Chapter 769 – Heaven Defying

“How come you harvested so many? I only instructed you the locations of six pearls, right?”

Dorna replied, “Didn’t you instructed me where to harvest while arguing with Shang Qiu Meng Qian?”

Huan Qing Yan was startled, she communicated with the ancient bowl, “Was it you who alerted him?”

“Ding. Yes host, the pearls should not be wasted. This ancient bowl is able to connect to the close friends of the host…”

“You are heaven defying!”

Huan Qing Yan might have said so, but she was actually very happy. Since the ancient bowl was able to bring Ji Mo Ya into the dimension, instructing Bally harvesting the pearls was likely something easy as well.

Isn’t this too useful? Is it really a rare precious treasure?

Her opinion of the ancient bowl had increased.

“Foolish girl, I only want one pearl of each variety, you can have the rest. Don’t find the Oyster King, it is too dangerous.”

Huan Qing Yan replied, “No, keep the pearls for yourself. I have enough. I am confident about killing the Oyster King, so don’t worry and absorb the pearls first.”

Dorna pondered. Since the Foolish Girl was able to accurately harvest the pearls, she might have detected something or might have a trump card to deal with the Oyster King. Since even ordinary oysters contained pearls, there would certainly be something good by hunting the Oyster King, so he stopped objecting.

The two of them sat down and started absorbing the Attribute Pearls.


After Ji Mo Ya entered the Water Layer, he was brought to the most center location of the layer.

His White Dragon Spirit Treasure acted as though it had returned home and happily swam within the waters. Large amounts of water spirit energy were being absorbed by the White Dragon Spirit Treasure.

Ji Mo Ya showed a slight bitter smile. The last time he reached the Water Layer, the White Dragon had already displayed the same behavior of not wanting to move from its position.

It looked like it would be the same this time as well!

The Water Layer was very beneficial to the Dragon Spirit Treasure, the higher their cultivation stage, the more this was true. Simply from how relaxed and happy the Dragon Spirit Treasure was, one could see the truth about this fact.

The Water Layer was vast and boundless, Ji Mo Ya did not know the direction where Huan Qing Yan was as well. Since the Dragon Spirit Treasure was unwilling to move, he guessed that it was unlikely he would be able to locate the lass.

This he decided to just remain here and cultivate.

The lass should not feel pressured in the Water Layer, with the Flood Dragon with her, Yan Lass should be the safest within the Water Layer.

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Therefore, Ji Mo Ya stayed at his location and started cultivating.


Bai Cheng Feng also entered the Water Layer. As someone from Surging Wave Academia, he has many Water Repelling Talismans. Thus he was like a fish in waters within the Water Layer. His entire journey was filled with opportunities, there were treasures littered everywhere at the ocean floor and allowed him to obtain several Rare Underwater Spirit Plants.

Every place he went he had a purpose, there was never a wasted moment.

Things that others were unable to find, he had no problems with it. That was because of his memories from his previous life, fortunately, he had also been chosen to enter the Blood Moon Hidden Realm in his past life.

His gains were no less than Huan Qing Yan thus far.

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After Bai Cheng Feng harvested a large group of Spirit Corals and kept it inside his storage ring, he checked his surroundings and muttered,  “A hundred miles from here, there should be an Oyster Region that produces Attribute Pearls. Those are all good stuff and should not be missed……”

Therefore, Bai Cheng Feng immediately used a Swift Water Talisman and head towards the direction of the Oyster Region.


The process of absorbing Attribute Pearls was quick.

Huan Qing Yan first absorbed a Mind Pearl. On the surface, there was nothing apparent since it was not a rank up. However, Huan Qing Yan felt her mind becoming much clearer and sharper than before, she felt that her mental power had experienced a huge increase. In the future when she cast skills, it will likely last longer.

Next was the Stamina Pearl. She felt the same, feeling her strength improving out of nowhere inside her power and enhancing her physique. Now she should be able to battle Ji Mo Ya for three hundred rounds, ah pui!

She meant she could battle an enemy for an entire day without feeling fatigued.

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