Chapter 34 – Rank 2 Blade Martialist

Rank 2 Martialist

A Martialist is different from a Metahuman. Metahumans are people who awakened their abilities during the Post-Apocalyptic Era, while a Martialist relies on developing their body’s potential. Before the Apocalypse Earth had been unable to produce Martialist, but that changed after the Apocalypse when Earth underwent a transformation. A portion of humans will not be able to awaken abilities, but there are able to develop their body’s potential.

To be called a Martialist within the Post-Apocalyptic World, a person’s accomplishments in regards to the development of their body would absolutely not be low. Many people within the Celestial Empire practices Kungfu, and most Martialist was closely connected to Kungfu.

There were many types of Martialist within the Celestial Empire: Blade Martialist, Sword Martialist, Spear Martialist, etc. These Martialist were generally stronger than Metahumans and were superior to the latter during fights. However their entire fighting ability also revolves around their weapons; if they were to lose their weapon, their fighting power would be reduced by at least seventy percent.

There was also a group of Martialist who relied on their bodies to produce powerful attacks, this was not limited to the Celestial Empire, foreign countries also have this type of Martialists. These Martialists were usually masters in Taekwondo, Karate, etc., the Celestial Empire has a broader variety of Martialist as anyone who has reached a certain level of accomplishment in Kungfu will be able to become a Martialist. When these Kungfu Practitioners became Martialists during the Post-Apocalyptic Era, they were able to display higher levels of fighting power.

The person in front was obviously a Blade Martialist as his hand held onto a machete more than a meter long. The sharp energy emitted from his body was a unique manifestation of a Blade Martialist.


The Bronze Armored Zombie struck the back of the machete, causing a crisp sound of colliding.

“It is actually a zombie.”

After exchanging blows, the Blade Martialist was able to discover the identity of the Bronze Armored Zombie.

The Blade Martialist twirled his blade and used the sharp edge of the machete to attack the Bronze Armored Zombie. The Bronze Armored Zombie noticed the sharpness contained within the blade and it chose to not directly resist it but to skillfully flipped backward to avoid the strike.

In the hands of a Blade Martialist, an ordinary machete would display a sharpness that was similar to a Rank 2 Weapon. If the Martialist was to hold a Rank 2 Weapon in his hands, then he would absolutely be able to display greater fighting power.

After the attack of the Blade Martialist missed, the Bronze Armored Zombie used its elbows and pivoted to kick at the Blade Martialist with both legs. The Blade Martialist swiftly reacted, immediately giving up on his machete and used both his arms to block the attack.

Giving up his weapon? That was a very deadly mistake for a Martialist; more than seventy percent of its fighting power comes from the weapon thus giving up the weapon was equivalent to giving up a large portion of your fighting power.

Yang Tian saw the opportunity and threw the Scimitar he has been hiding; the moment the Blade Martialist was pushed back, the scimitar had also left Yang Tian’s hand.


The scimitar was blocked by a white-color bone knife that he extracted from his body.

Rank 2 Weapon, Soft Bone Blade.

Soft Bone Blade: It could be hidden inside the skeleton, making it very difficult for it to be detected.

The Blade Martialist has hidden the Soft Bone Blade on his arm bone, the machete he was using earlier on was likely intended to deceive Yang Tian and the zombie.

A Rank 2 Blade Martialist equipped with a Rank 2 Weapon, Soft Bone Blade; his current fighting power now was undoubtedly at the peak of Rank 2. From the battle earlier on, it could be seen that the Blade Martialist possessed quite a high level of fighting experience.

The Blade Martialist charged towards the Bronze Armored Zombie and the Soft Bone Blade seemed to have turned into a three-meter-long whip that was constantly whipping the Bronze Armored Zombie. It was difficult for the Bronze Armored Zombie to avoid the attacks this time, so it could only endure the attacks.

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“Ding Ding Ding:

Fortunately, the defenses of the Bronze Armored Zombie was sturdy enough, the attacks were still very painful but it was not injured.

Yang Tian was currently thinking of how to circle around the Blade Martialist and snatch the mirror from the Station Director.

The Station Director was neither a Metahuman nor a Martialist, he could only depend on the mirror in his hand. What Yang Tian was worried about, was whether the Station Director knew how to use the mirror.

The fight between the Blade Martialist and the Bronze Armored Zombie was reaching an end, the Blade Martialist had his focus entirely on the zombie and did not notice the change in Yang Tian’s position.

The other Metahumans had yet to discover Yang Tian’s movements because he had used his Mental Power to hide his presence. Moreover, their attentions were on the fight, so all the more they would not have noticed Yang Tian.

Yang Tian circled around the battle and was approaching the position of the Station Director.

“Here’s my chance.”

Yang Tian gathered strength on his legs and burst out. His target, the golden mirror, held by the Station Director.


The Blade Martialist immediately discovered something was amiss so he temporarily gave up on attacking the Bronze Armored Zombie and turned around to attack Yang Tian.

Mind Disruption

Yang Tian used Mind Disruption on the Blade Martialist, as the latter was one rank higher than Yang Tian, hence it was a good thing that Mind Disruption was effective.

The Blade Martialist stood at his position blankly for three seconds, these three seconds were enough for the Bronze Armored Zombie to launch an attack.


The Bronze Armored Zombie punched the Blade Martialist’s back, a powerful force causing the latter to hit a wall and to vomit blood.

Yang Tian used the chance to take away the mirror from the Station Director.

Twin Dragon Ancient Mirror

Finally obtained it. Something was wrong? It had yet to be unsealed, what happened?

Yang Tian was shocked for a moment when he got the Twin Dragon Ancient Mirror, he did not expect the Twin Dragon Ancient Mirror to be sealed.

“My treasure.”

Yang Tian kicked away the Station Director that charged towards him, why was the Twin Dragon Ancient Mirror still sealed?”

However, this was not the time to think about this matter. Yang Tian told the Bronze Armored Zombie to prepare to leave, but before they leave, Yang Tian went to the Blade Martialist and took the Soft Bone Blade that has dropped on the floor.

He kept the Soft Bone Blade within his right arm bone.

The Blade Martialist was currently heavily wounded so he could only watch Yang Tian take away his weapon without being able to do anything about it.

Twin Dragon Ancient Mirror, it was said that the mirror was passed down from the Qin Dynasty and was created by refining the bones of two dragons.

However, when it was found in the Modern Era people did not discover anything special about it and treated it as a precious antique for collectors. The Station Director had spent considerable efforts to obtain the Twin Dragon Ancient Mirror but now it was in Yang Tian’s possession.

Yang Tian was very familiar with the Twin Dragon Ancient Mirror and knew how terrifying this mirror can become.

The Twin Dragon Ancient Mirror was not listed as one of the Top Ten Divine Equipment of the Celestial Empire, but its function was undoubtedly not any weaker than any of the Top Ten Divine Equipment.

In the eyes of many, the Twin Dragon Ancient Mirror was not comparable to the Celestial Empire’s Top Ten Divine Equipment, but in Yang Tian’s hands, it would be able to surpass the Top Ten Divine Equipment.

After acquiring what he wanted, Yang Tian and the Bronze Armored Zombie quickly left the place, after meeting up with the Brain-Eating Terror Pig, they swiftly departed.

“Ah Wu Ah”

The Bronze Armored Zombie expressed its displeasure towards Yang Tian, on its body were several deep white scars, they left behind by the Blade Martialist who nearly broke through its defenses.

“The carcasses of the two Devilhounds are yours.”

Hearing Yang Tian’s reply, the Bronze Armored Zombie quiets down. The meat of a Rank 2 Elite Monster was also quite beneficial to the Bronze Armored Zombie who initially thought that it needed to share the spoils equally with Yang Tian; now that it could have all, the Bronze Armored Zombie naturally happily accepted the arrangement.

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