Book II – Bandit, Chapter 20 – Two Idiots

Jodye Trill and Xavier Tricko both wore black garments as they set out immediately for the fourth-subfloor entrance. With a thought, the [Cosmos Revolving Grimoire] flashed into existence in front of Jodye. Messages suddenly seem to appear in his mind as if he had always known them. The second function of the heavenly grimoire was now unlocked. His mental connection with the divine tome had been strengthened considerably. Also, the fifth page of the grimoire now contained a Spell called the Cosmic Purification Ritual. This spell was able to refine the tainted fiend force absorbed by his guardians and nourish his cosmic force geneses.

This was the [Cosmos Revolving Grimoire]’s second function: Purify! The purify function also had eight seals with only the first being released.

Actually, Jodye didn’t even know how to cast spells very well. He really wanted to learn, but he didn’t feel safe in Pangaea. His father was famous in the west, and apparently so was his mother. His unique appearance would easily land him in trouble here. The man… or rather boy named Jodye Trill may be many things, but he was definitely no fool. He would get the proper training and teachers he needed, but he didn’t plan on doing it by laying low.

This was not in line with his personality.

Jodye had every intention to showboat, and challenge all the best fighters until he became the strongest! Nothing could stop him from doing this. Plus, Sylvester had brought them all the way to the South Ward! This was where the border was located. This was why Jodye decided that the best course of action would be for him to head to Rodinia, and start over fresh. He wanted to experience life outside of a voodoo state. There, Jodye planned to subjugate his own force, train them to become mighty, and storm his wave back home until he swallowed all of their enemies in a sea of blood!

First, he needed to become strong enough to travel abroad. It was no mere coincidence that only Dessa Chimes and Aiken Moon, but even Joseph Goldwolf, who the former two youths knew as Jupiter, all ended up in Dark Forest. This place had low levels of spiritual pressure. As the energy was mild and not very abundant here, it was the favored destination for lower ranking warriors. It was like a region safe for weaklings. There was so much more to the world out there! It was inevitable that Jodye would have to settle down somewhere while he fortified his foundation and utilized his resources.

However, he could at least make a small commotion under the guise of Jupiter right? Jodye felt he was far enough from his home so he would be long gone by the time any rumors managed to get that far. Jupiter had already become a liberator of those suffering from the abusive ways of these dark sages, and Jodye felt that this should continue. Of course, he wasn’t entirely confident about no rumors of him reaching back home in this magical world.

Ultimately, Jodye needed more stability.

Especially now that he had a follower and that follower had a stalker boy.

“Can you help me learn how to cast spells?” Jodye suddenly had the idea to ask the heavenly grimoire for help through the dragon soul. This thing may not have an artifact soul, but it seemed to not be too typical. It was like it was alive. Sure enough, after the question left his mouth, an ancient method of forming incantation runes appeared in his mind. It felt as if he had known this method from the beginning, rather than learning just now.

Forming incantation runes required magic force. Magic force could invigorate and influence laws. By using magic Qi as a medium, practitioners could use mighty forces that they had not comprehended themselves.

It was at this moment that Jodye Trill recognized he had genuinely been under-utilizing his heavenly grimoire. The [Cosmos Revolving Grimoire] was able to transmit information to his mind directly, and its knowledge was vast as the ocean.

“This is actually only possible because you have released the second function. Information can be considered a way of purifying your mind and your thoughts, by filtering out false or erroneous information. On the path to becoming stronger you will see far more wonderful things,” Sylvester Tricko said in a cold and detached voice as he glided over to the dragon soul.

“The second function was released because I’m stronger now? I actually doubt that,” said Jodye Trill, unconvinced. What strength? This was still nothing in the face of that baldheaded perverted demon.

“The second function was released because my brother is reckless. The heavenly grimoire’s unknown function had no choice but to activate, the absorption of dark energy was too great.” Sylvester’s words left Jodye mildly confused. Seeing this Sylvester asked, “Have you not noticed a lack of fiends around you?”

Sure enough, after Jodye spread out his divine awareness to the limit, he became aware that there were simply no fiends in his immediate surroundings. The closest fiends were either hiding in scattered corners or crowded around the entrance to the fourth sub-level. Jodye headed straight there with Xavier following directly behind him with Fenrir on his shoulders. As he approached the temperature slowly dropped with every step.

There were dozens of level 2 fiends at their destination, including Wraith fiends, Bully fiends, and even a few ice spirit fiends and level 2 vicious beasts known as Serenity Bats. The walls of this cavern where littered with C grade serenity crystals, that gave the dark cave a purple, pink, and white hue.

Xavier stepped forward ahead of Jodye, with Fenrir still draped over his small shoulder. Knowing first hand how excessive the weight of this sword was, Jodye was inwardly astounded by Xavier’s internal strength. He carried his massive sword as if it was the weight of a broomstick. When they approached 100 meters away from the cavern, Xavier lifted the heavy sword Fenrir from his shoulders and rushed crazily ahead. A flaming golden atmosphere that was as sharp as a sword surrounded Fenrir in a blaze of force as Xavier stepped out of the corridor and slashed out. A black sword light surrounded in a fiery golden aura swept out from the slash ferociously. Jodye felt his origin energy deplete by a quarter of his reserves.


Terrible wailing was heard from the surrounding spirits as fiery black-gold energy rampaged through the crowd of dark creatures. Jodye Trill was shocked. How strong was this young sky jackal?

“Yang is the most dominant and active positive force in existence. When used against these fiends whose powers are steeped in the severely negative yin principle, it is the bane of their existence. They dread the mighty calamity power of pure yang!” Xavier Tricko was performing a beautiful sword dance as his words entered Jodye’s mind directly, leaving the latter enlightened. Sword Qi and calamity Qi fused together with a mysterious Qi that Jodye couldn’t understand to form vicious waves of lacerating energy that tore through the fiends one by one.

Jodye snapped out of his daze, withdrawing the two sabers from his space ring. A bright golden aura burst from his body as his three combat seeds glowed and increased his strength tremendously! In his head, the basic calamity force concept begin spinning as a golden crystal shard in his origin pool released scarlet flaming energy that flooded his origin veins in a relentless frenzy!

The calamity laws present in the atmosphere reacted to the rotation of the nascent concept and entered Jodye doors of origin, creating calamity force from his origin energy turning it a creamy scarlet color. His calamity force genesis was sublimated by this calamity purity as Jodye gathered power.

Jodye’s origin force had a battle power of 23, or 23 BP! The grade C combat gear, the phantom sabers, augmented his strength by 20% making it 28 BP! Sophomore rank S grade combat seeds gave him 15 BP each, or 45 BP! His advanced nascent level calamity Qi also gave him an additional 20 BP!

The primary force phenomenon formed a pattern that looked like four lightning bolts made of star dots. There were 73 small white star dots, and 20 scarlet fiery star dots, making a total of 93 BP! Green lightning sparked around Jodye’s muscles as his original immortal conception, the Chaotic Thunder Annihilation, produced another 25 green lightning star dots that condensed into existence, pushing the strength of his origin force to 118 BP.

The very instant Jodye’s strength surpassed 100 BP, a force momentum begin to build around his body. This origin qi-based force momentum served simultaneously as a natural offense and defense. Until his force momentum was dispersed entirely, his body would suffer no damage. This origin force momentum also added 100 BP of strength to his physical attacks! If he were using magic or voodoo force, then this value would increase as his momentum continued to build!

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Force momentum couldn’t form until the strength of the forces surpassed 100 BP! Each heavenly force momentum provided different effects. However, most of them only added a layer of protection. Origin energy and astral might were two of the four heavenly qi forces that provided force momentum with offensive capabilities. However, astral force momentum could only be adequately utilized with advanced power! Even though he still far off from this, Jodye Trill had never felt so powerful without his Baleful Glaive and astral might.

“So this… is the strength of a Sage.” Jodye Trill marveled, as he stood and observed his current condition. It took up less than a few seconds to condense this power. Jodye decided to push it a step further, wanting to see how strong his origin force could become.

With a thought, [Pharaoh’s Law4Lawthe rules and principles that create, govern, and maintain the energies of the universe. When laws come into harmony they form different systems naturally, with as many functions as the laws in harmony. For laws to enter a state of harmony, they must be compatible and have a proper conduit such as a star, or anything with its own unique Origin source law. With a good enough conduit it is possible to make incompatible laws reach a state of harmony, but in such a scenario there is a high chance of the force turning cancerous. The condensation of law energy produces what is known as Force or Qi..] manifested and Jodye’s pupils became vertical slits. It was as if there was a deep crevice into the deep blue ocean of his eyes. Jodye split his divine awareness into two, and his Advent of Creation concept begin spinning as dragon force erupted from deep within, doubling his base strength and increasing his battle power once more to reach 145!

Even Sylvester Tricko was slightly shocked by the strength of the current Jodye Trill. After all, this kid was only six years old. This was strong enough to be considered a genius in one of the upper middle galaxies.

Of course, it was nothing to the young sky wolf.

Brimming with strength, Jodye shot towards the nearest fiend, a level 2 Maniac Bully. He could sense from the Maniac Bully’s physical pressure that her power level should be around 32 BP, quite the powerful level 2 fiend. Her long tongue was oddly seductive in its motion, easily causing one to have impure thoughts. However, Jodye was unaffected as he summoned force momentum from the origin qi phenomenon into his phantom sabers, along with his pure azure essence force that had the strength of 41 BP.

He leaped into the air and swung both blades down in a vertical slash!

This was a battle skill that Jodye had been developing on his own! It was as if he was guided into creating this technique by his boiling blood. He called it Flood Dragon Descends!

Bright, creamy, scarlet saber lights flashed from the blades. The maniac bully was split directly down the middle by the force of more than 150 BP and obliterated into black gas. Most of the might within this strike was thanks to the strength of Jodye’s origin force momentum. It was akin to a hot knife slicing through butter. To Jodye’s surprise, the dragon force in his energy made the tainted fiend force that was being released from the dying fiend purified visibly.

The black gas was turning into white smoke whenever it neared his qi aura. Jodye realized at this moment that dragon qi followed the yang principle to as well. Yin and Yang were two of the first laws to come into existence, so myriad other laws were created based on the yin or yang principles. The origin force momentum carried the blade lights through the bodies of three more bullies and of a dozen more wraiths before it finally dissipated. The apparitions released dreadful wails as they seemingly burned to death.

This was with Jodye Trill holding back most of his origin force.

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“Nice!” screamed Xavier Tricko who had stopped his sword dance when he felt the momentum coming from Jodye Trill. They couldn’t both use Jodye’s origin energy wantonly, or he would be left on empty.

The two crazed kids made quick work of the remaining fiends and tore through the passageway leading down to the next sub-level. The fourth sub-level seemed to go down endlessly. Within the range of his divine awareness, Jodye could sense that this level had thousands of level 2 fiends and even a few hundred level 3 gremlins, ghastly fiends that looked like small little furry demons. Their skin was gray, and their fur was white. These creatures possessed an average of 30 – 40 BP in addition to their advanced nascent serenity qi.

For Aiken and Dessa, such creatures would be super dangerous!

However, to Jodye and his hybrid companion, they were mere cannon fodder. They slashed and dashed their way through fiends heading ever deeper. Unfortunately, their momentum was destined to get interrupted. Upon arriving more than 100 kilometers underground, the two boys in black garments were forced to come to a complete stop.

Fear was now visible on their young faces.

The [Cosmos Revolving Grimoire] flashed into existence of its own volition and opened to the second page.

[Emergency Guardian Summon]

“Ah? New feature!” Jodye was pleasantly surprised to see the heavenly grimoire’s response to him being in danger, even if he hadn’t made a request. However, his face turned grim in the next second. Didn’t this mean that the situation was just as bad as it looked?

A purple magic circle appeared on the ground. From the pillar of green and black sky fall flames that the magic circle produced, out walked a 3-meter tall sky wolf with one black angel wing and ink black fur that seemed to be made of steel, yet was soft to the touch. A celestial ribbon covered in runic light hovered intimately around the sky wolf, like an ethereal protector.

“You idiots have really done it this time…” said Sylvester Tricko indifferently.

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