Arc 5 Chapter 68: Hunting mice with a cat girl 2

Akira peeked out from behind a statue of a soldier that he was hiding behind.

After checking the room and his minimap he confirmed his earlier guess that this was indeed the last room of the dungeon.

The room was dimly lit just enough for him to see movement from numerous rats they were all Level 12.

At the far end of the room, he could see two small figures the size of a young human child near or at the age of 10. It was the leaders of the minions [Rat man Lvl 23].

Akira and Varbu could easily kill the small rats and then take care of the two [Ratmen] but the quest had said to work as a team and so he had to come up with a plan to do just that.

“Mileena, now is your time to shine I’ll keep the two [Ratmen] busy. You and Varbu need to take care of the minions and then come help me take care of the small fries,” ordered Akira.

Akira stepped out from behind the statue and ran forward he did not need to wait for evening and transform into a werewolf since the dungeon had been extremely easy so far.

The two [Rat men] noticed Akira running towards them and quickly spoke to the rats near them with numerous urgent squeaks.

Akira used [Shield Bash] to clear a small path forward and continued to run towards the two [rat men].

Shield bash lvl up!

Shield Bash: (Beginner Lv: 6 | 1%)

While the enemy was still focused on Akira, Varbu, and Mileena came in from the sides unnoticed and started to decrease the number of rodents.

The [Ratmen] seeing that they were Akira’s main target, tried to run away. Akira quickly used [Shadow chains] on the [Ratman] closest to him.

A dark ring of shadows appeared beneath the small [Ratman]. Four shadow chains shot out and with their sharp teeth bit down onto each arm and leg of the [Ratman] trapping it making it unable to move or defend itself.

Seeing this the second [Ratman] let out a screech and jumped into the air attacking Akira with the dagger it held.

Akira had grown negligent due to the dungeon being so easy up to this point that he almost received a fatal stab to his face from the sudden attack. But at the last second, he was able to turn his head just enough so that the dagger was unable to stab into his head and only grazed his cheek.

Akira let out a cry of pain not from the cut but the burning sting of poison he felt.


You have been poisoned with Immature desert sandworm mucus.

If not cured within 10 hours you will die.

‘Crap!’ Akira quietly swore to himself as he saw his health being slowly drained away.

The Ratman’s attack was pathetic when compared to its level or something like the golems that they had to fight in Vussia.

The attack didn’t cause much damage but the real problem was the poison that was on its daggers and how agile the [Ratmen] were.

The [Ratman] was able to attack far quicker than a golem in just a few seconds which made up for its weak attacks.

With the numerous attacks constantly bombarding Akira, he was forced to kick out with his left foot to knock back the small [Ratman] to buy time to allow him to jump back and reorient himself and properly position his shield to receive the poisonous attacks.

The [Shadow chains] disappeared after the skills timer ran out freeing the first [Ratman] who had lost nearly ¼ of his health due to the shadow chains biting into his unprotected legs and arms.

Before he could join the fight Akira used the [Shadow chains] skill again to keep him immobile. The Ratman screeched something at Akira and if he had to guess it was probably a swear word in the [Ratman] language.

Akira continued to block the attacks and keep the [Ratmen] busy while he waited for Varbu and Mileena to take care of their minions.

He didn’t need to wait long for them as the finished off the last one in under ten minutes.

“Mileena, while I block this one, kill the one that is trapped over there. Varbu, make sure that she doesn’t get to hurt,” said Akira.

Mileena and Varbu rushed over to the [Ratman] that was immobile due to the [Shadow chains]. Upon seeing Mileena and smelling her scent he began screeching at the top of his lungs trying to get the second [Ratman] to come to his aid.

It was pointless because every time the second [Ratman] tried to move to help he would get kicked back or receive a [Shield Bash] in the face.

Akira took a few seconds to watch as Mileena studied the trapped enemy deciding on how to attack before she swiftly moving behind it causing the [Ratman’s] screams of fright to become even louder.

Two daggers stabbed into the back of the [Ratman] causing him to fall to the ground paralyzed from the attacks that had severed the spine.

She continued to test her skills by attacking numerous areas on the body she thought might be weak points.

Two minutes later Mileena and Varbu rejoined Akira again.

Akira knocked the remaining [Ratman] off his feet with a [Shield Bash] before talking to Mileena.

“Now that you have a little experience in attacking them. Let’s take this one down together. I’ll keep his attention while all you need to do is attack his weak points,” said Akira as he ran up to the [Ratman].

Akira used his hand to smack the [Ratman] across the face causing it to get angry and focus its attention on Akira and leaving its back unprotected.

Mileena stalked the [Ratman] from behind and pounced forward her daggers ready to deal a fatal blow.

The [Ratman] had a good sense of smell and noticed Mileena’s scent coming closer. He moved a step to the side causing the daggers to miss its vitals and only cause shallow wounds.

“Concentrate on your movement and speed! Predict what the enemy will do ahead of time and adjust your attack,” said Akira before slapping the [Ratman] in the face again causing him to turn around and angrily screech something at Akira before trying to attack Mileena.

‘Guess that only works once’ Akira thought to himself.

He kicked the back of the [Ratman’s] knees forcing it to fall onto the ground.

The fight was over then and there as Mileena seized the chance and pounced at the [Ratman’s] unprotected heart with both daggers piercing deep into its body and immediately ending its life.

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Mileena stood up tall and put her right foot on top the dead body and puffed out her small chest triumphantly looking to Akira as if to ask him for praise.

Akira let out a sigh and walked over to her to pat her head, surprisingly she let him do it a few times which caused her ears to twitch before she lightly pushed his hand away.

“You did good, although you still have a long way to go,” said Akira.

“Thanks…” mumbled Mileena shyly.

Akira took out a minor potion from his bag and drank it in order to cure the poison he had received from the dagger used by the [Ratman].


Quest ‘How to train your cat girl’ completed!

-You were able to clear the dungeon as a team.

-Your teamwork was ‘Good enough’.

-Level up!

-Level up!

-Current level is now level 28.

-The somewhat skilled assassin Mileena has been born.

-Her level has risen up greatly!-A special reward will be given.

Special reward for completing quest!

+1 to Mastery skills

Sword Mastery has leveled up to (Beginner Lvl: 8 | 3.00%)

Shield mastery has leveled up to (Beginner Lvl: 9 | 5.00%)

Heavy Armor Mastery has leveled up to (Beginner Lvl: 6 | 11%)

New title received!

The Great Nyaantail Tamer.

Fame +5

It took Akira less than a minute to read the multiple messages.

‘Our team work was ‘Good enough’? What type of rating is that?’ Akira wondered.


He nearly had a heart attack when looking at the levels and the special reward. He had gained two full levels and one level in each of his main mastery skills which were not easy to level up.

All of this was from completing such an easy dungeon and quest.

‘What a jackpot!’

Akira quickly put his bonus points into his chosen stats.

As he looked at his current stats it was now more obvious than in the past on what type of fighter he was.

He was built to take a beating. The damage he could deal wasn’t that bad but it was nothing to brag about when compared to Varbu.

Akira looked over to Mileena, her level had risen by five. It was a huge boost to her power and he wondered what her stats looked like.

Thinking back on how strong he had been when he was at her stage of training her damage was far superior to what he was capable of back then.

He could guess she was probably more oriented to a mixture of two or more of the stats such as Strength, Agility, and Stamina.

“Let’s hurry up and find anything worth looting and get out before the dungeon collapses,” said Akira.

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He bent over and picked up the two daggers where they had dropped from the dead [Ratman] before they disappeared in a bright light. He studied the weapons for a few seconds before tossing them away.

They were no better than trash and were completely ruined from the poison that was added onto the weak metal the daggers were made out of.

New ideas came to his head as he continued to pick up the coins that the monsters had dropped.

His eyes had been opened to the possibility of using poison on his weapons. But there was one major problem poison was deadly not only to living beings but also the weapon itself slowly eating away at the metal causing it to become worthless.

If he wanted to be able to allow Mileena to use poison on her weapons to increase her overall damage he would have to figure out a way to stop it from eating away at the metal.

“Let’s go,” said Akira after one last look around the room.


The three companions were resting in the shade of the pyramid that they had just cleared. Luckily the only thing that had been destroyed was the inside of the dungeon while the outer appearance stayed the same.

“So…umm… what do you think about my fighting?” asked Mileena.

“You’re still rusty in actual combat and need more training. You need to experience more real combat,” said Akira.

Mileena’s ears and tail drooped after hearing this.

“But, your skill in handling the daggers and the damage you deal is far greater than when I was near your level of skill. It seems that it will soon reach and surpass me. Granted your damage is more of a burst damage and not sustained damage like me. That is only natural since you are more squishy them me, which forces you to move around in order to not get hit making it so you have to properly pick the area of attack to do the most damage,” said Akira.

Varbu spoke up, “Not only is the little miss good at fighting she’s got a good eye for attacking the weak spots. I kept an eye on her while fighting and when she got into the groove of killing she was able to kill things far faster than the past you. Truly a genius.”

Mileena’s ears perked up and her tail began to slowly swish back and forth as she grew happy at the praise.

“Well… I’m not really that great I just guessed at which spots to attack and they happened to be correct. It’s all due to you guys helping me learn to fight,” said Mileena shyly.

“I haven’t done much, I’ve only sparred with you. Akira deserves all the praise for your current training,” said Varbu.

“Well, I’m glad you like my beginner hell training,” said Akira with a smile.

The three continued to chat for some time while eating some food and drinking a portion of water to return their strength.

Mileena who had always had a shy personality was finally starting to blossom and talk more with both Varbu and Akira as she grew more comfortable with them and her new found fighting skills using the dual daggers.

The three of them did not notice the three large birds flying so high in the sky that they looked like small birds.

“The target has been found. One of you go and report to the Magic guild branch in Otria, make sure you let them know that we have found a grade 1 target. We’ll watch them for now, to see where they are going. We should have captured the target before they notice and can get away,” said the commander of the three Giegle riders.

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