Book II – Bandit, Chapter 19 – Shall we go?

— Dark Cave, third sub-level

Jodye Trill didn’t know about the secrets happening in the dark back in his homeland, he was fighting monsters in Dark Cave.





Explosive sounds continued to ring out from deep in the dark cave. Jodye Trill was battling dark creatures in a vast cavern. The creatures had bodies of pure darkness and stood at 2.5 meters tall, wielding giant clubs that were similarly made of darkness. Their male humanoid bodies were massive and lewd, slightly awkward for Jodye to stomach.

The female humanoid’s bodies were voluptuous and even more lewd, like giant amazonian shadows. Dark and perverted thoughts pervaded Jodye’s mind when he looked at them for too long! If Jodye’s mental strength wasn’t so powerful from being reinforced by source energy, he might have fallen into bedevilment once or twice! Theses dark fiends looked like more massive Goons, similarly with no mouths only a single piercing green eye! On top of each of their heads were a pair of bull horns.

A huge body slammed into the wall, and then was immediately buried deeper by a small boy’s flying kick!


This boy had dual sabers in his hands and was shirtless wearing a stylish headdress crown and white pants that didn’t have a stain on them. This was obviously Jodye Trill, and these were the two combat weapons he got from the corpses of those Crimson Rider henchmen. Another huge black shadow swiftly approached from behind and slammed down a giant black club. The small boy dodged into a roll under the legs of the creature, spinning out to slash at the fiend’s ankles. A yellow radiance full of pure force was flashing from his dual sabers!


The sabers tore through the thick legs of the fiend like it was a sheet of paper, causing it to crash loudly on the ground as it flailed around in pain, chest peaks swinging from left to right.

“Awesome! So this is the so-called combat gear,” as he spoke Jodye Trill was decapitating the fallen fiend with a cross-slash, as the fiend evaporating into black smog. Jodye chanted the Azure World Epoch, and this smog was instantly absorbed into his lungs and refined into pure force. “With my saint cultivation at the mid-Revolving Force rank, my BP is around 19. These Phantom Sabers are D Grade combat gear that actually provides a 20% boost in my heavenly force. That brings my bp to 21! Not mention my pure force which has the advanced nascent level strength. Using azure essence force, my strength should reach 41 BP.”

Jodye had already refined his lungs and heart with true essence, allowing them to store pure force. This was easy for him as he had already improved the spiritual meridians in those two organs, they were already refined by origin power! Currently, Jodye was surrounded by 12 substantial level 2 fiends, the Bully. However, one was getting intimate with the cavern wall, while another had just been smoked. Dodging another attack, he lopped off the Bully’s extended arm! The arm turned into black smoke which entered the pores of his body to be refined, as he cut off another Bully’s leg.

Very soon, these Bully fiends were left in a tragic state, none of them could even touch Jodye! The boy wonder had slaughtered them all until his lungs became black from all the tainted fiend force he had absorbed. From a tunnel deeper inside Dark Cave, a dozen more Bully fiends stormed their way over. Each one of these Bully fiends had a minimum of 10 BP, with most having around 15 or 16 BP. However, the strongest among them owned a shocking 35 BP! This particular Bully was the only one with a mouth, his teeth were razor sharp and layered like a piranha, with a long tongue hanging out from the side.

“Caution Host! Maniac Fiend detected!” warned Trippy.

“Careful Jodye, that fiend’s a maniac! You might not be able to beat him if you continue holding back,” warned Xavier Tricko from the host space.

“So that’s a Maniac Fiend,” Jodye Trill was completely unbothered. Maniacs were fiends with far higher levels of intelligence and strength. They were dangerous and bloodthirsty and controlled the other fiends. These fiends were unique in that they could evolve and grow stronger by eating pure and life force energies. Their bodies were a level tougher than themselves, so this maniac fiend had a defense worth 45 – 50 BP. Maniac fiends would always be much stronger than other fiends of the same level. Jodye felt that this would now serve as a good training session, “No worries.”

After all, now that he had tempered his flesh with azure world true essence, Jodye’s physical body could withstand the strength of more than 100 BP, more than three times what this maniac fiend possessed.

Did he even need to worry?

He would just continue to fight this fiend with saint force until it fell and he refined it! Refining a maniac might directly push his force purity to the upper limit.

After another 30 minutes passed Jodye had cleaned up every fiend other than the Maniac Bully, who was kneeling before him on one leg, with every other limb missing.

“Bah! How tedious. I really need to study combat arts,” Jodye was tired, as he had expended all of his stored pure essence force. The fighting styles of the Titan clan didn’t really suit his tastes, other than the Cosmic Glaive Combat Art he found in his memories.

Black tendrils of energy seeped out of Jodye’s body, his heart in lungs filled to the brim with fiend force. Resentful, murderous, and lecherous thoughts consumed his mind bit by bit. He hadn’t reduced the fiend to this state to torture it. Instead, Jodye had a feeling that if he absorbed anymore tainted fiend force, he would fall into bedevilment.


The [Cosmos Revolving Grimoire] appeared in a flash of purple light, automatically flipping open to the third page. Then a red magic circle large enough for a person to step inside formed on the ground directly to Jodye’s left.

[Guardian Summon: Mighty God Sky Jackal]‘Compatibility rating: 31%.’
‘Child form unlocked.’
‘Tier 1 abilities unlocked.’
‘Summon time: 5 hours.’

A red light screen pillar the size of an adult male condensed from the magic circle, before a wolf’s howl was heard. Then, a heavy golden sword slashed horizontally and broke through the light screen. The bright screen shattered like glass shards. Standing in its place was a wolf boy who appeared to be around seven years old, with wolf ears and red fur all over. Xavier was holding the golden-red Fenrir over his shoulders as he observed the surroundings.

“What a dump,” said Xavier dryly. “Hey host temp, you want I should go clean up some fiends for you?”

“I’ll think about it. Sly doesn’t want me to let you act too much. Right now, I just need you to protect me while I refine this tainted fiend force in my lungs,” Jodye Trill directly sat down and closed his eyes, without waiting for Xavier to respond. He felt his mind slipping away. Xavier nodded and pierced Fenrir into the cave floor. Then he obediently sat crosslegged next to Jodye, glancing around vigilantly like a faithful watchdog.

Meanwhile, Jodye sink his perception inward and begin to chant the first verse of the Azure World Epoch! To his amazement when he sang the first verse of this worldly saint scripture, he made it all the way through the third stanza! After reciting the complete first verse, Jodye’s body shook, and he underwent a new transformation! Pleasantly surprised, he continued to recite the first verse.

The first stanza condensed fate runes into his flesh, muscles, and organs. The fate runes had the unique ability to summon the Azure World’s True Essence from countless billions of lightyears across the void. The second stanza deepened his understanding of Fate, by giving him visions of the Azure World’s early days of existence.

As for the third stanza, it was actually the most magical!

Every time Jodye Trill recited the third stanza in its entirety, fate runes would condense and flow into his origin pool, settling into what was beginning to resemble a yin yang pattern. These fate runes were forming a worldly diagram! Worldly diagrams were magical array formations formed naturally from the essence of a world! Once he realized this, he decided to focus mainly on the third stanza so that the worldly diagram would finish condensing.

However, no sooner than making this decision he was interrupted.

“Haste makes waste little Joe, has no one told you this?” said Xavier Tricko via telepathy. He was always aware of Jodye’s intentions.

“Don’t take shortcuts. This is how you enter a state of force deviation,” added Sylvester from the host space.

Jodye Trill was annoyed, but he listened to the two so-called experts that live in his head. After all, he wasn’t old as hell like these two. If they lived for hundreds of years and didn’t know this much, it’d be embarrassing right?

Xavier narrowed his eyes as Jodye obediently chanted the entire first verse of Azure World Epoch and found that after an hour it had become extremely comfortable. The tainted fiend force in his lungs suddenly traveled magically through his spiritual meridians. His original immortal conception circulated on its own, refining the deadly tainted fiend force into milder energy that widened and strengthened his origin veins.

The refined fiend force traveled down his origin veins and extended them bit by bit until they touched the worldly diagram in his origin pool. The refined fiend force entered worldly diagram and force purity rained from the other side, nourishing his various force genesis fragments.

As he recited the first verse in its entirety, he noticed that the tiny fate runes being condensed were entering his lungs and heart. The worldly diagram in his origin pool resonated with the fate runes to absorb and refine the tainted fiend force into force purity.

Meanwhile, Xavier Tricko refused to stay idle as he battled every fiend that approached within 100 meters of them. As soon as he felt an energy fluctuation, he would charge over with no hesitation, slashing and hacking with the massive sword Fenrir. He didn’t even use any of Jodye’s origin energy, he relied on pure sword force! Every time he swung the weapon the runes on the sword would glow fiercely, and barrages of pure sword essence force would lacerate any fiends into pieces. When Xavier killed the first Bully he saw, the Cosmos Revolving Grimoire appeared next to Jodye Trill on its own in a flash of purple light.

The heavenly grimoire silently flipped open to the fifth page. Millions of Fate runes formed various hieroglyphic writings on the page. They appeared to be telling a story, titled Cosmic Purification Ritual. Every time Xavier killed an enemy, there would be a new hieroglyph, adding on to the story.

Xavier himself was oblivious to this.

Although he could feel the purity he absorbed somehow transforming into fate runes and vanishing from his body, he didn’t think anything of it. After all, this form was given to him by the heavenly grimoire, it was a body of laws. He continued to slaughter any fiend he came across.

On this level of the dark cave, there was only a few hundred level 1 fiends like the Goons, while there were a few thousand level 2 fiends like the Bullies. On the second sub-level, there were thousands of level 1 fiends in the form Goons and Resentful Spirits with only a limited amount of level 2 fiends which were mainly wraiths. On the first floor, there were mostly just a few random weak dark type vicious beasts, and the occasional level 1 fiend.

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During the time that Jodye was cultivating on the third sub-level, Aiken Moon had been left to train on the first floor. With his essence force at the level of 4 BP, and the C Grade Combat Bow that he had received from Jodye Trill, Aiken Moon was capable of dealing a little more than a pathetic 5 BP worth of damage. This was not enough to counter the strength of even the weakest vicious beast. However, he was very skilled at evading these beasts. How else would he be useful in the Dark Forest?

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Just like Jodye himself, Aiken’s mother had long since forced him to memorize every known type of vicious beast. He had also learned many common to rare medicinal herbs. This was standard practice in Sage Hall38Sage Halla sect or organization run predominantly by Sage class warriors. The leader of a Sage Hall is known as a House Lord or Hall Master.s or Noble Houses. Before he was fooled by one of his siblings and sold into slavery, Aiken had belonged to the prominent Moon family, and he would often babble to Jodye about it. Unfortunately, Jodye would rarely listen.

Currently, Aiken Moon was holding a spiked ebony bow and a quiver of razor-edged arrows. This was the Blackheart Bow! There 500 standard D grade arrowheads, and 50 dangerous looking arrowheads that radiated menacing energy. It felt like after letting these arrows so much as touch his skin, the splattered blood would spell a eulogy for Aiken Moon. He had learned from Mr. Jupiter that this bow that Franklin once wielded had a magic slaughter formation forged inside of it. When pure essence force was poured into the bow while using the blackheart arrows, these arrowheads would explode, and the impact would be worth 60 BP of slaughter force damage! There were even 50 of these arrowheads in the quiver!

What kind of cheat was that?

What Aiken was unaware of was that Franklin’s magic pouch actually possessed 7 more quivers of these arrows, 6 of which were untouched and held 100 arrowheads each. The remaining quiver still had 50 arrows.

Nonetheless, when Aiken thought about how Franklin had intended to attack Mr. Jupiter with this bow, he got goosebumps. Merely, thanks to the Blackheart Bow in his possession he was able to walk around unhindered on the first floor. Aiken cast aside his wayward thoughts and continued hunting weak goons, refining the accumulated tainted forces into force purity. Because Aiken himself was so pure, the negative sexual emotions that Goons and Bullys emitted had absolutely no effect on his psyche.

However, the resentful spirits released mental vibes of anguish and massive resentment! This made him so sad that he felt like killing himself! Aiken knew first had what torture was like, and he felt like he was experiencing getting tortured to death when he encountered these Resentful Spirits. He would feel even worse after absorbing their spiritual dregs of tainted force, forcing him to hide and refine these energies immediately. In a couple of hours, his BP had already reached 5! However, as he hadn’t comprehended a nascent pure force concept, he couldn’t yet advance to the next rank. So, Aiken continued fighting fiends!

At the same time on the second sub-level…

Dessa Chimes was hacking and slashing at low-level fiends with her Autumn Saver. When she first entered this level behind Mr. Jupiter, her BP was 5. This was typically the peak of the Force Foundation rank. However, after fighting and killing nearly 60 Goons, Dessa’s BP rose to 7, and she felt as if she was close to enlightenment! All she needed was somewhere secluded where she could cultivate, and Dessa was confident she could comprehend a nascent pure force concept and advance to the next rank!

Unfortunately, she was currently drenched in sweat as she battled a powerful goon! Unlike the standard Goons, this one was a head taller with defined muscles, in spite of its dark appearance. Worst of all this Goon actually a mouth! It had a mocking grin on its black face, and its disgustingly long tongue was hanging out. There was a savage and lustful look in its green eyes as it stared at Dessa.

Clad in leather armor and a khaki skirt, Dessa actually felt many terrible feelings whenever she looked into the eyes or glanced at the indecency of this beast. As someone who had lost her primordial yin long ago, she had a deep resentment towards things of this nature. Thus, this Maniac Goon was able to affect her psyche rather easily.

However, who was Dessa Chimes but the successor chosen by the Autumn Saver? The treasure sword emitted a blinding white light which cleared up Dessa’s muddled thoughts as she cursed, “Damn it, this thing’s too dangerous.”

“It possesses a mere 12 BP, you can surely defeat such a foe,” the voice of Autumn Saver was complacent. As a godly armament, it was able to augment Dessa’s force by 120%. Once her cultivation rose to a high enough level, this value would increase even more! Dessa’s true competence with this sword equipped was more than 26 BP in essence force!

However, what Dessa lacked the most was the experience. In spite of having the upper hand, she had yet to deal any significant damage to the Maniac Goon. Meanwhile, the Maniac Goon kept trying to pin her down or lick her.

“Level 1 fiends are complete… idiots. But they… carry savage… fiend poison in their… saliva. They… only move based off of the instincts… born from the negative energies that created them. If you allow this Goon to get its hands on you, I’m sure you know… what it will do… yes?” Autumn Saver’s voice sometimes dragged due to Dessa being annoyed and not providing enough essence. Dessa’s eyes flashed with an ice cold radiance. She took five steps slowly towards this vile creature before her treasure sword danced again!

During this time Jodye Trill was still cultivating ascetically. Watching from the side, Xavier Tricko wondered if this boy even knew what pain was? Jodye’s face hadn’t even twitched. Was refining tainted fiend force comfortable? Xavier knew the answer to this was a big N-O.

Several hours later Jodye’s lungs, heart, and even one of his kidneys were full of pure essence force. Not only that, but his origin veins had managed to benefit somehow. They had already taken root in his origin pool!

He could feel his strength surging!

Double breakthrough!

The dragon soul in Jodye’s host space flew into the stars, stopping in front of a vast ancient tome with mysterious markings.


The [Cosmos Revolving Grimoire] flipped open to the first page.

[Name: Joseph Goldwolf]
[Age: 6 years, 5 months.]
[Status: 110% Health, 9:37 pm]

‘Immortal Sage Path: Scholar Realm, Perfected Sophomore rank, 23 BP.’

‘Titanic Rage Path: Wimpy Man Realm, Level 9, 91 BP (dormant).’

‘Heavenly Saint Path: Fledgling Saint Realm, Three-Star Revolving Force rank, 21 BP.’

[Guardian 1: Cosmos Devouring Sky Wolf47Cosmos Devouring Sky WolfCombat soul of Jodye Trill. True soul of Sylvester Sylknarius Tricko, heir to the great Sephiroth of Anubis Great World. Consciousness and true form unlocked.]‘Compatibility rating: 27%.’
‘Tier 1 Primary ability and auxiliary abilities unlocked.’

[Guardian 2: Mighty God Sky Jackal]
‘Compatibility rating: 34%.’
‘Active Summon time remaining: 1 hours’

Three-star Revolving Force rank! Perfected Sophomore rank! Jodye opened his bright blue eyes, and golden-green webs of electric light briefly flashed within. He was secretly impressed by how the grimoire can change its format based on the development of his mind. He stood up and looked at Xavier who was seemingly falling asleep. Shaking his head he pondered out loud, “I wonder what is in this cave that gave rise to so much negative energy. The fiend population here is ridiculous.”

“Really? Care to find out?” Xavier’s red eyes brightened as he hopped up excitedly. He had long since been bored, he needed some action!

“Sounds dangerous,” Jodye Trill had a distracted look in his eyes. Inwardly, he was being lectured by Sylvester Tricko about being safe and keeping a low profile. This made Jodye sneer. Was it not this creature Sly’s reckless suggestions that almost got him killed time and again? Yet, whenever it involved X, he would turn into a mother hen. After listening with a dull face for a moment, Jodye rolled his eyes before turning to Xavier and revealing a dashing but bad smile, “Well? Shall we go and see?”

Xavier’s eyes brightened like stars as he nodded in fervent excitement.

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