Chapter 33 – Cooperating

Back then he had just happened to encounter a Rank 5 Gold Armored Zombie. Only after Yang Tian paid a price of sacrificing a Rank 5 Tamed Beast did he barely manage to break through the defense of the Gold Armored Zombie.

Only after four of his Rank 5 Tamed Beasts ended up heavily injured, plus the death of his fifth one did he finally managed to beat the Gold Armor Zombie into retreating.

The Bronze Armored Zombie was not as terrifying as a Gold Armored Zombie, but it was also similarly difficult to deal with.

“Be careful when you come into contact with his body tackles.”

Bronze Armored Zombie Skill, Bodyshock.

Bodyshock: Using the moment when the body comes into contact with the target to send an interference soundwave.

The skill was an innate ability of Bronze Armored Zombies and would evolve with their rank. By the time they become a Gold Armored Zombie, the might of their Bodyshock would become incomparable and Yang Tian had suffered many times due to this skill.


Yang Tian threw his Scimitar towards the Bronze Armor Zombie, but the attack was easily blocked. Yang Tian was unable to break through its bronze armor, but the tusks of the Brain-Eating Terror Hog would be able to threaten it.


The Brain-Eating Terror Hog shouted and used its powerful front claws to attack the Bronze Armored Zombie.

The Bronze Armored Zombie did not evade the attack and took the attack, the strength of the Bronze Armored Zombie was similarly terrifying as well. Just as it blocked the Brain-Eating Terror Hog’s strike, it yelled at Yang Tian.

It is intelligent?

This Bronze Armored Zombie was not as simple as it seems as it possessed a certain level of intelligence at only Rank 2. It looked at Yang Tian with human-like eyes, as though it was pleading for help.

A zombie is seeking assistance from a human?

It might seem inconceivable, but humans and zombies did make some transactions with each other before. However, such situations usually occur with high-rank zombies.

Yang Tian ordered the Brain-Eating Terror Hog to stop.

The Bronze Armored Zombie might have mutated from a human, but low-rank zombies do not possess the ability to speak. The Bronze Armored Zombie in front of him needs to reach at least Rank 3 before it will be able to communicate.

However, Yang Tian’s Rank 1 Mental Power would be able to find out its purpose by sensing the emotions that the Bronze Armored Zombie was displaying.

“Ah oh… Uh ah”

Yang Tian roughly understood what the Bronze Armored Zombie’s intention was. There was a Three-Followers Flower located at the south-eastern direction, first discovered by the Bronze Armored Zombie, but two Devilhounds appeared and drove the zombie away. The Bronze Armored Zombie wants to work together with Yang Tian to snatch back the Three-Follower Flower.

Three-Followers Flower, it could significantly increase the physique of the person who consumes it. The Bronze Armored Zombie wants to eat the Three-Followers Flower to speed up its evolution.

“I can agree with your request.”

“However, I need the pollen of the Three-Followers Flower.”

The Three-Followers Flower could strengthen the physique, improve strength and defense, but the pollen could also increase the Mental Power of the user. The pollen within one stalk of Three-Followers Flower was equivalent to thirty Rank 1 Mental-Type Energy Crystals, Yang Tian naturally would not let go of this opportunity.

The Bronze Armored Zombie needed the flower and not its pollen, so it immediately agreed to Yang Tian’s condition.

“One more thing, I need you to accompany me to retrieve an item.”

The Bronze Armored Zombie was free labor and with the addition of a Rank 2 Elite Zombie, Yang Tian can have greater success at achieving his goal.

The Bronze Armored Zombie hesitated for a moment before it finally agreed.

Yang Tian led the way while riding the Brain-Eating Terror Hog while the Bronze Armored Zombie followed closely behind.

“We are finally here.”

A thirty-three-floors building, the Broadcasting Station was located at the twenty-third level.

Due to its overly large size, the Brain-Eating Terror Hog was unable to enter along with Yang Tian.

“You just find a place and hide well.”

Yang Tian got the Brain-Eating Terror Hog to hide before he entered the building with the Bronze Armored Zombie. He was also not worried that the Bronze Armored Zombie might harm him because since the Zombie was willing to make a deal, it absolutely keeps to its promise.

As the elevator was out of order, they could only take the stairs.

The lower levels have distinct traces of being attacked by Otherworld Creatures or Mutated Beasts, they even saw some human body parts. From the tenth floor onwards, it was clearly much safer.

On the thirteenth floor, Yang Tian even saw some survivors.

“Are you also here to seek refuge?”

“You guys don’t go up, they will not open the doors for you.”

The survivors on the thirteenth floor did not notice that the person beside Yang Tian is a zombie, they assumed that it was just an ordinary human in tattered clothes; they have seen too many people in similar states already.

However, the steel-reinforced glass door showed no signs of opening and remained tightly closed. Through the steel-reinforced glass door, Yang Tian saw several naked women.

After the Apocalypse started, the darkness within the hearts of humans has also exploded. Looking at the clothes on the floor and the attires the men wore, one would be able to determine that the women had been raped by their colleagues. They were unable to do anything to the women in the past, but after the Apocalypse has descended it became much easier.

“You saw one to your liking? Give me your food and I will let you enjoy them, how about it?”

Yang Tian ignored them and quickly continued climbing upwards.

The higher they climbed, the more survivors they found. There were even some Metahumans amongst them, but they were all shrinking in a corner and dared not go out. Looking at their actions, it seems like they were still hoping for others to rescue them.

Yang Tian and the Bronze Armored Zombie finally arrived at level twenty-three.

A steel-reinforced glass door was also found tightly shut on the twenty-third level, but the people within this level were in a much better condition then the lower levels; still maintaining the state of order before the Apocalypse descended. Only that it is unknown how long this situation will continue to last.

“The both of you, get lost.”

Due to Yang Tian’s arrival, a group of people started to gather behind the door, the one leading them were Rank 1 Metahumans.

“Can you break it?”

The Bronze Armored Zombie nodded.


The steel-reinforced glass door was shattered with a punch.

The people inside originally wanted to fight back, but they were quickly placated by the Metahumans. However, these Metahumans were also feeling anxious, they understand that they did not possess the ability to break the steel-reinforced glass door, yet this beggar in front of them was able to do it with one punch.

“What do you guys want to do?”

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“Nothing much, just here to retrieve an item.”

After Yang Tian spoke, strode in with the Bronze Armored Zombie following him from behind. The people inside obediently created a path for Yang Tian to walk through.

“Hold it right there. That is the Station Director’s office, you are not allowed to go in.”

Seeing that Yang Tian was heading towards their Director’s office, some Metahumans quickly ran up to stop Yang Tian.

However, how could a few Rank 1 Metahumans stop a Rank 2 Elite Zombie?


The Bronze Armored Zombie did a sweeping kick with its left leg, striking all the Metahumans and making them remain on the floor.

“What happened, why is it so noisy.”

Two humans walked out of the Station Director’s office, one of them was holding a golden mirror; Yang Tian’s goal was that mirror.

“Who are the two of you? Did you cause the commotion?”

The Metahumans on the floor had already explained that Yang Tian did not come to make friends.

“Snatch that mirror.”

The Bronze Armored Zombie immediately charged towards the person holding on to the mirror.

“Station Director, stand back. I will deal with him.”

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The other person pulled the Station Director behind him to face the Bronze Armored Zombie alone.

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