Chapter 14 – Absorb

Two mutated wolves stuck with Yang Tian and the mutated pig while the last one charged towards the others.

The mutated wolf’s attributes were considered above average amongst Rank 1 creatures, much stronger than an Acid Bug.

The only ones amongst the students that could threaten it was Lee Si Kai and Hu Jun. Lee Si Kai was slightly better, but Hu Ju’s face was ashen when the wolf approached, not even having the courage to raise the Tang Saber in his hand.

“What are you blanking out for?”

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Lee Si Kai shouted at Hu Jun. He would not be able to last long just by himself.

“Er… er”

Only when he heard Lee Si Kai’s shout did Hu Jun finally reacted.

Flames replaced the skin on both his arms while faint flames also wrapped around his weapon. The change startled Hu Jun, as he looked at his Tang Saber some of his confidence was restored.

Holding the flame-covered Tang Saber, Hu Jun charged towards the mutated wolf. Beasts have an innate fear of fire. This was something that could not be changed even after mutating. When the mutated wolf saw the Hu Jun approaching, it immediately pulled away from Lee Si Kai.


Hu Jun’s attack missed, the mutated wolf quickly retreated and looked at Hu Jun with fearful eyes.

“I will harass it, you focus on attacking.”

Lee Si Kai also noted the strange behavior of the beast and immediately arranged a strategy with Hu Jun.


When Hu Jun saw his performance, his heart was much more settled.

These wild wolves were not as terrifying as imagined.

After being strengthened by the crystal, Lee Si Kai’s speed was now faster than a mutated wolf. He was able to easily harass the mutated wolf and create opportunities for Hu Jun to attack.

The first few times, the mutated wolf managed to escape their attacks due to their lack of coordination, they were even hurt due to those attempts. However, after that, the mutated wolf found it harder and harder to injure them after those clashes.

Lee Si Kai once again harassed the mutated wolf, using the opportunity, Hu Jun attacked the mutated wolf from behind.


The flaming saber pierced the belly of the mutated wolf. However, the wolf did not die immediately.

One more strike.

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This was the second time that Lee Si Kai was dealing with a mutated wolf, with an earlier experience, Lee Si Kai consecutively hacked the neck of the wolf several times. Only until the head of the wolf was cut off, did Hu Jun pull out his weapon.

The battle on their side has ended, Yang Tian and the mutated pig’s battle had finished as well. The mutated pig has three claw marks on its back while a corner of Yang Tian’s shirt was torn off, other than that he was not injured.

There were several claw marks on Lee Si Kai and Hu Jun, but their victory had made them temporarily forgot about the injuries on their bodies.

Yang Tian extracted three energy crystals from the wolves and gave one each to Lee Si Kai, Hu Jun, and the mutated pig. The mutated wolf’s crystal could increase both the absorber’s strength and speed, it was beneficial for the three of them. Absorbing energy crystals could also alleviate their injuries.

“I… also have?” Hu Jun did not expect that Yang Tian would give him an energy crystal, surprising him.

Just some time ago, he saw Lee Si Kai absorbing an energy crystal, he had not expected that it would be his turn so soon.

The attribute of the energy crystals of mutated wolves possesses strength and speed. Lee Si Kai’s ability was highly related to speed. Therefore, his speed grew the most when absorbing the energy crystal. The mutated pig, on the other hand, would have its strength increased the most. Hu Jun, the Elemental Warrior, would have his strength and speed strengthened equally.

Yang Tiang glanced at the other students, none of them dared to take action. This meant that they have lost their will to fight. If they continue to avoid and run, it would only be a matter of time before they die in this world.

The beast wave was only just beginning, there would only be more and more mutated wolves entering the manor. However, from the current situation, the manor was located at the fringes of the beast wave and would not be overrun by the beast wave.

As for the two wolves that went to the mutated fruit tree, they had turned into the fertilizers of the mutated tree as Yang Tian had expected. Only two desiccated corpses remained underneath the tree.


Another seven wolves came.

This time, it was even more than the combined number of the first two times. What surprised Yang Tian was that three of the mutated wolves charged towards mutated fruit tree again. It seemed like the mutated fruit tree was deliberately luring them to it.

Four mutated wolves.

The difficulty this time was much higher than before. Fortunately, after being strengthened, it allowed them to barely manage to handle four mutated wolves.

During the battle, one of the female students was injured by the fallout of the fight.

“It hurts, can I enter the house?”

Her ankle was injured and developed a large bruise, she was not able to even stand properly.

“They are all outside here, why can you go in?”

Yang Tian’s words were without a doubt, rejecting her request. Her eyes turned red and started to cry, however, none of the other students stood out to speak for her.

Who knows? They might be the next one to die if they speak out. During normal times, the students would care for each other, but at this moment, everything has become empty and powerless.

“Change with me! I will remain outside, you can go in and rest.”

“No, she does not deserve it.”

As a teacher, Guan Qing Xue was unable to endure it when she saw her student got injured. However, her words were immediately refuted by Yang Tian.

“Why can I remain inside the small house and not her?”

Guan Qing Xue hid the injured student behind her back, wanting to protect her.

Yang Tian unknowingly frowned, however, it quickly returned to normal.

Guan Qing Xue had save Yang Tian countless times in his previous life. During the period he was frail and small, Guan Qing Xue had become a protective umbrella shielding Yang Tian. That was why Guan Qing Xue held a significant place in Yang Tian’s heart.

“If you want her to enter, you can just tell me. There is no need for you to exchange places.”

Guan Qing Xue was startled but immediately regained her composure. She assumed it would be tough to communicate with Yang Tian when she saw his cold eyes earlier on, that was why she did not make any requests from him. However, from the look of it now, Yang Tian would likely agree to any of her requests.

Even the students were finding it unbelievable, why is Yang Tian listening to the teacher so nicely?

There were some of the students who also thought to go through Guan Qing Xue to hide inside the house. However, when they saw Yang Tian’s cold gaze on them, they cleverly went back to their original positions.

Yang Tian got Lee Si Kai to extract the energy crystals from the mutated wolves.

Four energy crystals.

This time, not only Lee Si Kai and the others absorbed the crystals. Even Yang Tian also used one to increase his strength.

The future battles would only become harder, if he did not use a crystal to improve his power, it would be hard for him to survive the rest of the beast wave.

Yang Tian still has two energy crystals that he got from the Red Carapace Beetles, he initially wanted to see if any students dared to face a mutated wolf. He would have given the Red Carapace Beetle’s energy crystal for the person to absorb. A pity that none of the students had the guts to act.

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