Chapter 24 – Clean Up

The Mutated Marmots had spread out to surround them before attacking; even if he were to use the Exploding Fruits, it might still not be enough to kill all of them.

Yang Tian had also noticed this problem.

“Find a chance to go outside their encirclement and try to gather them together in one place.”

Fortunately, the speed and reaction of Mutated Marmots were not that powerful so they were able to quickly herd them together and surround them instead.

Dammit, to use two so early.

Due to the large number of Mutated Marmots, he had no choice but to use the Exploding Fruits.

“Step back.”

Hearing Yang Tian’s shout, everyone quickly retreated.

Boom Boom

The destructive force produced by the two Exploding Fruits were exceptional, the Exploding Fruit had instantly killed two-thirds of the Mutated Marmots, only the ones at the fringe of the group did not die immediately.

However, they have also lost their ability to threaten them. Yang Tian and the rest started clearing them.

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“Kill the rest.”

They were covered in a variety of injuries, the Mutated Pig had received the bulk of the wounds due to its large size, plus it had the task of protecting Guan Qing Xue and Zhu Xiao Ruo.

Yang Tian could not help but feel his heart aching when he used the Exploding Fruits on these creatures. Also, not every Mutated Marmots will develop an energy crystal in their brains.

This was the type of situation that Yang Tian hated the most, hard to resolve yet do not provide much yields.

“Boss, we have killed all of them. There should be quite a lot of crystals this time!”

“Let’s hope so!”

The corner of Yang Tian’s eye twitched when he replied.

“F***, no energy crystal?”

Mo Kai could not help but cursed, shortly after, Yang Tian heard a series of expletives and knew that the situation was not optimistic!

“Boss, what type of bloody rat is this!”

Hu Jun complained. The harvest this time was not as much as he had expected, of the forty Mutated Marmots they only managed to obtain seventeen energy crystals.

“Take out eight Red Fruits. Each of one will eat one and recover some of our injuries.”

“Give mine to it!”

“Mine as well.”

The ones who spoke was Guan Qing Xue and Zhu Xiao Ruo, they were sitting on the Mutated Pig’s back and had not received any harm thanks to its protection. On the contrary, the Mutated Pig received a lot of attacks while trying to protect them from the attacks of the Mutated Marmots.

After eating one Red Fruit per person, their injuries healed quickly. The Mutated Pig recovered the fastest as it ate three Red Fruits.

“Boss, can the meat of these rats be eaten?”

“Their meat contains a corrosive property, eating it will cause harm to your body instead. Just leave them where they are!”

This was also what Yang Tian rather disliked about as well, most of the flesh of Earth’s Mutated Animals would contain a corrosive property. On the contrary, some of the meat of Otherworld Creatures were edible, some could even enhance the attributes of the people who consumed them.

“Ah! Disgusting.”

Yang Tian heard Guan Qing Xue’s shout and quickly turned to check, he then saw that the Mutated Pig was currently eating the brains of the Mutated Marmots.

Yang Tian remembered that Mutated Pigs did not develop such habits in his previous life.

Did the Blood Rain cause the change?

Eating brains? Is it the Brain-eating Rot Boar or the Brain-eating Terror Hog? It was hard to distinguish a Brain-eating Rot Boar and a Brain-eating Terror Hog from their appearance when they were at Rank 1. Currently, there were no changes to the Mutated Pig’s appearance as well.

He could only wait till after it evolves to Rank 2.

A Rank 2 Brain-eating Rot Boar would be covered in rot spots while its fangs would turn lightly black. While the body of a Brain-eating Terror Hog would grow even larger and its pig hoofs will also turn into claws while its fangs would become bigger as well, looking more war-like.

“It’s fine, let it eat finish.”

The Mutated Pig ate at a quickly, consuming forty Mutated Marmot brains in ten minutes.

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One can see some white matter scraps at the corner of the Mutated Pig’s mouth.

This time without Yang Tian having to remind her, Zhu Xiao Ruo had already climbed off the back of the Mutated Pig. It was because the scene of the brains being eaten by the Mutated Pig had shaken her badly, even Guan Qing Xue had a trace of disgust which lingered in her eyes. They have both completely forgotten about how the Mutated Pig had saved their lives earlier on.

The scent of blood from killing forty Mutated Marmot would certainly attract nearby creatures so Yang Tian and the rest immediately left after the Mutated Pig was done. A battle would be starting soon in this area.

Only after walking for another three hours, did Yang Tian and his party slow down their steps.

“Boss, Cloud Town is just in front.”

This was the town that they have to pass through to reach F City, the current Coud Town no longer looked as it once was.

Looking from afar, Yang Tian could see some zombies roaming the streets, he could even see Acid Bugs eating humans and Red Carapace Beetles mating in the shadows.

“Let’s stop here and recover some stamina.”

Yang Tian took out the seventeen energy crystals, the Mutated Marmots produce Strength-Type Energy Crystals. The energy crystal was very compatible with Mo Kai; Lee Si Kai and Hu Jun could also absorb them but the effects would not be as apparent as Mo Kai.

Yang Tian gave Mo Kai ten crystals, four to Lee Si Kai and the remaining three to Hu Jun.

“I… I am absorbing so much alone?”

Mo Kai did not expect Yang Tian to give him so many energy crystals.

“You are very suited to absorb Strength-Type Energy Crystals, so it is only natural that you get more.”

Xiao Mei Yi looked at the ten energy crystals in Mo Kai’s hand enviously, but since Yang Tian did not give her any, she did not dare to ask for any as well.

“I will not be stingy when the energy crystals that are compatible for you appear. Absorbing crystals that are not suitable would not help improve your ability by much.”

“If any of you wants any, you are free to request it from me anytime as well.”

They understood Yang Tian’s explanation really well, no one would be silly enough to come out and request.

Xiao Mei Yi and Guan Qing Xue were suited to absorb Spellpower-Type Energy Crystals, while Zhu Xiao was the same as Yang Tian, suitable to absorb Mental-Type Energy Crystals. However, from the current situation, it would be rare for them to encounter either type of crystals.

Mo Kai absorbed the crystals very quickly, after absorbing the crystals his strength seemed to have increased by a tier.

“How do you feel?”

“I feel very powerful.”

Improving only one attribute was much visible then improving multiple attributes; as a Black Bear Warrior, Mo Kai is best suited to develop as a pure strength fighter. Cheetah Warriors like Lee Si Kai who increase both Strength and Agility is the standard way that warriors adopt to improve themselves.

“Take out the food, we will enter the town once we fill our stomachs. Remember, our goal is F City, try not to waste too much time inside the town.”

“Boss, I want to eat instant noodles.”

It was not only Hu Jun, but the others were also having similar thoughts. After all, it has been a long time since they last had any cooked food.

“Then let’s cook some! But we have to eat fast.”

Since they were only passing through, there was no need to be as cautious as to when they were inside the manor. However, the main reason was that Yang Tian had noticed Guan Qing Xue having the same thoughts as the rest, which was why he agreed.

The instant noodles were in packets, after taking out the seasoning, they poured water inside the packs and started a fire, it would be ready for eating after cooking it directly over the fire.

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