Chapter 774 – Poisoned

Bai Li Zi Xi also moved and started to use her Boosting Dance.

A short moment later; whenever she pointed towards someone, they would have a small sword or small shield shining above their heads.

This caused everyone’s attack to become sharper and the number of white spots on the Oyster King increases.

Many of the people present could mostly be said to be just observing as attacks which could threaten the Oyster King were not many.

The Luan Bird was suitable for aerial combat.

The Snow Lotus’s spell attack was on the weak side and could only support its owner.

The Big Mushroom could only block.

The ones who were attacking; Floody, Shang Qiu Meng Qian and Snow Girl.

Every time Shang Qiu Meng Qian and Snow Girl’s attacks connected, they would leave a deep pit on the shell. Sometimes, they might even chip off a piece of shell.

It was not because they preferred to attack the shell but rather the Oyster King was mostly in a shut state. It might be because it got injured from Floody’s first attack, it chose to keep its shell shut and stuck to ramming attacks.

In fact, under normal circumstance, that hard shell would have been enough to splatter this group of people.

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However, Floody was here.

Every time the Oyster King was about to threaten someone’s life, Floody would cast Water Thunder Explosion and caused it to be badly shaken. Sometimes, the force was even enough to flip it over!

If the Oyster King could speak, it would likely be madly cursing at that time.

However, the Oyster King still lived up to its name of being an Underwater King. Using its quick speed, it still managed to cause trouble to the others despite being restrained by Floody; thus some minor injuries were still unavoidable.

Like that, the Oyster King continued to ram everywhere throughout the battle.

Yet it was unknown when the shield above Floody’s head had disappeared.

It was also unknown if Bai Li Zi Xi forgotten or deliberately caused that.

The Oyster King having reached such cultivation level was naturally not a foolish creature, it immediately turned and charged towards Floody. It opened its shell and the Sea Centipede King charged out from within and charged toward Floody!

Floody was a Flood Dragon, but without a body, it was unable to directly clash with the Sea Centipede King and could only focus on evading.

When the observer Huan Qing Yan saw it, she immediately threw two Ice Shatter Beads.

“Bang Bang”, the Ice Shatter Beads struck the head of the Sea Centipede King and was frozen for a moment.

The Sea Centipede King reached Floody, but due to its frozen condition, it was unable to act. So, it turned away.

Yet of all directions, it turned towards Bai Li Zi Xi’s direction!

Bai Li Zi Xi instantly went pale and dazed for a moment before she quickly avoided it.

However, it was too late. The Sea Centipede King managed to scratch her, instantly causing her arm to bleed; the wound also started to turn black at the same time without missing a beat.

That was a sign of being poisoned!

As the Sea Centipede King slowed down and tried to return, a spear and an arrow struck its head!

It was an opening that Shang Qiu Meng Qian and the Snow Girl has been looking for.

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The Sea Centipede King roared; its lower body fell, heavily, and it seemed to not have the strength to retract itself.

Everyone piled attacks on it, without the protection of the shell, the Sea Centipede King turned into mush.

Losing the Sea Centipede King’s attacking strength, the Oyster King was greatly weakened.

It might be highly advantageous underwater but in terms of the ability to control water. No one would dare to admit their number one if Floody says she was only number two.

After some time, the Oyster King could no longer handle the attacks and was eventually split into two.

The battle ended.

Other than Floody who did not have any external injuries as she was a soul body, the others were more or less covered in some.

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