Chapter 212: Desperate

Fu Chongshan was too conceited, thinking that he could deal with Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist without the use of any secret techniques and still defeat Li Fuchen within ten blades.

The reality gave him a vicious slap in the face.

Activating his 3 star secret technique, his ability was drastically increased and so did his sabre speed. Li Fuchen who was caught off guard, got hit by one of the sabre slashes. Had it not been for his quick reaction speed, this sabre would have severed him into two. Right now, he wasn’t circulating the True Inferno Technique and so his qi protection was extremely fragile.

Frantically consuming a mystic class low-tier recuperation pill, Li Fuchen pushed his speed to the extreme. He barely dodged Fu Chongshan’s second blade which was assisted by the activation of the secret technique.


Li Fuchen tossed out a huge quantity of White Miasma Bombs, as a dense miasma spread out.


Fu Chongshan’s left hand acted like an angry dragon, spinning within the miasma, channeling all of the miasma away.

Howl, howl, howl…

As the gale blew, the dense miasma got blown away in a few breaths.

Fu Chongshan’s ability was too strong, the Devil Break Arrow did injure him, but it wasn’t considered a severe injury. His ability was indeed affected but with the activation of the secret technique, his ability increased instead of decreasing, pushing Li Fuchen into a perilous situation.

As his wound began to recover, Li Fuchen’s head sank deeper instead.

He could imagine that the Devil Break Arrow would not be as effective anymore. With his enemy now on guard, there wouldn’t be many opportunities for him. Even if he was to use the earth class weapon shard, he would only have one shot. If it didn’t work, there wouldn’t be any more chances.

On the other side, Fan Qianyu was falling into a disadvantage as well.

The blood flag in Li Wuxue’s hand was much too formidable, which seemed to enhance his strength. It only required the user to pour in some qi to burst forth with some terrifying power.

Without any other way, Fan Qianyu kept her crescent moon knives and retrieved a steel umbrella.

This steel umbrella was also a special weapon, which could be used to attack and defend. In a short period of time, there wasn’t a need to worry.


Li Fuchen’s body had an additional wound that spurted blood.

In the face of the absolute sabre speed, the phantom like maneuvers couldn’t be utilized according to will.

Fu Chongshan wasn’t like Xu Heishan who was only a silver class direct disciple, he was a gold class direct disciple. Be it, technique rank, secret technique rank, or martial arts rank, they were all superior to Xu Heishan’s with the exception of being one level lower in cultivation rank.

“Why can’t I kill him?”

Fu Chongshan was rather anxious. The Devil Break Arrow didn’t deal a severe injury to him but it wasn’t light either. If the fight was to continue, his injuries would be aggravated into a severe condition. Once it became a severe injury, it would affect his various attributes, especially his reaction speed.

Li Fuchen was still enduring. Trying to withhold himself from using the earth class weapon shard.

He required an opportunity where he could severely injure his enemy. He didn’t hold any hope of defeating his enemy right now.

The earth class weapon shard was after all just a weapon shard. It wasn’t an artifact that had an absolute killing power.

To be able to severely injure his enemy, it would already be a success.

“Heaven’s Net Stance!” Fu Chongshan executed his killer move once again.

“Stormy Town!”

A storm came crashing down, clashing against Fu Chongshan’s killer move.

After a few explosions, the storm dissipated, while the net shaped sabre light went dark and revealed plenty of flaws.

It was Fan Qiansong.

Fan Qiansong, who was at the fifth level of the Earth had a much superior head on ability than Li Fuchen. If he were to exert his full force, it was still possible to clash head on for once or twice.

With no time to lose. As Fan Qiansong blocked against Fu Chongshan’s killer move, Li Fuchen shot the weapon shard out.

A black light radiated and vanished in mid air before reappearing in front of Fu Chongshan.

Fu Chongshan roared and burst forth his qi.


The weapon shard had a weaker penetration ability than the Devil Break Arrow, but it was superior in strength. Passing through the qi, it instantly penetrated Fu Chongshan’s body.

Fu Chongshan vomited a huge mouthful of fresh blood and flew backwards.

The weapon shard’s power was largely dismissed by the qi protection and the leftover power wasn’t able to penetrate his body but instead sent his body flying.

“Wind and Rain Whirlwind!”

Fan Qiansong was extremely aggressive as he shot towards Fu Chongshan. His metal rod whirled non stop in mid air and as the circle got smaller and the power grew bigger. Like a drill head, it drilled viciously towards Fu Chongshan.

Fast Like Starfire!”

Li Fuchen sent out his strongest move too. A spark shot towards Fu Chongshan.

“All of you go die!”

Fu Chongshan brandished his sabre and neutralized both Fan Qiansong’s and Li Fuchen’s killer moves, all while having blood trickling from the edge of his mouth.


Another Devil Break Arrow was buried into Fu Chongshan’s body, as the fletching of the arrow trembled.

“Damn it, damn it, damn it all!” Fu Chongshan’s heart was withholding all types emotions like anger, violence and anguish, nearly making him go berserk.

Especially towards Li Fuchen. If he could, he would eat Li Fuchen’s flesh and drink his blood.

Taking advantage when he could, Fan Qiansong’s rod struck at Fu Chongshan’s chest.


A few of Fu Chongshan’s ribs broke as his body flew backwards again.

“Starfire Burst!”

Among the three mystic class mid-tier sword arts that Li Fuchen was well-versed in, the Starfire Sword Style had the most formidable lethal strength. The Starfire Burst might seem to be nothing much with its weak glow, but once it came in contact with Fu Chongshan’s qi, it exploded forth with astounding firepower, causing Fu Chongshan to vomit more blood.

“You made me do this… Blood Cleave!”

Fu Chongshan’s body was glowing with a blood light, it then gushed into the long sabre. With a single swing, a huge blood colored sabre light was emitted that was extremely fast and covered dozens of meter.

Pfff, pfff!

Li Fuchen and Fan Qiansong flew backwards and were drenched in blood.

Fan Qiansong was still fine and didn’t suffer any severe injuries, but not Li Fuchen who was severely injured. Luckily, when Fan Qiansong came over to assist, he had already switched over to the True Inferno Technique, or else this sabre would have cleaved him apart.

This sabre move that was executed by Fu Chongshan was obviously a 3 star secret technique that was fueled by burning one’s own blood, in order to burst forth with such a formidable combat power.

“I cannot let him have any time to rest.”

Li Fuchen forced himself to stay awake, coordinating with Fan Qiansong to once again launch an assault at Fu Chongshan.


Li Fuchen shot out the final Devil Break Arrow.

This arrow proved to be fatal, as it pierced into Fu Chongshan’s lungs.

The lung was an extremely important organ of the body, it was required to cycle one’s qi. With his lung having brrn pierced by the arrow, Fu Chongshan’s burst strength was now left with half its original power.

“Go to hell!”

Fan Qiansong’s temple revealed a green vein as he violently struck again and again at Fu Chongshan’s body. With a chaotic pitter patter heard in the air, half of Fu Chongshan’s bones were broken and his body went weak, emitting a frail qi presence.


Fan Qiansong used his rod to crush the space in between Fu Chongshan’s brows.

“Not good.”

On the other side, Li Wuxue witnessed the entire scene and felt fear.

Before everything begun, he never would have expected the situation to be like this. From his perspective, even if Li Fuchen and Fan Qiansong worked together, they still wouldn’t be a match for Fu Chongshan.


Li Wuxue waved his blood colored flag to shake off Fan Qianyu and ran off towards one of the tunnels.

“I will give chase!”

Fan Qiansong still retained much of his strength, as he quickly chased after Li Wuxue.

As for Li Fuchen, he found it a struggle to even stand. He consumed another mystic class low-tier recuperation pill and sat cross-legged to recuperate his injuries.

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In a short moment, Fan Qiansong returned.

“Brother, did you kill him?” Fan Qianyu asked.

Fan Qiansong shook his head, “This person has too many artifacts. He escaped.”

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“With Fu Chongshan dead, I doubt he would be able to do much.” Fan Qianyu commented.

Fan Qiansong replied, “It is best to kill him. He would only be a trouble if he were to be left alive.”

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