep thoughts.

The other side, Bai Li Zi Xi was dancing beautifully. The mysterious Boosting Dance was filled with power while above her Luan Spirit Treasure’s and her head, a shield shape was formed. This meant that they have obtained a defensive boost.

Not only was there a shield, as the dance got more intense, a sword also appeared as well!

Suddenly, Bai Li Zi Xi’s strength rose from an Early-Stage Mystic Spirit Master to a Mid-Stage Mystic Spirit Master!

Just a dance could allow her to rise by a small realm, this skill was truly terrifying.

After that, Bai Li Zi Xi waved a hand towards the oysters in her immediate surroundings and send spirit energy bullets at them. Instantly opening a few dozen oysters at the same time…

“Woah, the Saintess is valiant, she opened over thirty oysters at one go!”

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“Twenty sea centipedes are charging towards her, my dear mummy! That’s so terrifying…”

“However, there are two pearls as well. This method is good, using violence to solve it directly!”


Bai Li Zi Xi got her Luan Spirit Treasure to handle the attacking centipedes while she went to collect the two pearls.

After harvesting the pearls, Bai Li Zi Xi continued to dance and sent another wave of spirit bullets to open another thirty oysters…

This time, even more sea centipedes appeared, causing the Luan Spirit Treasure to be overwhelmed. With a cry, it fearlessly chomps down, bit them into half, or swallow them whole.

This time, Bai Li Zi Xi obtained three pearls of various sizes.


Everyone got excited, they have never seen such a bold and unconstrained method of harvesting pearls before. For an ordinary person, handling one sea centipede might injure if they do not use caution.

Yet the Saintess was able to act as such… and so effortlessly as well, they could not help but feel admiration!

“Do your best, Saintess!”

“Saintess, you are awesome!”

The handsome brainless youth fans that followed the Saintess immediately cheered out excitedly.

When the Saintess started dancing, Huan Qing Yan stopped harvesting as she went into deep thoughts. Dorna assumed that it was because Huan Qing Yan was startled and in shock by the bold harvesting method displayed by the Saintess.

He consoled in a small voice, “Foolish girl, she is expanding her mental power at a great speed. This skill is very powerful, however, it definitely hard to maintain it for long. She will be unable to endure it soon, you do not need to feel disheartened.”

Only then did Huan Qing Yan collected herself, “Yes, I know.”

No matter how mysterious Bai Li Zi Xi is, she must not allow her to win this competition. The person is an enemy, the type that will never become a friend, so there is no point showing courtesy.

Therefore, Huan Qing Yan continued to stroll casually.

“Ancient bowl let’s continue finding pearls. Lead the way…”

With the guidance of the ancient bowl, every oyster that she opened has a pearl in it.

This attracted the gazes of everyone again, some of the nut chomping audience became self-declared commentators.

“Ladies and gentlemen, the competition has entered its peak. The Saintess is no longer holding back and has used her Boosting Dance, after which the Pearl Princess also showed her great technique and harvested her fifth pearl!”

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