Chapter 593: Clam Clan in a precarious situation

The weather on the sea was truly hard to predict. Yesterday, the sky had still been clear and calm, but today, lightning flashed everywhere along with thunderclaps. There was also a heavy rainstorm and strong gales. Sea waves would suddenly rise more than ten meters before slamming heavily on the sea again. Now, looking out as far as the eye could see, one could only see dreary and hazy wind and rain, and the entire vast world above the sea appeared hazy.

“Young Master, how long until we reach the Undersea City?” In a tent pitched on a small island, Liuli, who was leaning on Long Yi’s shoulder, asked while watching the sea waves outside the barrier.

“It shouldn’t be too long now. With the flying speed of Bai Yu, in another half a month, we will definitely reach the Undersea City,” Long Yi patted the shoulder of Liuli and softly said.

Liuli nodded her head, but the melancholy condensed within her glabella didn’t disperse. The closer they got to the Undersea City, the more nervous she became, and she got all the more worried about the safety of her Aunt Bifei and Maid Xiaomi. She feared that when they entered Undersea City, she would hear unfortunate news about them. After all, they had been banished from the Sea Race.

Long Yi felt Liuli’s uneasiness and sighed inwardly, but he didn’t speak, even though his heart was also somewhat taut. Undersea City was a world he had never come into contact with. According to the Demonic Dragon King, Undersea City had an extremely anti-foreigner stance; moreover, they were unusually powerful in the sea. Although he didn’t fear to fight against them and also believed that no one in the world could block him from going anywhere he wanted, the purpose of this trip was absolutely not to enter conflict with the entire Sea Race, but rather finding out what exactly had happened to the Mermaid Clan hundreds of years ago in order for them to be banished from Undersea City. If possible, he even wanted to use his greatest efforts to unite the entire Sea Race.

The waves rolled over and over again on the sea’s surface. But, there was also an undercurrent beneath the sea.

More than one kilometer under the sea, a group of sea tribes with strange looks and weapons were divided into two camps that were fighting. To be more precise, it was a complete one-sided slaughter.

Several hundred shark-headed people, each with a sharp fin on their backs, who were clearly of the Shark Clan held jagged weapons and were besieging a hundred or so people with thick shells on their backs. They were the Clam Clan and wielded huge hammers forged with iron and deep sea stone.

 All the clansmen of this Shark Clan were well-trained, full of valor, vigor, and bloodthirstiness; moreover, their attacks were orderly. In contrast, those clansmen of Clam Clan were far inferior. Although their defenses were pretty good, they had already suffered heavy casualties under the attacks of the Shark Clan. Their blood attracted a large crowd of sharks, but they didn’t dare to approach this battlefield as they feared those people of the Shark Clan.

Among this Clam Clan, a handsome young man and a beautiful young girl with a purple shell on their backs were guarded in the middle. Clearly, they were important figures of the Clam Clan.

“Prince, Princess, these are transfer stones! We cannot hold on much longer! Quickly leave this place using these transfer stones.” An aged man of the Clam Clan stuffed two stones with magic runes carved on them in the hands of the young man and young girl. His aged face was filled with tears at the thought of his Clam Clan being destroyed overnight. Already, thousands of their clansmen had been massacred.

That handsome young man of the Clam Clan, nevertheless, looked stubborn, and looking at his guards falling down one after another, his eyes practically shot flames.

“I will not leave; I want to fight against these scumbags!” This young man waved his hand and yelled. Then, tightly gripping his purple iron hammer, he roared and rushed forward. He swung his hammer and actually killed several clansmen of the Shark Clan. He was very bold and powerful.

“Sijiate, come back!” That young girl of Clam Clan anxiously shouted and also prepared to rush over.

“Princess, let this old servant bring back the Prince.” The aged man of the Clam Clan stopped their princess; then he rushed over, gritting his teeth. Now, the Prince and Princess represented the only remaining bloodline of their Clam Clan’s imperial family; they absolutely could not let them fall into any mishap; otherwise, he would not have any face upon meeting the Clam King in death to whom he had many debts of gratitude.

At this moment, because of the appearance of this handsome young man, practically all the warriors of Shark Clan crazily rushed over toward his direction and attacked violently, instantly offing nearly half of the bodyguards protecting this young man. Although this young man was very bold and powerful, he was unable to match this group of bloodthirsty warriors of Shark Clan, and the numbers of wounds on his body increased.

“Prince, watch out!” A sad wail resounded, and this young man only felt that he was involuntarily falling backward as the scenery in front of his eyes became hazy.

When he flung back his head and looked forward, he saw blood spraying. He was indescribably sad. He saw that that old servant who had been so loyal and devoted to his Clam Clan had already become a dismembered corpse. He roared with sorrow and rushed forward madly, despite the forest of sharp saws in front.

Several warriors of the Shark Clan fell under the hammer of this young man, but ice-cold weapons attacked him from all directions in turn. Those were the special jagged swords of the Shark Clan. The remaining bodyguards of the Clam Clan didn’t have time to save this young man. The young man hopelessly closed his eyes and waited for the arrival of his end.

“Sijiate…” The soft voice of the Princess of the Clam Clan resounded in the ears of the young man.

At that time, the young man suddenly felt like he was dreaming: he didn’t feel the anticipated pain. He turned his head and saw a gorgeous blood flower bursting from the body of his big sister, and she was warmly watching him while slowly floating away in the sea. That was his big sister, the only magician of Clam Clan. After using all of her magic power, she had cast a Damage Transfer Magic Spell with her life as the price to shift all the damage of the attacks aimed at him.

“Prince, leave quickly!” The remaining guards quickly seized this chance and guarded their prince again.

The young man of Clam Clan helplessly watched his big sister being washed away. She was going to fall into the mouths of those bloodthirsty sharks. Upon seeing this, he hastily rushed over and held her tight.

“Big sister!” The young man of Clam Clan called out.

“Si… Sijiate… be obedient… leave quickly… you are the only hope… of our Clam Clan…” The young girl took her last breath before she finished speaking.

“No… don’t, big sister, wake up!” The young man appeared as if he had lost his soul. He couldn’t believe that his big sister who had always cared and cherished him would leave him just like this.

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 “Prince, leave, leave quickly!” The remaining guards anxiously shouted.

The young man of the Clam Clan suddenly lifted his head, and looking at those ugly faces of the Shark Clan warriors and those jagged swords in their hands that were cutting down his clansmen, he trembled and roared, “One day, I will repay your Shark Clan’s debt of blood with blood!”

A six-edged magic formation illuminated the midsts of the deep sea, and the young man holding his big sister disappeared. Meanwhile, the remaining guards of the Clam Clan smiled as they were chopped down by the warriors of the Shark Clan.


At this moment, on an island, the devil claws of Long Yi were wandering inside Liuli’s clothing, rubbing her plump **, while gently kissing her ears and neck. Such teasing slowly dispersed the melancholy feeling pent up in the glabella of this mermaid. She had already temporarily forgotten about Undersea City, so presumably after a joyous lovemaking session, her mood would brighten a lot. This was Long Yi’s plan. According to him, this was one of the best means to divert the attention of women.

A soft moan escaped from Liuli’s pink lips. Now, her beautiful face was bright red, and her eyes were blurred as she swayed to withstand the invasion of Long Yi.

Suddenly, both Liuli and Long Yi were shocked. Liuli held the big hand of Long Yi that was fondling her chest, and her blurred eyes instantly became clear. Merely, the blush of her beautiful face had yet to disperse.

“Young Master, I feel a kind of peculiar aura,” Liuli said while carefully watching Long Yi.

“Is that so? I don’t feel any aura. I just sensed a magic fluctuation not far away; I will go to take a look. You stay here.” Long Yi retracted his hands from Liuli’s bosom of Liuli and quickly disappeared from inside the tent.

Passing through the billowing sea waves and drenching rain, Long Yi found the place where he had sensed that magic fluctuation. He stopped and looked all around. Suddenly, a shadow shot out from a big wave not far away from him, and there was a weak life fluctuation.

Long Yi rushed over and looked carefully. He discovered that this shadow was a hugging pair: a young man and a woman, both with a purple shell on their backs. Those shells looked just like an enlarged version of a clamshell.  He was sure that these two people were definitely from the Sea Race. He couldn’t help but be happy because just when he had been worried about not being able to find Undersea City, he had found these two. Merely, these two were seriously injured. Especially that woman, she had already stopped breathing, only her heart beat irregularly.

Long Yi easily gave them some basic first aid to sustain them before carrying them back to the small island.

“Young Master, are they… Clam Clansmen?” Liuli looked at those two peculiar people Long Yi had tossed onto the bed and asked. She had once learned about the various clans within the Sea Race from Aunt Bifei. Looking at the appearances of these two people, they should be from the Clam Clan. Moreover, the purple shells on their backs clearly indicated that they were from the imperial family of Clam Clan.

“Perhaps, they are. Since we discovered them here, this shows that Undersea City is not far away. Now, I will treat their injuries, and after they wake up, we will request for them to show us the way,” Long Yi said while curiously sizing up this second type of Sea Race. The first type of Sea Race that he knew of was naturally the Mermaid Clan.

Did all Sea Race individuals appear so beautiful? Seeing this handsome man and beautiful woman of the Clam Clan and again thinking about the appearance of Liuli, Bifei and Xiaomi, Long Yi couldn’t help but think so.

Long Yi peeled off the clothes of these two people that had been woven with a kind of peculiar seaweed and used light magic to heal their injuries. Finally, he used his internal force and spirit power to repair their internal organs. Because their body structure was very different from that of human beings, Long Yi had to spend a lot of effort.

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After helping them cure their wounds, the naked body of that young girl from the Clam Clan made Long Yi want to look at her a bit more, to assure that she was fine, of course. He was a responsible doctor! She was absolutely of the highest grade, but thinking that this pair of man and woman might be husband and wife, he quickly tossed away his thoughts. When all was said and done, he already had many beauties around him, so he already had a pretty good resistance to beauty.

“Young Master, can you guess whether they are big brother and younger sister or big sister and younger brother?” Liuli asked with a smile.

“Why not husband and wife?” Long Yi asked in confusion.

“Young Master is truly stupid. The imperial family of Clam Clan only has a direct line, without any sidelines, and the purple shell on their back is the sign of imperial family,” Liuli smiled and said, “This means they are family.”

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