Chapter 585: Difficult rescue (Part 2)

After a good while, Liuxu completely calmed down, and Long Yi woke up Salianya, letting the mother and daughter meet each other. After meeting her two daughters, Salianya’s vitality became even more tenacious.

Long Yi, Dragon King, Barbarian Bull, Li Qing and the six remaining elders [Editor’s note: one of them was sent away] consulted with each other.

“I have decided to resolve all ten black iron chains in one go in, lest the two might not be able to hold on for too long. I will use all my energy to protect the spinal column within their bodies. You nine along with Liuxu will be responsible for removing those black iron chains. Our main goal is to unhook the black iron chains from their spines. And be careful when putting forth your strength! Otherwise, although the spine will be under my protection, no one can be certain that there will be no accident.” Long Yi said with a stern countenance, but he was also secretly somewhat indecisive in his heart.

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“Although you are the inheritor of Lightning God, it is still not easy to remove these black iron chains within a short time. Will you be fine?” Dragon King expressed his worries. The reason why he asked this question was that not only did Long Yi have to protect over a hundred meters worth of spine within the body, but he also needed to bear the impact power while they were attacking those ten black iron chains. Although the strength of Long Yi was unfathomable, in front of the attacks of ten powerful people that he could only withstand and not dodge or counterattack, this would definitely be an extremely difficult task.

“Whatever happens, I will protect their spines.” Long Yi didn’t speak much, but his tone was firm.

“Fine, let’s not delay any longer. Let’s start immediately,” Dragon King resolutely said.

Long Yi walked to the front of Fandi. He had decided to begin with him.

“Uncle, you have also heard our discussion. First, we have to cut open your back, then I will protect your spine, and they will cut off the hooks of the black iron chains. During the process, you must hold on. You absolutely cannot lose your consciousness. If you lose consciousness, your vitality will decrease substantially, and you may never see your loved ones again. So you must remain awake,” Long Yi slowly said. Ordinary people absolutely couldn’t bear this kind of pain and remain conscious. This operation would completely depend on their willpower and fortune.

“Father, you must hold on. I and younger sister are by your side.” Liuxu had already calmed down a lot. At this time, she also encouraged her father.

“I know. Come, I have already endured this torture for so many years. I don’t believe that I will fall at this final juncture.” Now given this hope and seeing his entire family reuniting, Fandi’s will to survive became very strong.

“Li Qing.” Long Yi signaled Li Qing. His Ice Sword combined with his Ice Douqi was the best choice to cut open the body.

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Li Qing nodded his head and slammed his sword into the ground before flying up. Standing proudly, his transparent Ice Sword trembled, sending out misty ice qi which cut open the back of Fandi from where a black iron chain had entered his body. The wound was clean without any unnecessary gore. Now, between the gaping flesh, one could see a spine covered with blood and flesh. Because of the ice qi, there was not too much blood flowing.

Fandi was truly a man of the Dragon Race. His body merely trembled for a bit. He didn’t even let out a groan.

Before long, ten deep openings had been cut open by Li Qing.

After that, Long Yi took a deep breath, and his entire body glimmered with a seven colored radiance. Then, he placed his hands against the Fandi’s forehead and injected his internal force and spirit power into the dragon’s body. Now, everyone could see that the exposed spine from head to tail was covered with the same seven colored radiance surrounding Long Yi.

“Start!” Long Yi shouted.

The ten people who had been standing in front of the black iron chains in preparation used all their strength to attack the back iron hooks attached to the spine upon hearing Long Yi’s command. These black iron chains were incomparably hard. Even with the strength of the Dragon King, his every attack only left a shallow mark on the iron chain. This showed that they needed to attack over a hundred or even over a thousand times to break through these back iron chains.

Every time these ten people attacked, the dragon face of Fandi distorted in pain. This kind of pain was even more unbearable than the tortures of the past. On several occasions, he nearly lost consciousness, but his tough and tensile will erupted with unlimited endurance. In addition, the presence of his daughters also gave him great power. What type of father would he be if he faltered now?

Long Yi was finding it even more unbearable. He felt his blood and qi churn; his meridians were swollen, and he felt a tingling pain as if countless needles were poking his sea of consciousness.

Like that, after everyone had attacked nearly a hundred times, Long Yi had already expended a lot of energy. Nevertheless, even the Dragon King who was the most powerful among the ten had only been able to create a small cut.

Long Yi closed his eyes and gritted his teeth. Then, a silverish purple Lightning God Spirit Tablet flew out from his glabella and spun in midair. The lightning attributed magic elements in the air crazily gushed into his body and replenished his energy.

After everyone attacked another hundred times, the Light God Spirit Tablet flew out from his glabella, and the light magic elements in the air replenished his energy.

In just this fashion, whenever Long Yi felt he was unable to hold on, he would use spirit tablets to reinforce his energy reserves. Very soon, all six spirit tablets had already been used, and yet, only the black iron chain which had been attacked by Dragon King was almost completely cut off. But the most serious problem had also appeared. Even under the continuous encouragement of everyone, Fandi seemed unable to continue to hold on. His consciousness had already begun to blur. Once he fell unconsciousness, then he would most likely never wake up and pass away like that. All their efforts would be in vain. For a moment, everyone stopped and didn’t dare to attack anymore. They feared that Fandi would thoroughly lose consciousness if they attacked again.

While everyone worried, and Liuxu was in tears, melodious harp music refreshed the spirits of everyone. It was Liuli. At this moment, her legs had already transformed into a golden fishtail, and there was a seven colored harp in front of her. Her jade hand was rapidly moving through the strings of this harp, and that harp music seemed to drill into the innermost soul and spirit of everyone, resonating with their hearts.

The blurred consciousness of Fandi was shaken, and he became sober again.

Everyone was relieved. Soul Locking Seven Notes, the secret skill of Mermaid Clan, was truly extraordinary. As it turned out, not only could it be used as a powerful attacking ability, but it also had the effect of rousing the feeling of those in despair or fatigued.

When there was a war between two armies, if such music were played, it would be equivalent to having all one’s soldiers buffed with the blessing magic of priests. No, this Soul Locking Seven Notes was much better than those low-level blessing magic spells. Long Yi couldn’t help thinking this in his heart.

As a matter of fact, the thinking of Long Yi was correct. Soul Locking Seven Notes was a high level divine magic passed down from the Divine Realm. It used to be the special skill of a famous First-Tier God. Merely, it had already become unknown by the time it fell in the hands of the Mermaid Clan.

Suddenly, Dragon King roared, and his hand glimmered with golden light. Then, a golden blade made from intense golden light chopped toward the small part remaining that linked this black iron chain together.

With a clear breaking sound, the black iron chain Dragon King was responsible for was completely broken. Dragon King immediately pulled out this black iron chain and wiped the sweat from his forehead. It had been a long time since he had last worked this hard.

This made everyone excited. All of them used all their strength to attack the black iron chain they were responsible for breaking. As for Long Yi, he persistently endured it all while panting. His sea of consciousness was already empty. He wanted to wear Lightning God Armor, but he didn’t dare to do so, because after wearing it, once he was unable to maintain it, he would not have any energy at all left to continue protecting Fandi’s spine. Fortunately, one black iron chain had been resolved. This gave him a little breathing space as it was one less attacking force.

Dragon King looked at other nine people and discovered that their speeds were all almost the same. Only the strength of Liuxu was a little worse. The black iron chain she was responsible had only been cut halfway, so he decided to help her even though he had also already depleted his dragon power.

“Liuxu, let uncle take over,” Dragon King went over to Liuxu and said.

The entire body of Liuxu was drenched with sweat. Although she was still unwilling to forgive Dragon King, her maternal uncle, this matter was related to her father’s life, so she didn’t act willfully. She just said her words of thanks and stepped back.

Clang, clang! The two elders also successfully completed their task. At this moment, Long Yi’s complexion was already deathly pale. Seeing the unsightly complexion of both Long Yi and her father Fandi, Liuxu’s heart endlessly throbbed in pain. They were the two most important men in her life. One was her blood-related kin, and the other one was her sweetheart. At this moment, both of them were quietly enduring great pain, and there was nothing she could do.

Now, it was already a critical moment. Long Yi had almost reached his limit, and Fandi had also done the same. If it were not for the support of Liuli’s harp music, then perhaps, both of them might not have lasted until now.

Finally, along with several breaking sounds, Barbarian Bull, Li Qing and all the remaining four elders completed their tasks one after another. All of them were exhausted. Now, only Dragon King persisted while gritting his teeth. His dragon power had already been exhausted. After all, he had yet to reach Dragon God realm. Only sheer willpower kept him going at this point.

Niur who stood at one side had been watching all this occur for a long time. At this time, the Dragon God’s heart on her neck glimmered, and she suddenly comprehended something. She suddenly jumped up, and opening her little mouth, a tyrannical dragon power shot toward the last black iron chain. Clang! That final black iron chain was also broken.

Everyone was dumbfounded and then cheered. Until now, Niur and Long Yi had thought that the attacking means of Devouring Dragon Physique was only through absorbing. They had never thought that she could transform the energy she devoured into another substance to attack. That glimmer of the Dragon God’s heart had enlightened Niur. To be honest, if Niur were asked to explain, she might not be able to explain how she had done it. Perhaps, Dragon God’s heart not only had the essence, qi and spirit of the guardian Dragon God; it might also contain some of his experiences and comprehensions.

Long Yi retracted the spirit tablets and turned around. At that moment, he had a sweet feeling at the back of his throat, and blood seeped out from the corner of his mouth.

“Long Yi, what happened?” At one side Liuxu who was shedding tears of happiness noticed this action by Long Yi.

“Nothing,” Long Yi wiped the blood with his sleeve, and turning around, he replied with a smile.

Liuxu grabbed the hand of Long Yi, and seeing that bright red bloodstain on his sleeve, tears flowed out continuously. At this moment, her heart was filled with two contradictory feelings of happiness and sorrow. She thought that today, she had shed enough tears for her entire life. Hereafter, she would not shed tears, and like Nalan Ruyue and the others, she would also live happily because she had this man protecting her.

After the deadly black iron chains were removed, it wouldn’t take long to heal the other flesh injuries due to the astonishing healing ability of dragons. The life of Fandi had already been saved. Now, it was Salianya’s turn.

Merely, because everyone was exhausted, they needed to rest for two days in order to recover their energy.

And when it was Salianya’s turn, she showed great confidence because her husband had given her a model example. In addition, with the support of her husband and two daughters, she was determined to survive.

Merely, when everyone was prepared to start, an uninvited guest arrived.

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