Chapter 215: Demon Spirit

Unknown as to how long had passed, the information that was contained within the Incomplete Sword Essence was finally fully imparted.

Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist realized that in the Incomplete Sword Essence, it only contained the completed black iron Sword Essence Chapter and bronze Sword Essence Chapter. There was only a small portion of the silver Sword Essence Chapter.

According to the records, the black iron Sword Essence Chapter wasn’t weaker than any 5 star secret technique.

As for the Bronze Sword Essence Chapter, it would already be categorized as a 6 star secret technique.

This Sword Essence secret technique wasn’t supposed to be used as an attacking force, but to assist the attacking force.

Just like an artifact sword, but by itself, it wasn’t able to kill anyone. But once in the hands of a swordsman, it would be able to kill.

The theory of the Sword Essence was about the same.

Once Li Fuchen formed the Sword Essence, he could use his bone marrow as a sword, to emit sword qi without the use of an artifact sword. But if he was equipped with an artifact sword, the sword qi’s power could be further increased into horrifying proportions.

Of course, secret techniques that cultivated sword essence were all of extreme difficulty. Even the bronze Sword Essence Chapter had the difficult of a 5 star secret technique. It was near impossible to cultivate it within a short period of time. It could only be cultivated after days and months of diligent cultivation.

Opening his eyes, Li Fuchen realized that he was the first to awaken.

Right as Li Fuchen opened his eyes, Su Muyu awoken too.

She didn’t look at Li Fuchen as she thought, ‘This 6 star secret technique is sufficient for me to break the rules of the East Unicorn Continent. But I cannot reveal this 6 star secret technique to anyone.’

It was a known fact that even the Eternal Spring Valley didn’t possess any 6 star secret techniques.

If it was exposed, it would cause the various sects within the East Unicorn Continent to go into a frenzy.

“I wonder what kind of secret technique he obtained?” Su Muyu looked towards Li Fuchen.

From what she noticed, Li Fuchen’s secret technique should also be a 6 star secret technique. Perhaps even superior to hers, just based on the signs that his light spot gave off earlier.

As for the others, it should be either be a 4 or 5 star secret technique.

After obtaining the Incomplete Sword Essence Chapter, Li Fuchen planned to go after the other light spots. But he soon realized that these light spots began to dissipate and blend into the grand hall’s walls.

“It seems like each person can only get one secret technique inheritance.” Li Fuchen thought to himself.

“Kek. kek. We shall eat all of you since you are already here. It should be able to strengthen our bodies.”

Once everyone awoke, familiar figures walked in from the front door of the grand hall.

They were Fu Chongshan, Xu Heishan, the two direct disciples from the Earth Fire Sect, and also Li Wuxue.

The five of them had pupils that didn’t look human. The sclera of their eyes were black and the pupil of their eyes were white, it looked extremely odd.

“What is going on? Didn’t they die?” Fan Qiansong and Fan Qianyu were shocked.

“Something is not right.” Li Fuchen furrowed his brows.

“Gao shidi8shidijunior brother (disciple), Lu shidi, what is wrong with you?” Song Qinghe quickly asked when he saw both his Earth Fire Sect’s direct disciples.

The both of them tried to come over, but weren’t able to cross the solitary wooden bridge.

“Who is your Gao shidi.” The youth addressed as Gao shidi licked his lips. The forked tongued was extremely weird and disgusting.

Su Muyu stated seriously, “Their bodies have been possessed by evil beings.” She who had experienced many missions and was much more knowledgeable than anyone here.

“Evil beings?” Li Fuchen was in deep thought.

It seemed like after Li Wuxue escaped, his end result wasn’t great. Well, it saved Li Fuchen’s efforts in trying to kill him again.

But Li Fuchen wasn’t delighted. Li Wuxue might already be dead, but this evil being was much harder to deal with than Li Wuxue himself. If it was able to possess a body or corpse, how could it be easy to deal with?

“Get lost from the body of my Gao shidi!” Song Qinghe was infuriated as he shouted and sent a fist at the enemy.

“Kek, kek. Overestimating yourself.”

A shadow creeped out from the back of ‘Gao shidi’. A snap sound could be heard, the air was torn apart as the black shadow whipped at Song Qinghe which sent him flying.


Spitting out a mouthful of blood, Song Qinghe was horrified.

His ability might not be of elite level, but he wasn’t so weak that his opponent could send him flying with a single whip. How much did the ability of ‘Gao shidi’ improve?

“A tail!”

Li Fuchen’s eyes widened, he could see that the youth called ‘Gao shidi’ had a tail emerging from the back of his body. It was a scaly giant snake’s tail, as powerful as a tail from a python.

Snap, snap, snap!

The tail of “Gao shidi’ swayed around, creating snapping sounds in the air.

“I know now. It is a demon spirit!” Fan Qiansong exclaimed.

Everyone looked towards Fan Qiansong.

Fan Qiansong explained, “A class 6 demonic beast will produce a demon spirit. As long as the demon spirit isn’t vanquished, even if its physical body is disintegrated, it can still be reborn or take possession of a body that just lost its soul. Once it takes over a martial artist’s body and invades it with demonic qi, it will become an existence that is neither human or demon.”

“Now I see.” Su Muyu nodded.

She also felt that these people had been possessed by a demon spirit.

The one that attacked Song Qinghe was obviously a demon spirit of a snake type demonic beast.

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“Eh… Not bad, quite knowledgeable of you to know of demon spirits. I thought that across the entire East Unicorn Continent, only Reincarnation Realm martial artists would know of such things.” ‘Xu Heishan’ spoke. His mouth was filled with razor sharp teeth and a muscular tongue that was 15 centimeters long. His face had numerous sarcomas.

“If it truly is a demon spirit, it is going to be troublesome.” Wei Shanhe’s expression turned unpleasant.

Demon spirits were previously class 6 demonic beasts. Although only the demon spirit was left, it was still extremely formidable. The demon spirits still retained their martial skills, but once these demon spirits recovered their original prime state, even if Li Fuchen and the rest attacked together, they wouldn’t even last a move.

“Demon spirits are indeed formidable before their death, but once they are reborn, their ability is close to the ability of the body they possess.” Su Muyu added on.

“That’s right. Which is why we are going to eat you to strengthen our ability.”


The clothes on ‘Xu Heishan’ burst into pieces as his body suddenly swelled up. In a single breath, a lizard man appeared in everyone’s sights.

“This is a tomb, why would there be demon spirits? Aren’t class 6 demonic beasts already extinct on the East Unicorn Continent?” Fan Qianyu spoke anxiously.

“Be good and become our food!”

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‘Xu Heishan’ roared as he dashed towards them.

“Go back!”

A scythe appeared in Su Muyu’s hands. As she brandished it, a dark green glow burst forth.


As their qi clashed and exploded, Su Muyu and ‘Xu Heishan’ each backed away.

“Interesting. Quite a competent ability.” ‘Xu Heishan’ licked his lips.

Bzzz, bzzz, bzzz…

An intense vibration could be heard from the back of ‘Li Wuxue’. A pair of transparent wings appeared and it was vibrating. His body rose into mid air, while his mouth became long and sharp, instantly transforming into a needle syringe.

This was a mosquito type demonic beast.

“Enter the side hall.”

Li Fuchen didn’t have any intention of clashing head on with these demon spirits. He told Fan Qiansong and Fan Qianyu before skimming towards the side hall of the grand hall.

The rest of them awoke from realization and ran towards the side hall too.

“Don’t escape.”

The five demon spirits gave chase and ‘Li Wuxue’ was the fastest among them. He quickly caught up to the slowest Song Qinghe and used his needle to pierce through Song Qinghe’s qi protection and also his body. With a quick suck, ‘Li Wuxue’ drained Song Qinghe’s body in to a shrivel, while his own body swelled up and was brimming with a blood red glow.

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