Book II – Bandit, Chapter 21 – Dark Jumble Fruit

— Dark Forest

After hunting fiends on the first level for a time, Aiken Moon was so bored and hungry. His stomach grumbled as he mumbled to himself, “Luckily, I was ambushed by those two first level vicious beasts.”

Aiken had been inches away from death more than once in this time. The first time was perilous, and he had to use blackheart arrows to kill the beast off. This was a colossal waste! Mr. Jupiter had told him that these arrows could deliver 60 BP of damage! A first level vicious beast only had a natural defense of around 20 BP, this was indeed the world’s greatest waste.

“However, I have to admit that insta-killing a usually terrifying vicious beast with a single arrow was exhilarating!” Aiken Moon was imagining having that much strength on his own.

After that, Aiken Moon retreated from the Dark Cave to roast the meat like he had seen Mr. Jupiter do before. Although the taste wasn’t quite as excellent, due to his remarkable memory, it was still savory and delicious.

“This Mr. Jupiter sure knows how to live,” Aiken marveled at the strangeness of this negus boy with great power. “But who would believe that jerk is a five years old child? This is ridiculous at best. My poor sweet Dessa, she’s brainwashed!”

Upon exiting and smelling the fresh air again, Aiken chose to shower himself in the stream first. However, unknown to the young boy who swam comfortably after eating like a glutton, the smell of the cooked meat attracted two more vicious beasts! Sensing the approaching beasts, the Shadowblitz Lion cub reacted first and forcefully grabbed Aiken out of the stream. Aiken was roughly tossed on the grass and was about to shout when the Shadowblitz Lion cub whimpered in fear.

Being that fear was Aiken’s second language, he naturally understood this warning. His anger dissipated as he went on full guard.

“Luckily, the Shadowblitz Lion cub was around to warn me of the danger.” Thought Aiken as he took the high ground. It was ironic that his former nemesis was today’s savior. He spotted the approaching creatures and wasted two more arrows to kill those beasts off! Aiken finally realized he had been rash in exiting out alone to eat. Merely, whenever he saw Mr. Jupiter roast meat they had never once been attacked.

Of course, he wasn’t aware that Jodye had a powerful soul force, capable of sensing the surroundings and suppressing the fumes.

Aiken Moon hid in a substantial ancient tree, refining the spiritual energy he absorbed from eating the vicious beast meat. He chanted the first verse of the Azure World Epoch up to halfway through the second stanza before starting over in a continuous cycle. He looked detached from the world like a Buddhist monk, as he sat in the lotus position and continued to cultivate. Azure colored true essence flowed into his body from the void.

“Force… my father once told me that force in it’s purest form is the intent of a law. Could this mean laws are actually alive? The law of battle is the most fundamental of laws. When I use true essence to fire arrows that’s a type of battle force, right?” Aiken was lost in his thoughts as he tried to ascend to the next realm.

His battle power had already reached a value of 6 BP and could no longer increase, no matter how many first level fiends he’d disposed of. He had to comprehend pure force so he could break through to the next rank! “We refine spiritual purity from tainted fiend force to nurture our force geneses with the power of pure spiritual energies. This makes our strength and competence improve overall. The power of purity makes Saints capable of merging together powers easily. It is only the comprehension that remains a challenge. As long as we can comprehend the truth of laws, we can advance down any path.”

It was at this moment that Aiken felt enlightened, and managed to make it through the second stanza of the Azure World Epoch’s first verse! As he continued to chant pure energy slowly radiated from his flesh as the fate of the Azure Legend life star gradually imprinted itself into his mind, enlightening his heavenly saint path! After another hour there was a was cracking sound like a dish being broken, and Aiken Moon’s azure essence force aura shot up for an instant before settling back down.

“Revolving Force rank, it’s truly the revolving force rank!” Aiken Moon jumped up and down on the thick branch of this ancient tree excitedly.

He had finally done it!

He comprehended a nascent purity force concept, formed a pure force genesis, and broke through all in one fell swoop. Aiken tightened his fist, and a yellow aura with small waves of azure essence surrounded his fist like colored steam. “Strong! If I’m not wrong, this is probably at least 12 BP. So my strength truly doubled once I ranked up! If I use my basic nascent pure force than that’s at least 27 BP!”

Looks like he no longer had to fear level 1 vicious beasts, he could finally defend himself! Climbing down from the towering ancient tree, Aiken noticed that the Shadowblitz Lion cub was sitting outside of the dark cave, peering inside anxiously. Curious as to what had happened, he was about to step in when he was grabbed from behind, his mouth covered before any panicked sound escaped.

“Great Gaea kid, where the hell have you been?” said a rough and manly voice. Aiken was familiar with this voice as he was inwardly terrified! This was the captain of the Crimson Rider Mercenaries. The Crimson Riders were a group of treasure hunters, merchants, and bandits all rolled up into one company. Their captain, Sirius Regal, was a two-star Killer Essence rank True Saint path expert, rumored to possess 275 BP! This was not even mentioning his force comprehension. “Have you gotten stronger, brat? Anyway, don’t be rash. White Serpent Cove has been up against our ass these last couple of weeks, now they literally want to steal the fruits of our labor!”

“Mmm?” Aiken Moon mumbled out an unintelligible response. However, Sirius Regal responded as if he had heard the kid loud and clear.

“There’s a s*** load of fiends in this cave, so I started to think there must be some kind of reclusive voodoo expert or priceless voodoo treasure. Turns out I was right, and big time! However, I quickly was made to realize I needed more supplies if I wish to battle those powerful creatures for the treasure,” sighed Sirius Regal, dragging Aiken away from the cave entrance before releasing him and continuing, “Who knew that right after we returned to camp to prepare that the White Serpent Cove would come knocking at our doors. They offered to sell us monthly supplies of Cursed Lover potions, as long as we gave them reliable information. Those cursed lover potions have been selling like hotcakes in the underground markets, how could we possibly reject? By the way where’s Franklin?”

Aiken Moon felt his heart drop to the floor once this question was asked. Young and naive as he was, he decided to tell the truth as if he wasn’t responsible for it in the least, “Franklin is… dead. This awesome guy came out of nowhere and saved me from a vicious beast. Franklin arrived after, and then I guess Franklin thought something was fishy so he attacked the awesome guy! However, he also fell under this guy’s blade.”

Sirius Regal was silent as killing intent flashed across his eyes. He had told these idiots that they still needed to figure out how to remove the cursed fate seal from this brat so they could exhort his family for a ransom fee! Yet, these fools deliberately disobeyed him and wound up dead. Even though he had never been fond of Franklin, they were still related by blood. Jacking Aiken up in the air by his collar, Sirius Regal spoke again, but his face and tone were grim, “Where is he now? That guy who’s so bold as to kill my cousin.”

“In there?” Aiken didn’t speak out loud but had subconsciously glanced at the mouth of the dark cave. Sirius noticed this, and following the boy’s line of sight, he frowned, “That madman also went in there just now. His favorite things to eat seemed to be young boys and teenage girls. From your description, that boy shouldn’t fare too well… in fact…”

Sirius looked like he had just figured out a mystery, “Ah! Mr. Mercy claimed to be looking for a young negus boy. Tell me, did this fella you mention have brown skin?”

Aiken Moon, on the other hand, became excessively anxious when he heard the words ‘eats teenage girls.’ Dessa was still down there! Not only that but unlike himself, she hadn’t eaten anything in a few days! Although saints could sustain their physical forces with true essence, the effectiveness of this was dependent on one’s cultivation level. Dessa Chimes was definitely running low on energy at this point. Due to his anxiety, Aiken didn’t even notice himself nodding at Siris Regal’s question.

“Hahaha, good, good, good! This can be counted as our merit then,” laughed Sirius Regal in a hushed voice, before grabbing Aiken’s collar again and running into the dark cave’s mouth, “Listen punk, the story is that you lured the brat into this cave under my orders. Act this out well, and I’ll consider letting you join the Crimson Riders. Fail, and I’ll turn you into the corpse we bury in honor of my cousin!”

Dessa Chimes was oblivious to the potentially approaching crisis. She sat in cultivation as the treasure sword Autumn Saver hovered behind her, covering her delicate frame in its divine light. The magic crystals in the walls of the cave begin to resonate and release pure white aura light. The ambiance made Dessa look like a fairy princess in this damp and dark cave. Whenever fiends approached the area shrouded in this divine light, they would cower and take another route. It was as if this light was made up of the most terrifying laws in the world to these dark creatures. They avoided this area like it was quarantined.

Meanwhile, Dessa’s body was releasing yellow and azure trails of energy steam invisible to the naked eye. Her eyes suddenly burst open, swimming with bright light!


“One-star Revolving Force rank!” Dessa Chimes was pleased with herself, pushing her long crimson hair behind her ears as she smiled sweetly. If any man was around to see such a beautiful smile his heart would instantly melt into putty. Advancement in the Revolving Force rank was separated into 5 stars. To enter the one-star rank, the lungs needed to be refined with true essence so that they could store Qi. The reason she was so happy was that Mr. Jupiter forbade her from advancing until she reached the one-star Revolving Force rank as a minimum! Now she had done so, “My BP has reached around 15, I think. My pure force concept has reached the basic nascent level! That’s enough to fight second level fiends! I can go find Mr. Jupiter on the lower level now!”

“You must be careful… Dessa. The fiend force below is… very dense.” Autumn Saver’s voice had become clearer, but he still needed to be fed true essence to speak well. Dessa didn’t choose to be stingy. “Once you go down below, if you cannot quickly locate your master you must promise me that you will retreat.”

“Okay,” Dessa Chimes nodded her head resolutely. She knew her limits, and without Mr. Jupiter around to help her, she could only survive on the deeper level if it was one or two fiends. If she had to face them in waves like she had with the level one fiends, then she would likely not have a great ending.

“In that case, sheath me until you leave… this floor. Let us see how well you fight… on you’re own. Wait… WAIT! Do not…”

However, Dessa finished dusting herself off and left the screen of light, which disappeared as Autumn Saver turned back into a sword glyph on her hand. Yet, she had walked no more than three steps when she instinctively felt scared, the hairs on her skin standing up. This was the body’s way of alerting oneself of danger! What danger was there though, and where? She immediately raised her hand in the air and tried to summon Autumn Saver, to no avail. To her dismay, even the sword glyph on her hand had vanished.

“I wonder what such a tasty looking chicky it doing here all alone. Has no one told you that it’s bird hunting season? Hehe,” laughed a cold, dark, and sinister voice that Dessa Chimes felt should belong to a ghost out of hell. Startled she jumped backward and reversed herself in the air before landing to see a stout middle-aged man with a face full disgusting pustules and pimples. He had gray skin that writhed and squirmed like it was made of millions of tiny insects, living and nesting within. This man was horrendous to the max, with his beady purple eyes. Behind him were dozens of Goons, 10 of which were Maniacs!

Oulan Mercy sneered at Dessa’s reaction and released a powerful pressure from his body that bore down on her. Dessa’s heart sunk down to the abyss when she felt the insane spiritual pressure that dragged her to her knees. Oulan giggled mischievously as he spoke with a definite threat in his voice, “You smell uncomfortably similar to that dead wretch Wyven. Hmm, yes you must be the niece he spoke of. Haha, so then what is a little kitten like you doing in this dark, scary cave all alone? How did you suddenly appear out of thin air? I only noticed your presence mere seconds ago.”

Oulan Mercy did a hand seal, and then a hand made of evil looking insects shot out of his robe and dragged Dessa up to eye level by her face. Oulan slowly licked her face before licking his lips in ecstasy. This action was sickening, making Dessa cringe, as he continued, “If only you did not have the stench of so many men on you, I might have eaten you already. There is simply no more primordial yin within you at all. Tell me, little slut bitch, where is that noble brat your uncle mentioned? He was hiding with you, right? Take me there, and I promise to be real gentle later.”

“Who… who… AH! No~~ please don’t….” Dessa Chimes’ eyes were wide in shock and terror as she struggled in the insect hand’s embrace. Oulan’s more than foul breath stuck to her like glue due to the saliva on her cheek. Dessa almost felt like dying right here and now. Fear had forcefully paralyzed her. ‘Dead… wretch? Wyven? What has this animal done to my uncle?! He was perfectly fine just a few weeks prior, how could…’

“Ah? Oh, I get it, the old man right? Tsk tsk, my little pretties always tell me to watch what I say to mortals… hm?” Oulan Mercy furrowed his brows, and then looked at Dessa with a strange black light in his eyes. “Oh no… no, no, you are no mere mortal. Fledgling Saint realm? How curious. The reports say you were raised in captivity, long since addicted to sex and drugs. Has it even been a month since your master was murdered? How could you suddenly be a saint? It’s ridiculous. Unless!”

Oulan Mercy grabbed Dessa’s hands aggressively and scrutinized them. Upon finding nothing, he tossed her away. Dessa’s body slammed heavily into the cave wall, and her arm was pierced through by a large magic serenity crystal.

“AHHN!” Dessa moaned loudly in pain, as she bled all over her leather skirt. The serenity crystal reacted to the pure force in her body and emitted a pink glow that was freezing her arm slowly.

“Hey bitch, calm down. No need to flirt with me, I’ll definitely be eating you, hehe,” said Oulan Mercy mischievously. “Now tell me, little slut, where is the damn noble boy?”

Dessa Chimes glared at this villain coldly and prepared to spit blood in his face! She would rather be tortured to death than betray her savior. However, before she managed to take action, her consciousness was forcefully seized by Autumn Saver! Such a move could surely injure her soul, but Autumn Saver couldn’t allow her to do such a deadly thing. Luckily, her soul force was too weak to put up a fight against the treasured sword.

“He… he is… down. Down below…” Autumn Saver controlled Dessa Chimes’ body with difficulty to speak and point towards the lower levels in spite of Dessa’s fierce resistance. Due to this, the harmony between the girl and her armament was severed thoroughly. Dessa then collapsed, unconscious.

“Bah, no fun, no fun. You actually snitched. No matter then, you can bring the girl along, my tools.” Oulan Mercy frowned and begin to walk in the direction he had been pointed in. The male Maniac Goons couldn’t resist licking Dessa all over with their slimy tongues, as they tied her in ropes of darkness and dragged her along. The fiend poison in their saliva dissolved Dessa’s clothes and seeped into her open wounds. This left her in tatters, as her skin started losing its vibrancy. Oulan Mercy licked his cracked and ugly lips, “Don’t think you can sleep through this little slut, I’ll be back for you after I clean up the brat who stole what’s ours. Do not play with her too roughly, tools, I want her in one piece when I return…”

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Oulan Mercy slowly walked away to the sound of goofy giggling and slurping noises, a sick grin on his face. He traveled down to the third level, recruiting more level one and two fiends on the way by placing mind control insects in their heads. However, before he could get too far, he felt the ground rumbling greatly as if an earthquake was coming. “What in the…”

— Earlier on the fourth sub-level…

50 meters in front of Jodye Trill and his two guardians was a sea of green eyes, tongues, sharp and menacing teeth, grey wraiths, blue ghosts, and green ghosts, oh my! There were thousands of fiends, and more than a few of them were at the fourth level. Jodye had yet to even fight a fourth level fiend, and now there were hundreds of them. Worst of all, there was a pair of red eyes in the center of the darkness. Initially, all of these eyes were centered on that pair of red eyes. Until Jodye and Xavier stepped within range of their detection, they all turned to face them as if it was planned.

“Red eyes… a Ghoul.” Jodye Trill felt his stomach turn, and he finally tensed. He activated his astral points and starting circulating the titanic rage law.

Voodoo Creatures such as Fiends had different tiers of strength. Lower tier fiends were the most commonly seen voodoo creature, any dark space full of resentment or dark powers could produce fiends. The next tier up were Ghouls. Ghouls were creatures born of death laws, wicked deeds and thoughts, and other negative emotions. They were superior to fiends as they could wield the power of death easily. Unlike fiends, they had a form that wasn’t mostly darkness. They typically had rotting flesh and virulent forms. Powerful Voodoo priests who died in resentment may return as a ghoul through malicious curse arts.

First level Ghouls had the strength of a Great Scholar rank Sage or a Killer Essence rank Saint. Two existences who could absolutely barbecue Jodye. Even the weakest ghoul would have 200 BP as its base strength! This wasn’t something the current Jodye could compete against without suffering a bit. Even worse, this ghoul seemed to be at least at the second level!

“Is that? Hoe. Lee. S***,” Sylvester’s eyes suddenly sparkled like a greedy wolf, his tongue hanging out. It was quite comical, but Jodye wasn’t in a laughing mood as he turned to look at this guy. Sylvester sneered and said via telepathy, “Kid, with eyes like ours should it be so utterly dark over there? Also, why aren’t they attacking?”

“This…” Jodye Trill thought about it seriously. His mind flashed to a book he had read in his early days. His eyes suddenly brightened as he exclaimed, “Could it be a treasure? But what treasure would… wait… no way, it can’t be! The Dark Jumble Fruit?!”

In places where origin energy and laws were in abundance, unique plants known as origin flora could potentially be born. The Dark Jumble was an origin flora that only grew in areas full of voodoo and yin forces. It resembled a huge piece of tumbleweed made of stone, and the fruits it produced were full of pure origin and dark forces. The Dark Jumble regularly consumed the surrounding light and origin energy to condense fruit. That’s why they were characterized by the complete absence of light. The origin forces in a dark jumble fruit were enough to allow an Earth Science realm origin practitioner to advance an entire rank in a couple of days.

“How much dark jumble fruit do you think there are? For there to be this many fiends and we still can’t see them, great Gaea, there must be at least four or five of them,” said Jodye Trill softly.

“Jodye, it’s a ghoul! A whole damn ghoul, what level are you? Let’s get while the getting’s still good,” said Xavier Tricko as he walked in the other direction. However, he swiftly stopped. “Uh-oh.”

“Uh-oh? What uh…oh.” Jodye Trill turned around and saw a huge green ghost. This ghost was a head taller than Sylvester and had bright, well-defined eyes and sharp, vicious teeth. A long tongue with a green glow was hanging out its mouth.

Level 4 Fiend, Maniac Hungry Ghost!

“How?” Jodye was terrified! For this fiend to sneak up on them, it would mean that its soul force was at least stronger than his own! Jodye was currently wearing Pharaoh’s Law4Lawthe rules and principles that create, govern, and maintain the energies of the universe. When laws come into harmony they form different systems naturally, with as many functions as the laws in harmony. For laws to enter a state of harmony, they must be compatible and have a proper conduit such as a star, or anything with its own unique Origin source law. With a good enough conduit it is possible to make incompatible laws reach a state of harmony, but in such a scenario there is a high chance of the force turning cancerous. The condensation of law energy produces what is known as Force or Qi.., so his current soul force was no joke. His serenity source beam could potentially take out a Killer Essence rank saint and even some Great Scholar rank sages.

“Lefting such… soon.” Jodye grimaced as he heard the barely intelligible voice of this fourth level maniac fiend enter his mind. This fiend had such a powerful soul! Merely, it was a bit stupid. Was it because it was a maniac? Did the spirit class maniac fiends all have such terrifying soul force?

“F*** you, ghost boy!” shouted Jodye Trill as his nine astral points released mighty steam from his pores. He immediately withdrew his Baleful Glaive from his space ring.

“This fiend was probably a master before his death. His resentful and vengeful soul was corrupted into a Hungry Ghost,” stated Sylvester in ice-cold indifference. He sat on his hind legs with his wing tucked in. It was as if the fiends surrounding them could never intimidate a creature like him. “Well? What do you want to do, stay and fight for the Dark Jumble and Dark Jumble fruits, or flee like cowards due to a little danger?”

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“Tch… if I had opened an astral gate, this wouldn’t even be a problem!” Jodye Trill’s main path was the Titanic Rage path. Although they both could be considered “Immortal paths,” unlike the Immortal Sage path which focused on gaining immortality by cultivating energy, the Titanic Rage path focused gaining immortality through strengthening the body with cosmic forces. In the Wimpy Man realm, Jodye was unable to fuse more than one law into his astral might. However, once he opened an astral gate and stepped into the Puny Mortal realm all of that would change! At that point, he would begin to condense his own internal might, and fuse myriad powers within! This was a considerable improvement.

Nonetheless, he currently could only use the strength of 132 BP if he activated all of his astral points. This was less than what he was presently capable of without it. Before he had noticed, his body’s cultivation had been surpassed by his origin strength.

“Indeed, this is why I have stressed to you the importance of origin energy,” Sylvester responded directly to Jodye’s thoughts via their telepathic link.

“Yeah, okay, less of that. How much of this can you handle, Sly?” Jodye Trill entered a battle stance with his A-Grade combat glaive facing the thousands of fiends, while Xavier stood at his back facing the Maniac Hungry Ghost, his mighty sword Fenrir also in the position to strike at any moment.

“Handle? There is simply nothing here,” responded Sylvester indifferently. This threw Jodye off, but he was soon given an answer.

[Warning! Current ability exceeds the Host’s realm] [Warning! Compatibility rating is lower than required for the host soul’s level!] [Warning! Guardian 1 will soon be forced into hibernation!] [Warning! Origin Energy6Origin Energyone of the 9 original formless energy masses that existed within primal chaos before the universe was formed. Also known as the 9 layered skies or the Heavenly Ennead. Origin Energy is the milky white mysterious and unfathomable first layer. Practitioners use origin energy as the medium to safely absorb magic and voodoo qi consumption is far too large….]

This time when Jodye received warning messages from his heavenly grimoire, they were much clearer, he understood instantly that Sly was using an ability above their realm. Jodye knew this was possible only because of their high compatibility and Sylvester retaining his consciousness.

The sky wolf lifted his head to the heavens and released a mighty howl that sent out a shock wave of spiritual pressure. Waves of raging sky fall flames suddenly burst to life with Sylvester at the center, sweeping past Jodye and Xavier as if they weren’t even there. The nirvana flames were the absolute bane of evil creatures and spirits! The fire danced about ravaging the fiends.

The next thing Jodye heard was a series of ghostly wails and screams, as a sea of black and green flames danced and devoured every fiend present. At the same time, before the wave of fatigue even set in, Jodye felt his body fill to the brim with pure spirit energy! Little black whirlpools appeared at his 27 opened doors of origin, and the pure spirit energy became pure origin energy that enriched Jodye greatly and made him feel refreshed. There was even a little green flame at a closed door of origin! Sylvester put one paw forward and disappeared into space with a small ripple.

After five minutes the flames all gathered on the spot 120 meters away as if they were sucked into a black hole. Not a single ember or fiend was left. At the place where the flames disappeared, Sylvester was in his child stage combat form, his large paw pressed on the burning body of the level 2 ghoul. Behind him, illuminated by the light of the green flames were several bushes of Dark Jumble! Each bush had two crystal-like, glowing purple fruits. Xavier immediately dashed over and begin collecting the fruit! Jodye Trill was startled, and he quickly ran over to help but was stopped just as quickly.

“You need to cover yourself in a force that the darkness laws can’t cancel to pick the dark jumble fruit,” said Xavier, his body surrounded in flaming scarlet-golden radiance. Jodye was indeed aware of this, he had the titanic rage force! However, thanks to his inherited memories the young boy understood that calamity force was far more suited for this. Thus, he retreated further away from the ghoul.

“There is a level 3 Ghoul somewhere behind me, and a level 4 Ghoul standing alone on the next level. It seems like you are not yet strong enough for me to completely refine this one. X, protect the boy well while I sleep.” Said Sylvester, as he glanced at the creature under his foot in disdain. It was a rotting corpse in tattered hemp cloths that kept trying to escape. “Level 2 Ghoul, Lower Zombie? Pfft.”

Meanwhile, Xavier returned to Jodye’s side with eight Dark Jumble Fruit and a four Dark Jumble bushes. In the center of one of these bushes, there was a small oval gemstone that looked like it was made of starlight, which Jodye swiftly stored in his space ring. “What was that gemstone, X? I have no knowledge of anything like that.”

“No idea, that’s why I brought it. It’s obviously something awesome,” said Xavier Tricko.

“Your dog s*** luck never ceases to amaze me, brat. It’s… s***,” As Sylvester cursed his form flickered between corporeal and incorporeal. He rushed out his next words as he faded into a light that disappeared into Jodye’s glabella, “Listen, I’ll have to sleep for awhile again. Try not to be too stupid while I’m out. X, protect Jodye at all costs!!

After Sylvester disappeared, the Zombie slowly got to its feet, its blood red eyes glowing intensely with crimson light. Suddenly, it let out an exaggerated moaning noise!


Thousands of red and green dots, vicious razor-sharp teeth, long tongues, evil whispers, wails, shrieks, and snickering suddenly appeared all at once. Jodye Trill and Xavier Tricko looked at each other and saw absolute terror in each other’s eyes. How could there still be so many fiends and ghouls? However, both youths felt how excited the other was as well. Was there a huge secret in this dark cave? Jodye and Xavier seemed as if the two were peas in a pod.

They both lived for adventures!

However, fun or not, this was a perilous situation! Worst of all the owner of the indomitable Sky Fall Flame43Sky Fall Flamethe nirvanic flame of Sylvester Tricko, inherited from his mother who is an Infinity Black Phoenix. This nirvana flame has perfect yin and yang harmony and is fused with Sylvester's soul. was taking a damn nap! There was no way for this tour of the underground world to continue without risk.

The boys both spoke to each other in unison, “RUN!!”

The first thing they needed to do was regroup.

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