Chapter 31 – Brain-Eating Terror Hog


Using his hands, the shell of the Red Carapace Beetle was forced open by Xu Dafu, revealing the bug meat within.

“These are all yours.”

After extracting the energy crystals, the brains of the insects were taken by the Mutated Pig while the rest of the insect entered Xu Dafu’s stomach.

All Seven Red Carapace Beetles went into Xu Dafu’s stomach and allowed him to feel an explosive growth in his strength, a red tinge had appeared on his skin as well.

Xu Dafu has assimilated the merits of the Red Carapace Beetle, the strongest trait of the Red Carapace Beetle was its carapace. The feature has presented itself as the faint red skin that appeared on Xu Dafu’s skin. His skin was not as strong as the carapace of an insect, but its defensive power has dramatically increased.

This was what made Carnivores powerful, they could assimilate the merits of a creature by eating their flesh. Unlike other professions that have a fixed evolution path, Carnivores could evolve towards multiple directions. During the late phase of the Post-Apocalyptic Era, there were Tank-Type Carnivores, Assassin-Type Carnivores, and even Mage-Type Carnivores.

“Boss, am I able to eat those five as well?”

Xu Dafu pointed at the Acid Bugs and asked, the saliva dripping out of the corner of his mouth had already revealed his intentions.

“If you want to eat, then go ahead!”

Xu Dafu did not hold back as well and immediately started eating. However, the flesh of Acid Bugs was not as tasty as Red Carapace Beetles.

“These are really disgusting to eat.”

Xu Dafu could not help but voice a complaint but he had experienced a considerable increase in strength after consuming the Red Carapace Beetles so he did not want to waste these Acid Bugs.

The five Acid Bugs also entered Xu Dafu’s stomach very quickly. To other people, these might be lethal poison, but to Xu Dafu, these were all experience bags.

On top of his red skin, Xu Dafu’s fingernails had now turned green and got sharper. The Sulphuric Acid used by the Acid Bugs became assimilated inside Xu Dafu’s nails and were now filled with Sulphuric Acid.

“Boss, my body…?”

Xu Dafu having discovered the changes on his body anxiously ran to Yang Tian and asked.

“No need to panic, this is your ability.”

Yang Tian patted Xu Dafu’s shoulders and said.

Xu Dafu was startled for a moment before his face showed his ecstasy.

He also has obtained great power!

After eating the brains of twelve insects, the Mutated Pig laid down on the ground and stopped moving. Very quickly, the bones on its body started to shift and move.

It was finally evolving.

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The fangs of the Mutated Pig was the first to transform, it kept growing larger and eventually reach one and a half meter long; snow-white and sharp.

Brain-Eating Terror Hog

Just by looking at its tusks, Yang Tian was able to guess the evolution path that the Mutated Pig took. Next, the body of the Mutated Pig started to slowly expand, reaching a height of three meters, making it like a medium-size truck.

Its skin was black, and its thick, powerful tail was four meters long. The pig hoofs have now transformed into sharp claws which looked both powerful and sturdy. If not for its nose, no traces of it being a pig before could be seen.

Rank 2 Contract Beast, Brain-Eating Terror Hog, Elite Monster. Skill: Roar

Roar: Release Roar that causes dizziness. Creatures hit by this ability will be in a state of dizziness, the duration of which depends on the strength of the opponent.

As the master of the Brain-Eating Terror Hog, Yang Tian received all the information regarding the beast the instant it completed its evolution.

The massive head of the Brain-Eating Terror Hog tenderly pressed against Yang Tian’s chest.

The Brain-Eating Terror Hog possessed peak strength and defense amongst Rank 2 Creatures, those pair of tusks could pierce through the defenses of most Rank 2 Creatures. For Rank 1 Creatures like the Red Carapace Beetle, it could easily stab through it.

Having a Rank 2 Brain-Eating Terror Hog has without a doubt significantly increased Yang Tian’s safety.

“This time, I am definitely getting it.” Yang Tian silently said to himself.

Yang Tian’s goal was the broadcasting station located at the center of F City, many mysterious treasures would start to appear, starting from the third day of the Post-Apocalyptic Era.

The broadcasting station of F City possesses one such treasure, it was obtained by the Police Station Chief of F City, Chen An. Chen An was also considered a righteous individual who did not change due to the arrival of this cruel and cold era. Instead, he relied on his ability and the treasure he obtained to quickly gather a large group of Metahumans and protected ordinary people.

Unfortunately, during the middle period of the Post-Apocalyptic Era, Chen An was ambushed by a Rank 5 Mutated Beast during the chaos of battle and lost his life. The treasure he possessed also ended up in the hands of Yang Tian’s greatest enemy, causing Yang Tian to suffer many times due to it.

Yang Tian pulled Guan Qing Xue up the back of the Brain-Eating Terror Hog before they started heading towards the broadcasting station.

The five Acid Bugs this time all possessed energy crystals; the crystals they produced were Spellpower-Types and was suitable for Guan Qing Xue.

“I can do without it, give it to Mei Yi instead! She was constantly been fighting, I have no use for it.”

“You are the Radiant Angel, there would be many scenarios where you would be of great use. Besides, there were many Acid Bugs in F City, we will be able to get more energy crystals later.”

Yang Tian’s words were apparent, a Radiant Angel is much useful than an Elemental Envoy. Also, Xiao Mei Yi and the rest had disobeyed Yang Tian’s order when they were in Flying Cloud Secondary. He had not planned to give them any energy crystals this time and Xiao Mei Yi was not the only one who got nothing, Hu Jun and the rest also obtained nothing.

Yang Tian gave all seven Strength-Type Energy Crystals to Xu Dafu.

A Carnivore is also able to benefit from absorbing energy crystals like everyone else.

“Thank you, Boss.”

Xu Dafu deliberately fiddled the crystals in front of Hu Jun and the others; now that he has obtained power as well, he was no longer afraid of them. At times, Xu Dafu even leaked some dangerous intent when he looked at Hu Jun.

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When Xu Dafu started to display his powers, the hatred within his heart also began to be released. Hu Jun sense a trace of chillness on his back and when he turned his head, he noticed that Xu Dafu was looking at him,

With the intimidation of the Brain-Eating Terror Hog, there were no Rank 1 Creatures that appeared to seek their deaths. Due to that, their traveling speed was much faster. On one occasion, some Mutated Cockroaches appeared, but Xu Dafu quickly dealt with those. However, towards creatures like cockroaches, Xu Dafu was also unable to eat them.

That was also the first time that Xu Dafu has displayed his power, at a rate of one claw per Mutated Cockroach, the insects quickly corroded to their deaths.

Mutated Cockroaches are Rank 1 Mutated Beasts but they were at the bottom of the hierarchy. It was very difficult for them to develop energy crystals within their bodies, after killing the Mutated Cockroaches there was not a single energy crystal to be found.

“There’s a mini supermart up front.”

In front of Yang Tian was a mini supermart, through the window they were able to see light and some shadows.

There are survivors within the supermart.

The owner of the supermart was killed by his poodle of many years the moment Apocalypse descended and the people who occupied the supermart were a group of thugs. The leader of the group awakened an ability during the Apocalypse, but he dared not to face the Otherworld Creatures or Mutated Beasts so he brought his underlings and occupied this supermart instead.

The supermart possessed quite an abundant amount of goods, enough for these people to enjoy their lives for a period. Occasionally, they would encounter ordinary people who would come and look for food. If they were females, they would capture them and enjoy. If they were males, they would catch them and use them as food for the creatures that approached. Once the creatures filled up their stomachs, they would lose their intention to attack.

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