Chapter 22 – Setting Off

“Boss, what happened?”

Hu Jun asked with some uncertainty.

The conversation between Yang Tian and the Exploding Fruit Tree was naturally not known to them. Especially when the Dark Crimson Fire Wolf attacked earlier on, it gave them quite a scare.

“Nothing, just teaching it a lesson for being disobedient.”

“You guys see those trees with different fruits growing on them? Harvest some of each variety.”

Yang Tian pointed at the mutated trees. Different from vegetables, they no longer looked the same as they did after they mutated as the fruits on the trees have all turned round in shape.

Excluding the Exploding Fruit Tree, there were a total of three different variety of fruit trees.

Hu Jun and his group went to harvest and came back with three different colors of fruits as well, red, green and blue colors.

“Boss, are these fruits edible?” Lee Si Kai asked curiously.

“Of course they are edible.”

None of the fruit trees bears the particular fruit that Yang Tian had in mind, these were all ordinary replenishing fruits.

Red Fruit: Continuously recovers stamina.

Blue Fruit: Painkilling.

Green Fruit: Induces sleep.

Yang Tian briefly introduced the effects of each fruit while reminding them not to eat the Green Fruit by mistake.

Yang Tian roughly checked the manor and noticed that there were no significant changes to it. However, the walls had strengthened and it can now prevent up to Rank 3 creatures from destroying the walls.

After the Second Blood Rain, the manor would instantly expand and turn into the size of a small city.

“How do the two of you feel now?”

Yang Tian looked at Hu Jun and Lee Si Kai, the Blood Rain might not have an effect on their abilities, but it was able to strengthen them. Hu Jun and Lee Si Kai would just need to absorb twenty energy crystals to reach Rank 2.

“Strength and speed have increased by quite a bit.”

“Same for me as well.”

Hu Jun and Lee Si Kai were both warrior class so their main attributes were focused on strength and speed, the Blood Rain increases the attributes they required the most.

“What about the rest?”

They have all awoken their abilities, their current condition should be the best state that they have ever felt.

“No problems.”


“Do you have any instructions for us boss?”

“Do you guys still want to follow me?”

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Yang Tian lived the life of a lone wolf in his previous life, his Tamed Beasts were his only companions. This time he had obtained the King’s Spirit of the manor, and the manor was ranked in the top five of the Twenty-Three Palaces of the Celestial Empire. It is impossible for Yang Tian to give it up, but such a big manor would become the size of a small city after the Second Blood Rain and everything within it will evolve. Therefore, Yang Tian requires having his own subordinates and he has to build up his own organization. Summoning beasts and tamed beasts were simply not enough, he needs humans as well.

“Boss, why are you asking, we will certainly follow you!”

At first, Lee Si Kai was startled before he quickly replied Yang Tian.

When they were facing the Wolf Wave, Yang Tian had become the leader in their hearts. Also, in this Post-Apocalyptic World, they do not possess the confidence to survive and could only rely on Yang Tian.

“Yes Boss, we are certain about following you.”

Hu Jun and the rest immediately added, just as Guan Qing Xue expressed

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The inoperable handphone had caused Guan Qing Xue to face her current situation. Clearly, she also understood what she would be facing.

Yang Tian’s gaze shifted to Zhu Xiao Ruo, she was the only one who had yet to speak.

“If you are unwilling, you are free to leave, I will not stop you.”

“I… agree.”

Zhu Xiao Ruo was startled for a moment before she replied. She was focusing on Charmander and only until Yang Tian looked at her, did she react.

“If you agreed, then let me tell you my requirement as well. You guys are the first batch of people following me so my demand will not be difficult, just do not betray me.”

“If anyone of you betrayed this request, then the consequences… make a guess?”

After Yang Tian spoke the last word, his eyes emitted a chill that seemed to come from an abyss filled with terror and despair.

For ten whole seconds, Lee Si Kai and the rest felt as though they were in an Ice Age. Only when the cold intent disappeared from Yang Tian’s eyes did they manage to slowly recover.

“You guys go harvest some more fruits and prepare to set off.”

“Yes… boss, set… off, where to?”

“Gather food, the food in the warehouse will be eaten eventually. We should use this period when the invading creatures are still not really strong to obtain more food.”

The otherworld creatures that were currently on Earth were mostly Rank 1 creatures. On top of foraging for food, another reason for going out was to hunt for these creatures to obtain energy crystals and strengthen themselves.


Lee Si Kai and the rest went to harvest the fruits while Yang Tian went to the Explosion Fruit Tree.

“Give me three Explosion Fruit.”


Three Exploding Fruits fell onto Yang Tian’s hand. It can be hard to avoid unwanted incidents when traveling outside, having three Exploding Fruit might help achieve certain desired results.

Lee Si Kai and the rest harvested seventeen Red Fruits and sixteen Blue Fruits, but no Green Fruits. In the end, Yang Tian went to get five of them.

Additionally, Yang Tian went to the warehouse and took out twenty instant noodles, fifteen boxes of hardtacks and fifteen mineral water. It would roughly take a day for them to reach F City from here, this amount of food will be enough to last them for a day.

“Do any of you have backpacks?”

“Boss, we have one.”

Hu Jun held onto a medium sized bag, it was big enough to keep the food, but if the fruits were included, it would be lacking.

“I have one here as well.”

“Me too.”

The ones who spoke were Guan Qing Xue and Zhu Xiao Ruo, Hu Jun was slightly excited when he heard them, but his face collapsed immediately when he saw the bags they were holding.

LV handbags.

Guan Qing Xue’s bag was slightly bigger, able to hold eight or nine fruits, but Zhu Xiao Ruo’s could at most hold four or five at best.

When Guan Qing Xue and Zhu Xiao Ruo noticed the gazes on them, they started to flush.

“I think I saw a backpack in the house earlier on.”

Mo Kai was closest to the building; when he heard Guan Qing Xue’s words, he immediately entered the building and brought out a medium size backpack from within.

All thirty-eight fruits were placed within the bag and Yang Tian had also taken out another five radishes and five spinach from the warehouse. These vegetables will become very useful during crucial moments.

The bag holding the fruits and spinach was given to Hu Jun, while the food backpack was given to Lee Si Kai. The two of them were the strongest, excluding Yang Tian, to give them the task of carrying the food would be slightly safer.

Charmander was told to stay within the manor. With the Exploding Fruit Tree and the Dark Crimson Fire Wolf as well, the security of the manor would be absolutely firm.

The manor was Yang Tian’s base of operations, Yang Tian cannot be unserious about its defense.

As for the mutated pig, it would accompany Yang Tian. The mutated pig’s abilities were average, it would not be of much use even if it stayed inside the manor.

The mutated pig would be more useful serving as Yang Tian’s transportation for the journey.

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