Chapter 32 – Bronze Armored Zombie

This was also the method which had allowed them to survive until now. Currently, other than the thugs, there were also girls in disheveled states.

“Dammit, we need to quickly catch some more men. If those monsters attack the gate again, I will throw all of you out next.”

Except for the thug leader, the rest of the thugs were only ordinary people. They were the type who would bully commoners whenever they could, but also the first to run when they were facing Otherworld Creatures and Mutated Beasts.

“Big Bro, there were no more people within the vicinity, we were unable to catch any!”

“Even if you can’t catch any, you still have to find a method to catch! Am I feeding you guys for nothing?”

The Thug Leader do not dare to venture out but he could get his underlings to go out. He could not win those monsters outside, but it did not mean that he was unable to order around some ordinary people, right?

“Boss, some guys are coming.”

A green-hair thug saw some people outside the window and immediately reported to his boss in joy. Now that more people have come they would not need to go out and the other thugs all sighed in relief.

The metal doors of the supermart opened, the thugs wanted to use the shortest time possible to drag those people inside while their boss started preparing his ability to capture them.


The moment the door opened, the figures instantly ran inside the supermart.

“Quickly shut the door.”

The Thug Leader shouted, preparing to cast the net onto their prey.

The opened door was closed the next instant and the thugs looked at the people that came into the supermart with unfriendly eyes.

The people who came were Hu Jun and Mo Kai, they were ordered by Yang Tian to check the situation in here.

“Yo! What are you guys planning to do?” Hu Jun naturally was able to determine their intention and looked at them in disdain.

“Cut the crap. Go catch them.”

The Thug Leader shouted, yet no one dared to go. Mo Kai’s bear paws have undoubtedly informed them that he was a Metahuman.

The other thugs were only ordinary people who became the underlings of the Thug Leader because they were afraid of him. To get them to confront a Metahuman like Mo Kai was literally impossible.

“Dammit, I will hold him down. You guys just need to catch the other one.”

The Thug Leader knew the situation cannot continue like this, he would have to handle Mo Kai and let the rest catch Hu Jun.

Hu Jun was a Flame Warrior and without activating his ability, he will look entirely like an ordinary person. While Beastmen like Mo Kai would continuously be in half beast form.

When the thugs saw that their boss would fight the Metahuman and they only need to catch an ordinary person, they naturally felt much more at ease.


The Thug Leader released his ability, Ice Mage.

The faint mist appeared around the Thug Leader’s surroundings, and an icicle was quickly condensed in his hand.


The Thug Leader shot the icicle at Mo Kai and at the same time, the other thugs all charge towards Hu Jun.


Mo Kai caught the icicle in his paw and crushed it with his powerful strength. Mo Kai has a much greater fighting experience than the Thug Leader, the instant he crushed the icicle, he charged towards the Thug Leader. With a slap of Mo Kai’s paw on the Thug Leader’s shoulders, the Thug Leader immediately lost his ability to continue fighting.

On the other side, Hu Jun had also released his ability, defeating the thugs in an instant.

“Open the supermart’s door and so that Boss and the rest to enter!”

The metal door of the supermart was rather sturdy, it was hard for normal attacks to destroy it easily.

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Hu Jun called out. Only then did Yang Tian and the rest slowly walked towards the supermart.

“Hu Jun, inside that room…”

The room mentioned was the place were the Thug Leader and his goons find entertainment. There were several girls inside, all of them were in a disheveled state. After being constantly violated by the thugs, their consciousness had turned murky long ago. When they saw someone entering, they would habitually spread their legs.

“There is another student.”

Hu Jun saw a young girl in uniform that was about their age.

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“That is… our school uniform.”

Mo Kai’s face was furious; from her looks, she should be around fifteen years old, yet she was violated by these bastards.

Hu Jun was also finding it hard to endure, he felt that he did not attack hard enough and wanted to teach another lesson to the thugs that were lying on the floor.

However, Yang Tian had already reached the supermart. Hu Jun had no choice but to deactivate the flames on his hands.

“Boss, there is so much food in here.”

Xu Dafu said it excitedly when he saw the rows of food within the supermart.

“Boss, these fellas have occupied the supermart, they even…”

“I do not want to hear any unnecessary words, I will let you decide on how to deal with them. I have something that I need to do now, all of you remain here and defend the supermart.”

After Yang Tian spoke, he rode the Brain-Eating Terror Hog and left; his goal was the Broadcasting Station located at the center of the city. Yang Tian initially wanted to bring along Hu Jun and the rest but from the looks of it, they would only become excessive baggage. It that was the case, he would rather bring the Brain-Eating Terror Hog solely as it would make things much more convenient.

Yang Tian did not know how dangerous the Broadcasting Station was as well; if he brought Guan Qing Xue along, he might need to divert his attention on her. When he saw the condition of that supermart, he decided to turn it into their temporary base.

After Yang Tian left, he heard terrible screams coming from the supermart.

“I hope you guys will properly protect Qing Xue or I will kill all of you.”

Yang Tian mumbled before he sets off. Now that he was not traveling in a large group, his traveling speed was much faster.

“When the size gets too big, it is not really a good thing too.”

The body of the Brain-Eating Terror Hog was just too big, the activity it produces when it ran was too much. However, he has no other methods available at the moment. He was only a Rank 1 Beast Tamer, yet he did not bring any of his Tamed Beasts but a Contract Beast along instead.

“I need to quickly find some Tamer Wristbands.”

A Tamer Wristband was a type of spatial equipment that could store Tamed Beasts. Some Beast Tamers do not like their Tamed Beasts to always follow them around so they would place their Tamed Beasts within a Tamer Wristband and only call out their Tamed Beasts during fights.

Even Contract Beasts like the Brain-Eating Terror Hog could be kept inside the Tamer Wristband as well.

The big activity had also attracted some unnecessary problems.

“Thud Thud”

A zombie covered in blood appeared in front of the Brain-Eating Terror Hog.

An ordinary Zombie? That was undoubtedly impossible, a regular zombie would not be able to cause a Rank 2 Elite Monster to stop.

When the zombie lifted its head and looked at Yang Tian, the latter knew that the situation was not going to be good.

A Rank 2 Zombie

Bronze Armored Zombie, Elite Zombie

As their name suggests, the body of a Bronze Armored Zombie is covered in bronze armor. Amongst Zombies of the same rank, they possessed top strength and defenses. Moreover, the Bronze Armored Zombie is a type of evolved Zombie, when they reach Rank 5, they will be in their final form” Gold Armored Zombie. At that time, not only will they possess a high level of intelligence, but they will also have an indestructible body.

In his previous life, Yang Tian had planned to tame a Rank 6 Creature shortly after he became a Rank 6 Beast Tamer. At that time, Yang Tian possessed five Rank 5 Tamed Beasts.

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