Chapter 23 – Mutated Marmot

It was currently in the small hours with daybreak still three hours away.

“Let’s eat some food first to fill up our stomachs.”

Now that they have awakened their abilities, their energy consumption will be much higher than before, especially for Hu Jun, Lee Si Kai, and Mo Kai.

Yang Tian was also very magnanimous this time, he took out thirty pieces of chicken jerky, enough to satisfy everyone.

As the light started to break through the sky, Yang Tian and his group also set off.

To reach F City, they would first need to pass by a town. The number of otherworld creatures and mutated beasts within the town will not be little, so they have to take caution when they were in it.

Yang Tian held his Tang Saber and shield, as a Beast Tamer he had chosen not to bring his tamed beasts, which would inevitably place him in a disadvantageous situation.

“Time to depart.”

After he spoke, Yang Tian jumped on top of the Mutated Pig’s back.

The back of the Mutated Pig was wide enough to carry two to three people but without Yang Tian’s approval, none of them dared to sit on it. The only one that could go up was Guan Qing Xue.

Guan Qing Xue did not hold back as well, she knew that the journey to F City will be far. Also, her ability will not be of much assistance to her, so she also sat on the back of the Mutated Pig.

“Can I also go up, my ability is different from the rest.”

“Your ability is slightly special and you need to be like Hu Jun and the rest. Or else, they might encounter an unnecessary situation because of you.”

You must be joking? If I allow you, a Seductress, to sit on the Mutated Pig, won’t it will enable you to save your energy and seduce the men? Hu Jun and the other boys were only Rank 1 Warriors, they would not be able to withstand your seduction.

“Let’s go.”

Yang Tian will not give Zhu Xiao Ruo any opportunity to rest and immediately ordered to depart.

Char Char

As Yang Tian and the rest started moving, Charmander looked at Yang Tian reluctantly with its large eyes. However, it still raised its small claw and waved goodbye to Yang Tian.

As for the meals of Charmander and Dark Crimson Fire Wolf, Yang Tian had given permission to the Dark Crimson Fire Wolf to forage for food outside the manor, and also ordered it to get food for Charmander while at it. However one of them must always be standing guard within the estate at all times, no matter what happens.

“It is so cute, where did you catch it?”

The females were all very attracted to Charmander, so Guan Qing Xue could not help but ask Yang Tian.

“I summoned it from another world. You will discover many abilities that are beyond your imagination within the Post-Apocalyptic Era, summoning is just one of them.”

“So you are saying that you know how to summon?”

“What do you think?”

“Then will I be able to perform summoning?”

“Once an ability awakens, it will be fixed, and there is no way to change it.”

When an ability awakened, it would bind with the body and could not be changed.

“Boss. Then amongst us, whose ability is the strongest?”

Hu Jun and the rest were walking beside the Mutated Pig, he could not help but ask when he heard the conversation between Yang Tian and Guan Qing Xue.

“From the current development, your Flame Warrior should possess the greatest potential over the rest.”

“I knew my ability is the strongest!”

After obtaining Yang Tian’s confirmation, Hu Jun could not help but feel slightly proud.

“However, before you reach Rank 3, you will still be unable to contend against Lee Si Kai or Mo Kai.”

A Rank 1 Flame Warrior can only elementalize a part of their body, enhancing their attacking power. However, Beastman Warriors like Lee Si Kai will always be at their best state for combat as their bodies were permanently in beast form.

Rank 1 Flame Warrior versus Rank 1 Cheetah Warrior

The final result would be the Cheetah Warrior obtaining victory, it would be the same even if the opponent were Mo Kai the Black Bear Warrior.

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However, it would be different from Rank 3 onwards. An Elemental Warrior would be able to elementalize their entire body, while a Rank 3 Beastman Warrior would have half their bodies turning into a beast, to become a real beastman.

Rank 3 Elemental Warrior versus Rank 3 Beastman Warrior

The result might be a draw, with the final victory ultimately dependent on each individual’s capabilities.

From Rank 4 onwards, the advantage of an Elemental Warrior would be fully reflected; at that time it would be hard for a Beastman Warrior to win an Elemental Warrior.

“Boss, then will it be hard for us to win Hu Jun when we reach Rank 3?” Lee Si Kai asked.

“It is still possible to fight to a draw at Rank 3! If it’s Rank 4, it will be tough for you guys to obtain victory.”

Yang Tian’s hand was on Guan Qing Xue’s shoulders and was in a pretty good mood as well, answering all the questions that Hu Jun and Lee Si Kai asked.

Guan Qing Xue had never gotten her shoulders touched by someone other than her boyfriend or elders in the family, and in such a brazen way as well.

However, Guan Qing Xue did not feel repulsive about it and allowed Yang Tian to do what he wanted.

“It looks like we need to give Hu Jun more lessons before we reached Rank 3.”

“Hahaha, it is still too early for any of you to give me lessons!”

They might have spoken very energetically, but the disappointment within Lee Si Kai and Mo Kai’s eyes were still caught by Yang Tian. However, once an ability had awakened, it cannot be changed.

Maybe Lee Si Kai might still experience some transformations since he awakened his ability innately. People who naturally awakened as Beastman Warriors would generally have something unique about them.

Rustle Rustle

As they spoke, the sounds of rustling came from the grasses nearby, instantly attracting everyone’s attention.

“Be careful.”

Everyone had already equipped themselves with a Tang Saber and shield when they depart and the moment the sounds were heard, they instantly prepared themselves for battle.

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“Over there.”

Lee Si Kai was the first to notice the source of movement, Yang Tian also discovered it at the same time as well and had already thrown the Scimitar in his hand towards that location.


It’s a Mutated Marmot. Standing at half the height of an adult, it was covered in brown fur, had four black claws and two sharp incisors. It was releasing growls of warning towards Yang Tian and his group.

The Scimitar that was thrown has struck its thigh.

“So it’s a huge rat!”

Hu Jun thought it was only a Mutated Marmot but rodent species would generally travel in groups, it was virtually impossible to just find one moving alone.

“We might have been surrounded already.”

The Mutated Pig was looking at its surroundings with high vigilance, the hairs on its body were all standing up. Yang Tian was able to sense the nervousness from the Mutated Pig while seated on top of it.

From the looks of it, their numbers were not low.

Had the numbers did not exceed a certain amount, the Mutated Pig would not have revealed such emotions.

Sha Sha Sha

A large group of Mutated Marmots slowly walked out of the grasses; after counting, he saw that there were a total of forty of them. The silver lining was that Mutated Marmots were considered among the weaker ones amongst mutated creatures. One Mutated Wolf would typically be able to fight against five Mutated Marmots.

However, the quantity was still a headache to Yang Tian.


He will see what will happen after taking action. If they really could not win, he would just use the Exploding Fruits.

Yang Tian killed a Mutated Marmot with three slashes; while Hu Jun only need to hack twice to kill one, it was the same for Lee Si Kai as well. The only one who could quickly deal with them was Mo Kai.

His powerful and destructive bear paws literally killed one Mutated Marmot per swipe.

Guan Qing Xue and Zhu Xiao Ruo hid by staying on the back of the Mutated Pig as they did not possess any practical fighting ability; merely being able to protect themselves was already pretty good.

Xiao Mei Yi was a Rank 1 Wind Envoy so she was still unable to conjure powerful winds to attack. At most, she could use wind to blow the Mutated Marmots some distance away, but they would quickly run back again.

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