Chapter 596: Undersea Forest

Long Yi had guessed it right. These kinds of pure-colored jellyfish were known as Rainbow Jellyfish among the Sea Race. This was because these kinds of jellyfish often moved together in groups of over five jellyfishes of different colors, making them look just like an undersea rainbow. These kinds of Rainbow Jellyfish were also very rare even within the vast seas, and their poison was also very strong and rare in this world. As long as one was touched by one of their tentacles, the nerves of one’s entire body would be immediately paralyzed, and one’s heart would stop beating within a short period of time.

The value of these Rainbow Jellyfish was also high here. Extracted poison from them could be refined into an extremely valuable and effective rare antidote; moreover, it could be refined into a poison that would spread through water and attack a large area. The refined poison would be tasteless and colorless. It could poison tens of thousands of undersea life forms to death without anybody noticing. For this reason, Rainbow Jellyfish was priceless in the markets of the Sea Race.

“Do you want to use the Rainbow Jellyfish to take revenge?” Long Yi asked after hearing the explanation of Yamei.

“That is just one aspect. The convention of the Sea Race is right around the corner. We can use Rainbow Jellyfish to gain entrance to the trade association. Like that, it will be much easier to act,” Yamei said.

“The convention of the Sea Race? Wasn’t it supposed to have convened long ago?” Long Yi asked in surprise.  Didn’t Bifei and Xiaomi return to attend this Sea Race Convention? It had already been so long.

“It has not peaceful within the Sea Race for a long time, so the Sea Race Convention was postponed again and again. Finally, it was set for two days from now,” Yamei answered.

“What exactly are the matters discussed at this Sea Race Convention?” Long Yi curiously asked.

“Sea Race Convention is held once every hundred years. All people of the Sea Race can come to participate. The main contents are the huge trade conference and the exploration of the undersea death melting cave. Sea Emperor will also issue some new policies and new decrees. It lasts for a month. Other than those main events, there will also be other events hosted by some Sea Race Organizations. You will know more in the future,” Yamei said.

Long Yi smiled and said, “This Sea Race Convention is truly not bad. One day, I will propose such a grand event including the entire Blue Waves Continent.”

“Enough of this. Will you capture those Rainbow Jellyfishes or not? If you miss them now, you might never find them again,” Yamei urgently said, seeing those over ten jellyfishes were approaching closer and closer.

“Don’t be anxious; am I not thinking of a way now? It is not difficult to control them, but the problem remains. Where would I put them?” Long Yi said. Regardless of his dark dimension space or his space ring, there was no seawater or pond; thus, if he put them there, some Rainbow Jellyfishes were bound to die.

“As long as you can control them, it is enough. I naturally have a place to put them,” Yamei said.

After hearing that Yamei had a way, Long Yi no longer hesitated. He shot forward like an arrow. Emitting a large amount of spirit power to form an invisible container, he quickly caught those Rainbow Jellyfishes.

“Yamei, it’s your turn now,” Long Yi turned back and shouted.

Yamei gave a charming smile, and waving her hand, a faint white radiance appeared. Then, those Rainbow Jellyfishes under the control of Long Yi disappeared one after another until not a single one was left.

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Long Yi retracted his spirit power and asked in surprise, “What did you use?”

In the dazzling hand of Yamei was a small finger-sized transparent cylindrical container. Inside, there were ten different colored light dots. Upon closer examination, those light dots were shrunken Rainbow Jellyfishes.

“This is a space bottle to store and domesticate sea monsters. It is filled with seawater and is very common in the seas,” Yamei replied.

Long Yi nodded his head and seemed lost in thought. The sea and land were basically two totally different worlds. The main difference between this kind of space bottle and space ring was that living beings couldn’t be stored inside a space ring, but this space bottle could. At this time, Long Yi’s eyes suddenly flashed, and he asked, “Can all living beings that can breathe in seawater be stored within this space bottle?”

Yamei was startled, and strangely looking at Long Yi, she said, “Do you want to ask if the people of the Sea Race can be stored in space bottle?”

Long Yi smiled and nodded his head. Talking to smart people saved so much effort.

Yamei shook her head and said, “All living beings of the sea can be stored in the space bottle except those of the Sea Race. Perhaps, the person who invented these bottles, removed the possibility of storing the people of the Sea Race.”

The eyebrows of Long Yi shot up, and muttering for a little while, he asked, “Do you have another space bottle? Let me take a look.”

Sijiate took out a space bottle and handed it over to Long Yi. This space bottle was no different from the space bottle of his big sister Yamei.

When this space bottle fell into his hand, Long Yi felt an indistinct magic fluctuation coming from it. Then, using spirit power to probe it, he discovered that there was a miniature space magic array carved on the bottle. He seemed to have seen the composition of this magic array before, so Long Yi frowned and thought hard. This space magic array was very similar to a magic array he had seen in his Magic Array Collection, but some magic lines were changed at certain key points. This greatly surprised him. The person who had remade this magic array must have been a genius in magic arrays. He had actually shrunk, merged and refined this space magic array. Long Yi guessed that this might be the reason why the people of Sea Race couldn’t be stored in this space bottle.

Long Yi fiddled with the space bottle for a while before saying to Sijiate, “How about giving this space bottle to me as a gift?”

How could Sijiate disagree with this man who had saved himself and his big sister?

“It is almost time; the matter below should have calmed down. Let’s go down.” Long Yi said.

The four people re-entered the undersea passage and arrived at the Undersea World below. Sure enough, everything had already simmered down. The seawater was crystal clear once more, and air bubbles were rising one after another like a world in a children’s fairytale, but who would have guessed that these air bubbles were actually so deadly?

“How come the spread of these air bubbles have become so dense? How should we enter now?” Sijiate worriedly said.

Before these air bubbles had detonated, he was confident in avoiding them while crossing this area, but now, there was not enough space between those air bubbles.

“Sijiate, you don’t need to worry. Someone has a way,” Yamei said while looking at the relaxed expression of Long Yi. For an unknown reason, she believed that this human had a way to solve this problem.

“Indeed, this person has a good way. Just follow behind me.” Long Yi lightly laughed.

Then, he emitted a large amount of spirit power and gently sent it forward. Those deadly air bubbles were gently pushed away, opening an empty path in the middle. But the air bubbles in the surrounding area were even denser now, practically each rubbed against another. However, there were no actual collisions. This greatly shocked Yamei and Sijiate, and their backs were drenched with cold sweat at the thought of Long Yi losing control for even a moment.

After that, Long Yi condensed some internal force in his legs and shot straight forward like an arrow while protecting that passage. Liuli and the others followed closely behind him.

Fortunately, the area covered by these deadly air bubbles was not very large; otherwise, Long Yi would have wasted a lot of spirit power, which certainly would have caused trouble in the future.

The four people traveled underwater at a high speed, and after ten minutes, they passed this sea area, and a new scene that appeared in front of their eyes surprised Long Yi and Liuli. They couldn’t help but sigh with emotion at the wonder of nature.

Before them stood an undersea forest. Various kinds of undersea trees, flowers and plants stretched as far as the eye could see. Unlike the green forests found on land, the vast majority of these trees were not green. Instead, they emitted different colored, glittering, and translucent radiances, and various kinds of fishes shuttled back and forth in dazzling formations.  At first glance, it appeared just like a colorful jade forest. It was like scenery straight out of myth.

“Beautiful, right? But, don’t get mystified by this scenery. This is the territory of the Heaven Slaying Squid. It always disguises itself and hides among the forest, waiting for a chance to kill all intruders in its territory,” Yamei warned solemnly.

Long Yi looked around and saw that this beautiful undersea forest was peaceful and calm, but he knew that Yamei wouldn’t speak randomly. It was certain that a potentially great danger hid within this undersea forest, so he asked, “What does the Heaven Slaying Squid look like? How is it different from normal squids?”

Yamei was startled and shaking her head, she said, “The Heaven Slaying Squid always appears in disguise and kills intruders with one hit. I have never heard of anyone seeing its true appearance.”

The answer of Tamei was somewhat outside the expectations of Long Yi. His complexion also became somewhat solemn. No one had actually seen the true appearance of the Heaven Slaying Squid: this was enough to prove the strength of this sea monster. All those who had seen its true appearance must have already met their deaths.

“Since we have Rainbow Jellyfish, this Heaven Slaying Squid will have some scruples. I heard that someone used Rainbow Jellyfish to safely pass through this undersea forest in the past,” Yamei took out her space bottle and said.

“Heard? That’s as useful as a fart. Now, conceal your aura and follow me.” Long Yi curled up his lip and urged everyone to retract their auras to the best of their abilities. Then, he took the lead to advance toward that undersea forest.

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“Long Yi, wait a minute. Why don’t we swim over the forest? It is easier to notice danger like that.” Seeing that Long Yi was rushing toward the undersea forest, Yamei hastily called out.

Long Yi turned his head back and said with a smile, “My intuition tells me that it will be safer to go through.”

Liuli followed Long Yi without any hesitation. She had complete trust in Long Yi without any reservations. Even if she lost her life, she would not complain; moreover, she knew that he would not let her get injured. Don’t ask how, she just knew it.

Yamei and Sijiate hesitated a little and decided to follow this human. They didn’t completely believe in his intuition, but his strength gave them a sense of security.

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