Chapter 595: Undersea Passage

As the sun rose, a red glow appeared at the horizon and a rippling flame was reflected onto the sea surface. This scene was very dazzling.

The princess of the Clam Clan, Yamei, had already woken up. Now, she was sobbing while hugging her younger brother Sijiate who had also woken up with a hangover. Fortunately, she had survived, but the sad thing was the huge debt of blood.

Long Yi carefully sized up this clam princess. Her face was very elegant, especially her clear and beautiful eyes: they were limpid and distant; her skin was tender and soft as if water would come out if he pinched her. Other than the purple shell on her back, she could be regarded as a devastating beauty even among those of the Human race. And suddenly thinking about those alluring women who were captured in the fairy tales of his previous world, all of whom were lovely enough to cause the fall of a country, Long Yi smiled in a daze. But, by coincidence, this smile was seen by Yamei who had just stopped sobbing, and she immediately swallowed her words of gratitude, thinking he was gloating over other people’s misfortunes.

Long Yi, however, didn’t notice this. He was thinking about all sorts of strange races within this world. If not for experiencing everything himself and etching everything in his memory, he truly would have believed that he was immersed in a tediously long dream where even his real memories had become messy and blurred.

Yamei glared at Long Yi, but she was confronted with his black eyes shining with an inexplicable luster. Although his eyes were not focused, there was a kind of attraction, and she then understood that that smile of just now had not been directed at her.

Feeling the gaze of Yamei, Long Yi came back to his senses, and touching his face, he asked, “Is there something on my face?”

Yame blushed a little, and retracting her gaze, she softly said, “Thank you for saving us.”

Long Yi just smiled and said, “No need to be so courteous. Your younger brother has already thanked us; let’s end it with that.”

Yamei didn’t speak again. After pondering for a while, she suddenly raised her head and asked, “You are a human, and she is an exiled mermaid. Why are you here?”

Long Yi was somewhat surprised in his heart, this Yamei had immediately asked such a fundamental question. Even after suffering the horrible disaster of the extermination of her entire family, she was still able to calmly think of this issue. She was truly cautious and meticulous. Compared to her that simple younger brother, she was much better in this aspect.

“We came here to look for Undersea City and figure out the truth about the exile of the Mermaid Imperial Clan,” Long Yi told the truth without concealing anything.

“Then, you want us to show the way?” Yamei was startled for a moment, and then her eyes instantly became sharp.

“Yes.” Long Yi calmly looked straight at her.

Yamei stared at Long Yi for a long time, and could only discern that he was speaking the truth. Her expression eased, and she said, “I can lead you two there because I believe that you will not harm our Sea Race; moreover, I also want to find out the truth of this genocide.”

The eyebrows of Long Yi shot up, and he asked, “Do you believe in me so much?”

Yamei faintly said, “I believe in my own vision.”

Long Yi smiled and looked straight into the beautiful eyes of Yamei. They were glimmering with insightful wisdom. Not long after, Yamei broke the eye contact and moved her gaze to one side.

“Since we are in agreement, rest well. We will go to Undersea City after you have completely recovered,” Long Yi said with a faint smile. It was not hard for Long Yi to understand the thoughts of Yamei who had barely escaped with her life. If he couldn’t understand her selfish calculations, he would not be Long Yi. Rather than saying that she was willing to lead Long Yi to Undersea City because she believed in him, it was better to say that she was gambling. While helping Long Yi, she also wanted to use the strength of Long Yi to find out everything about her family’s death at the same time. Of course, they had this tacit understanding.

Afternoon: the sun rode high in the sky.

With Yamei and Sijiate leading in front, Long Yi and Liuli followed them toward the bottom of the sea. The shells on the backs of the Clam Clan were the best means to wander about in the sea. And Liuli was like a stranded fish put back into water in the sea: her golden fishtail gracefully swayed as she leisurely swam. As for Long Yi, he gathered internal force in his legs and swam forward, but his actions looked somewhat lacking in

artistic terms. However, since he had already reached the fifth later of AoTianJue, his skin could absorb oxygen even within the sea, so he was also relaxed.

After these people reached more than three thousand meters into the sea, it was already like night. At this depth, only a very small amount of scattered starlight reached here. At this point, Yamei and Sajiate stopped.

“Now, we need to go a further 10,000 meters, and we will see the entrance to Undersea City. This entrance is relatively better to sneak through, but the surroundings around this entrance are harsh. Not only are there bloodthirsty sharks, Heaven Slaying Squid and other very dangerous sea monsters, but there are also poisonous swamps. Therefore, other than some strong adventure groups of Sea Race, no one else dares to operate there,| Yamei turned around and said to Liuli and Long Yi behind her.

“Is it that dangerous?” Long Yi asked. One could say that the undersea world was a world unknown to him. He didn’t know what land-based magical beast those bloodthirsty sharks and heaven slaying squids had an equivalent ranking too.

“There is a certain level of danger, but those sea monsters have their own territory. Generally, there will only be one per sea area. Therefore, there shouldn’t be any problems with your strength,” Yamei explained.

“Since that is the case, let’s continue forward,” Long Yi nodded his head and said.

After diving roughly 5,000 meters into the sea following Yamei and her sibling, floating specks of light appeared in the pitch-black sea. They were a kind of luminous deep-sea fish species. Diving deeper, their buoyancy opposed their motions more and more. Long Yi had to increase his internal force a little to resist the pressure and buoyancy. On the other hand, the siblings and Liuli seemed to have felt nothing. This was probably the difference between the human and Sea Race.

At the same time, Long Yi also began to worry. The pressure was already so great at the 5,000 meters mark, since Undersea City was more than 10,000 meters deep, didn’t that mean the pressure would be even greater? In the future, when continuously expending his internal force to withstand the pressure, how long could he stay there? Moreover, if he suffered an attack, it would be very troublesome. After all, would he be able to display even a fraction of his strength? The heart of Long Yi became heavy as he thought of this.

“Be careful, there is a whirlpool passage below!” The voice of Yamei came.

Immediately after hearing Yamei’s voice, Long Yi felt a strong suction force. He subconsciously held Liuli’s little hand and used his strength to resist. However, Yamei and Sijiate just rolled into it.

“Young Master, Yamei said that it is a whirlpool passage. Shouldn’t we enter it to go to Undersea City?” Liuli said.

Long Yi thought about the words of Yamei. At that time, she didn’t seem to be afraid at all. This should be a passage like Liuli suggested. After thinking a bit, he calmed down and withdrew his internal force. Then, he entered that whirlpool passage while hugging Liuli.

After feeling as if the sky and earth were spinning around, Long Yi saw a light in front of him. The Yamei siblings were not far away in front of him. Then, he and Liuli looked around in amazement because they seemed to have arrived in a completely different world that defied common sense.

Now, there was a black sea with continuously spinning whirlpool above them and a crystal clear and transparent underwater world below them. It was as if there were a barrier separating these two worlds, juxtaposing two opposing physical realms. He didn’t know from where those lights had come from. As for the seabed, it was blackish red, and air bubbles continuously rose upward. The black part was mud, and the red part was undersea magma.

“Remember, never touch those air bubbles! Also don’t go to the sea floor,” Yamei solemnly instructed.

Long Yi stared at those air bubbles for a little while but he was unable to see any danger. He took out a small dart from inside his space ring and threw it at an air bubble that was far away from them.

“Don’t!” Yamei screamed, but it was already too late. A loud explosion resounded as that air bubble blew open like a strong explosive; moreover, it led to a chain reaction, and those air bubbles exploded one after another, causing the seawater to begin to boil.

Seeing those explosion waves rapidly spreading toward them, Long Yi was inwardly speechless. He immediately grabbed the Yamei siblings and Liuli, before quickly flying into the whirlpool passage above.

After exiting the whirlpool passage, Yamei patted her rapidly rising and falling chest. Then ferociously glaring at Long Yi, she screamed, “Didn’t I say to never touch them? Do you want to kill us?”

Long Yi laughed hollowly and apologized, “I’m sorry.”

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Seeing Long Yi was apologizing, Yamei’s anger also gradually dissipated.  Merely, she was still somewhat fearful and said, “I guess that there’s nothing we can do now. It will take some time for the activity below to calm down; I think we should wait an hour before we go down again.”

Long Yi touched his nose. He had just wanted to see what would happen; moreover, he had already been quite cautious, yet that earth-shaking chain reaction had still shocked him. If he hadn’t fled through that whirlpool passage, then even if he had exhausted all of his energy to block it, he would have definitely lost a layer of skin. Moreover, he would have still had three more people to protect.

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Just when they were waiting beside the whirlpool passage, over ten multicolored light advanced towards them from the distance.

With Long Yi’s sharp eyesight, he saw about a dozen different colored jellyfish. They were pink, green, blue, cyan, and so on…, but all of them were transparent and had long tentacles fluttering in the sea. They looked very beautiful.

“Such a beautiful group of jellyfishes,” Long Yi exclaimed. In his heart, he knew that although these jellyfishes looked beautiful, they were very poisonous.

“Are you saying that there are jellyfish? Where? Are they pure or mixed colored?” Yamei hastily asked. Her eyesight was not as good as Long Yi’s.

“All are pure colored, and there are a variety of colors. What’s wrong?” Long Yi asked.

“Really? Can you catch them? In the past, Sea Race used them to kill bloodthirsty sharks. In addition, average sea monsters will make a detour if they run into them. With them around, we will be much safer,” Yamei excitedly said.

“Is that so? Merely, is that the only reason for doing so?” Long Yi looked at that group of beautiful jellyfishes and smiled while scrutinizing at Yamei.

Yamei was startled, and seeing those black eyes that sparkled even here in the dark beneath the sea, she suddenly felt as if he could see through her heart. Under the gaze of those eyes, she couldn’t conceal anything.

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