Chapter 15 – Exploding Fruit Tree?

Yang Tian shifted his gaze at the mutated tree, how did the mutated tree do it? How could it always manage to attract some wolves over to its territory?

There were now five mutated wolves that had turned into the mutated fruit tree’s fertilizer.

After absorbing five mutated wolves, the black fruits it possessed had also turned darker in color.



Seventeen mutated wolves suddenly jumped out and surrounded the manor.

Even Hu Jun and Lee Si Kai had turned ashen, let alone the other students. Even Yang Tian himself was displaying a stern face when he saw so many mutated wolves.

The seventeen mutated wolves looked at the corpses of their companions and released a series of anguished howls.


There were unable to clear away the bodies of the wolves in time, the scent emitted from their bodies was what attracted these wolves.

Even if they managed to kill all seventeen wolves, the wolf wave was still ongoing, they would not have the time to clear away the bodies before it attracts another group of wolves.


Yang Tian threw a Scimitar towards the mutated fruit tree, as though reminding them that there were five more bodies of their companions over there.

As expected, when they saw the miserable state of those companions, seven wolves charged towards the mutated tree. It seemed like the wolves understood that the tree in front of them was not easy to deal with, they formed a circle, surrounding the mutated fruit tree.

There remaining ten mutated wolves surrounded Yang Tian and the rest.


The wolf howl was the horn that started the battle, all seventeen wolves moved at the same time.

Yang Tian also paid some attention at the direction of the mutated tree. Three of its branches turned into thorny vines that whipped out. Unfortunately, there were too many targets, and three whips were not enough for all of them.

Yang Tian’s side was also not in a good situation, ten wolves were attacking them at the same time. The students who originally wanted to only hide were not forced to fight now as well. However, it was evident that the fear in their hearts was still controlling them as the hands that were holding the sabers kept trembling.

Two of the wolves faced Yang Tian. His strength has been enhanced, but it was still not at the level of a mutated wolf.

Yang Tian’s development was geared towards Mental Power, his close combat abilities were relatively weaker than others of the same rank.

During a battle, Beast Tamers would be commanding their beasts to fight while they will find a well-hidden spot and hide there. Beast Tamers would not voluntarily enter close combat if they could help it. They would learn some life-saving skills to defend against assassin-type life forms, but they would not spend too much effort on developing their close combat abilities.

Before long, Yang Tian was placed in a passive position, he could only used the shield to defend. If he wants to attack, it was virtually impossible now!

“Boom… boom”

As Yang Tian was bitterly enduring, a series of explosions came from the mutated fruit tree’s direction, followed by the pitiful cries of the mutated wolves.

The wolves that were attacking Yang Tian had also stopped, Yang Tian used this opportunity to escape from the attacking range of the wolves.

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“That is…”

Yang Tian looked at the mutate fruit tree, the ones that created the explosion was the fruits on the tree.

As the three vines of the mutated fruit tree were unable to handle seven mutated wolves, several claw marks could be found on its body. If it were to continue, it was only a matter of time before the mutated fruit tree would be shredded by the seven mutated wolves.

“That is an Exploding Fruit Tree!”

The Exploding Fruit’s appearance had instantly allowed Yang Tian to identify the species of the mutated fruit tree. The Exploding Fruit Tree was considered a rather unusual type of mutated plant that possessed a relatively high intelligence at only Rank 1.

The evolution speed of the Exploding Fruit Tree was also very quick. Also, the Exploding Fruits that it bore have a high attack power. At Rank 1, the fruits possessed power equivalent to a full-powered attack of an Elemental Mage. The higher the rank the Exploding Fruit Tree becomes, the more deterring it grows, it was also very excellent in both individual and group battles.

Under normal circumstances, the Exploding Fruit Tree would rarely use its fruits, as most of the time it would prefer to use its thorny vines to deal with its enemies. An Exploding Fruit would require quite an amount of resources for it to recover after it was used, from this, one could also see how much trouble the Exploding Fruit Tree had when it was facing seven mutated wolves.

Five explosions were heard, this also meant that five Exploding Fruits was used. Five Exploding Fruits was enough to kill seven mutated wolves, one could see how powerful it was.

However, the remaining mutated wolves had all stopped attacking their opponents and were looking at the Exploding Fruit Tree.

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The mutated pig was covered in claw mark. Fortunately, it possessed a strong life force and was still able to drag its injured body to stand beside Yang Tian. Hu Jun and Lee Si Kai were also in bad shape, but it did not look as bad as the mutated pig as they have smaller bodies.

They were also covered in injuries, but none was life-threatening.

Only two female students and one male student was left, the rest had turned into lifeless corpses on the ground.

The Rank 1 Exploding Fruit Tree had a total of twelve Exploding Fruits, after using five, it only has seven left.

“Prepare to ambush them.”

The mutated pig had utterly lost its ability to fight, but Lee Si Kai and Hu Jun could still continue fighting. They would be needed to help the Exploding Fruit Tree at the crucial moment, if not, their future situation would likely be terrible.

Yang Tian placed one energy crystal from the Red Carapace Beetle into the mutated pig’s mouth, with that crystal, it should allow the mutated pig to quickly recover.

The three of them could at most ambush three mutated wolves, there would still be seven wolves left to attack the Exploding Fruit Tree.

Their target: The hind leg.

Yang Tian hacks down at the joint of the wolf’s hind leg in one smooth strike. Hu Jun and Lee Si Kai also imitated Yang Tian and slashed at the hind legs of two wolves.

The mutated wolf’s power and speed come from their hind legs, once they lost their strong hind legs, they would become easy to deal with.

One must say that their sneak attack was very successful, allowing them to stop three mutated wolves. The three wolves released painful howls when their hind legs were attacked, this also distracted the other seven wolves, allowing the Exploding Fruit Tree to grab an opportunity.

Three Exploding Fruits.

Boom Boom

The three Exploding Fruits exploded at the same time, blasting the seven mutated wolves into tatters as they laid down on the ground on their dying breath.

The three vines of the Exploding Fruit Tree pierced through the bodies of fourteen mutated wolves, the three wolves that were trapped by Yang Tian was not penetrated by the vines.

The vines stabbed through the chest of the wolves and came out from their backs. The three black vines instantly turned dark red while the bodies of the mutated wolves also started to shrivel, quickly turning into a ground of pelts.

The Exploding Fruit Tree originally only had four Exploding Fruits left, but now, it has three more Exploding Fruits.

“Ah… woo”

The three wolves that had lost their mobility tried to release howls to attract nearby companions. However, Yang Tian would not give them the chance to do so.

He stabbed his saber through their eyes and continuously twisted it, instantly killing them.

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