Chapter 589: Preparing for a rainy day

Chapter 589: Preparing for a rainy day

When this news spread, the entire military camp seethed with excitement as the drumbeat signaling for them to gather resounded. This time, the soldiers displayed extremely quick responses. Within an extremely short period of ten minutes, the spacious training field was filled with soldiers. Moreover, they were neatly arranged according to their battalions. Now, looking from the platform, regardless whether horizontally or vertically, only soldiers could be seen as far as the eye could see.

Long Yi, accompanied by Beitang Yu and Nangong Nu, went to the platform. Seeing those excited faces and those straight backs, Long Yi also became excited in his heart. These soldiers were the ones who had risked their lives, used their blood, and used their unyielding willpower to build up the entire country.

“Bring wine!” Long Yi’s low voice sounded like thunder in the air.

The logisticians were startled and immediately followed the instructions. Violent Dragon Legion had large enough reserves of good wine. Originally, the soldiers were not allowed to drink wine, but this rule had been later changed. The soldiers would be allocated a bottle of wine once every week. The quantity of this wine was low, but it was sufficiently strong; moreover, various kinds of medicinal herbs were added in it; thus, not only they could enjoy the good wine, but this wine would also strengthen their bodies.

Not long after, a cartful of good wine was brought over. Soon, a bowl of wine was in the hands of everyone present, and dense alcoholic fragrance spread throughout the air.

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“Brothers, you all must be very surprised. Today, we are not going on an expedition, so you must wonder why are we drinking?” The voice of Long Yi resounded throughout the sky and entered the ears of the soldiers below. Among the soldiers, there were old veterans who had already experienced many life and death tribulations, and there were also newly recruited soldiers.

However, all these soldiers were standing still holding the wine. Their blazing eyes were watching Long Yi on the stage, waiting for his explanation.

“The first bowl is to respect yourselves. When you all became soldiers, you all took on the mission, i.e. to use your own life and your unyielding will to defend the empire and protect thousands upon thousands of common people behind you until you are left without a drop of blood. The empire is proud to have soldiers like you. Drink!” Long Yi emptied a big bowl with one gulp.

All the soldiers and officers below became even more excited, and copying Long Yi, they also emptied their own bowls in one gulp, before standing erect. Their gazes become all the more steadfast.

“The second bowl is to respect all the brothers who died in the war. They used their blood to complete the oath they took when they entered the army. The soldiers should use their swords and enemies’ heads to prove themselves. Being wrapped in horsehide after death and being buried in the battlefield are the greatest honor for soldiers. They all are heroes. For their invincible military soul, drink!” Long Yi raised his head and emptied another big bowl in one gulp. Now, he was somewhat agitated as the land of Yatesianna, which had been dyed red by blood appeared. Its red flowers swaying with the wind in front of him. Countless bones were needed to pave the path of an emperor.

“For the invincible military soul, drink!” All the soldiers roared loudly. The wine had wet their lapels, but no one noticed. Perhaps, their final destination was also being buried in the battlefield. Recalling that boundless battlefield along with that bleak huqin sound and ghastly skeletons covering in the sand, the blood of everyone boiled and tears appeared in their eyes. If they could, they would rush over to that battlefield and kill all their enemies.

The expressions of Nangong Nu and Beitang Yu were also unusual upon hearing the words of Long Yi. Just after drinking two bowls, even they who had personally experienced the war were unable to control themselves. Especially for Beitang Yu, her reputation of Hell Angel was obtained through cruel and cold-blooded means. Regardless of how many people she had killed, she didn’t even bat an eyelid, but for an unknown reason, the words of Long Yu easily affected her today.

As a matter of fact, it all came down to Long Yi. Since he was in such an agitated state, his abnormal spirit power dispersed everywhere, which easily affected the moods of other people. Since Beitang Yu was already well-acquainted with him, she was easily affected by this. The bustling military camp fell into silence.


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Long Yi and Beitang Yu had just experienced an intense battle between men and women. Now, they were holding each other while naked. [T/N: Such an abrupt change, it was like this in the raw.]

Long Yi opened his eyes and caressed the back of Beitang Yu with his big hand. In another two hours, it would be dawn. Last night, after ending the gathering of soldiers and officers within the Violent Dragon Legion, he had had the pleasure of close intimacy with Beitang Yu.

After a long time, Beitang Yu recovered some strength. Half-lying on the thick chest of Long Yi, she looked at Long Yi and asked softly, “Yu, are you alright?”

Long Yi smiled faintly, and caressing the beautiful face of Beitang Yu, he said, “I am fine, but there is something I want to tell you: I am giving you military orders using my position as Great General. When I am away, you will be in charge of all the armies. You absolutely cannot loosen the training aspect. Moreover, if you can, consider making an independent battalion like Unparalleled Battalion in every legion. The selection, training methods, and strength of these special legions should be in accordance with the standard of the Unparalleled Battalion. Moreover, train all legions to cooperate harmoniously as if they were in a war.”

Beitang Yu was dumbfounded, and her coquettish expression instantly became dignified. Since Long Yi was letting her administer all the armies of the Violent Dragon Empire, and he was saying such words even when the continent was peaceful and flourishing, with her understanding of Long Yi, she knew that Long Yi must have noticed something, but since Long Yi didn’t want to speak about it, she would also not ask.

Long Yi slightly frowned and sighed in his heart. He hoped that this peaceful situation within Blue Waves Continent wouldn’t get destroyed. He was making such arrangements largely because of the words of that guardian Dragon God. That Dragon God had said that the appearance of the Devouring Dragon Physique in this world was the sign of an upcoming inevitable great calamity. If a great calamity truly occurred, then Blue Waves Continent would definitely be affected. He absolutely didn’t want to imagine the destruction of all of civilization again. Now, he was making such arrangements just to prepare for a rainy day.

They didn’t speak again. They quietly embraced each other, seizing their time to enjoy the remaining warm moments.

Merely, time wouldn’t stop for anyone. The stars in the sky quickly disappeared, and the sun rose as usual. Long Yi left after issuing his military orders, leaving behind a beautiful figure who was staring at the horizon in a daze.

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