Chapter 588: Soaring Dragon City, Military Camp (part 2)

The father and son sat on a high grade sofa facing each other, and Ximen Nu asked, “Yu’er, is there a matter for you to return this time?”

Long Yi nodded his head and said, “Father, you should also roughly know the matters of the Dragon Race. Divine Dragon Clan and Demonic Dragon Clan are like fire and water, but because of the appearance of the Devouring Dragon Physique, they have reached an agreement and unified. After one month, those two clans will hold a Dragon Race Convention on Blue Waves Continent.”

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Ximen Nu was a wise man. Upon hearing this matter, he immediately thought of the effects that would occur from holding the Dragon Race’s Convention on Blue Waves Continent. He stood up and walked two laps around the imperial study. Suddenly looking at Long Yi, he said, “The matter of the Dragon Race reappearing in Blue Waves Continent is not a simple matter. This father has already experienced the destructive power of the Dragon Race. Can you be sure that Dragon Race is friendly?”

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“Father, since your son has handled the matter, you can rest assured. The dragon with the Devouring Dragon Physique that will lead these two clans is my daughter and also your granddaughter named Niur,” Long Yi said with a smirk.

“Since that is the case, this father will be at ease. I will give this matter priority, and I will inform all races to gather at our Soaring Dragon City and extend the influence of this Dragon Race convention to the fullest. It would be best if we can sign a pact with the Dragon Race. Then, the position of our imperial Ximen Clan would consolidate even further, hahaha.” Ximen Nu was worthy of being a wily old fox that had fought in the political arena for decades. He immediately thought of plans, and feeling happy, he complacently laughed.

“Then, I will leave the arrangements of this matter to Father. I have already set up a transfer magic array on Divine Dragon Archipelago. In a few days, I will set up a transfer magic array on Demonic Dragon Archipelago too. At that time, Father can send some people to discuss with both the Dragon Clans,” Long Yi said with a smile.

The father and son arrived at an agreement about the matter of the Dragon Race convention. Then, they discussed the empire’s current state of development as well as some other matters. Unknowingly, the sky had already gotten dark.

“Father, where are mother and those girls now?” Long Yi asked.

“The news has just come today. They went to Elven Forest to visit under the invitation of Elf Queen. Hehe, your mother has silently stayed cooped here for more than 20 years for us father and son. This time, I think we should let her have enough good time.” When speaking about Dongfang Wan, tender feelings overflowed in his eyes. She had quietly suffered for the entire clan. Because she was here, he had never needed to worry about a number of the clan’s matters that were loaded with trivial details.

Long Yi smiled. Sure enough, it was not outside his expectations. Elven Forest was so beautiful that he feared they would be reluctant to return.

“Yu’er, stay here tonight. In any case, it is almost dark. You can go to the military camp to stroll around for a while,” Ximen Nu said to Long Yi.

Long Yi also didn’t object to it. Speaking about it, it had already been a very long time since he had visited the military camp.

The sun sank into the horizon, leaving behind an afterglow. Long Yi went towards the east side of the city where Violent Dragon Legion was stationed. After going through the blood refinement, Violent Dragon Legion had already become the world-famous iron-blooded legion, especially the Unparalleled Battalion in it which only had roughly 20,000 soldiers. Whether in terms of individual combat power or actual war, no other troops could come close to them. Practically any soldiers would be very proud to enter the Unparalleled Battalion. Even the soldiers within the lowest rung of the Unparalleled Battalion gained respect wherever they went.

When Long Yi arrived outside the military camp, many soldiers just happened to be returning from a drill while shouting a slogan.

Long Yi smiled and stood at one side. The officer at the front clearly recognized Long Yi, this Lord Crown Prince and also the founder of Unparalleled Battalion. He was already divinized by the military camp.

“15th squad captain of Violent Dragon Legion’s Bloody Cavalry Regiment Yu Chengjie pays respect to Great General. Salute!” This officer agitatedly ran over to the front of Long Yi and reported in a loud voice, before saluting Long Yi as per military ritual. Hundreds of soldiers behind him also simultaneously stood at attention, realizing the man in front of them.

Long Yi returned the military salute. This was a rule of the army. In the military camp, only the military position was viewed, regardless of the noble peerage. Long Yi looked at this group of soldiers with satisfaction and said with a smile, “Captain Yu, what kind of drill were you doing just now?”

“Answering to the Great General, it was a 50-kilometer armed marathon. My 15th squad has completely fulfilled the task. Not a single one has fallen,” Yu Chengjie proudly replied in a loud voice.

“It seems the training course for your cavalry is new,” Long Yi commented with a smile.

“Replying to Great General, this is the new training course implemented by General Beitang two months ago. General Beitang asked us to become the most elite cavalry, and also become the most elite infantry when without a horse,” Yu Changjie threw out his chest and said loudly.

“Good, it truly should be like that. It seems you all have done a good job. Let’s go to the camp now.” Long Yi patted the shoulder of Yu Chengjie and said with satisfaction. Beitang Yu had grasped the overall situation and become more and more sophisticated. The elite cavalry should not be just suitable to fight on horses: they should be prepared to fight on the foot as well.

Long Yi went toward the rear entrance of this military camp along with this cavalry squad. Although the soldiers who guarded the entrance still recognized Long Yi, they still asked him to show a military tablet. This was the rigorously enforced rule first made when Long Yi had led the troops. It was to prevent any possible spies from tricking their way into the camp.

When Long Yi entered the military camp, Nangong Nu along with his guards came over to welcome him. Now, this Nangong Nu who was only roughly 17-years-old already had a tough and stocky build; moreover, he no longer had an immature face. He now had a sharp pair of eyes, and his body emitted an intense baleful aura. The sword of this kid was stained with the blood of countless enemies.

“Violent Dragon Legion’s deputy commander Nangong Nu greets Great General!” Nangong Nu was pleasantly surprised and led Long Yi to his big tent after offering a military salute.

When Long Yi looked at Nangong Nu, who had already become a famous General, he was very pleased. He gently caressed the head of Nangong Nu and said, “Nu’er, you have grown up.”

“Brother-in-law…” After entering the tent, Nangong Nu no longer covered up his feelings. It was Long Yi who had taught him what a real man was. It was Long Yi who had brought him into the military camp, and he had never forgotten the things taught in military camp. Moreover, Long Yi was the person he worshipped the most.

“Well, I haven’t eaten a meal at the military camp for a long time. How about going to the dining hall?” Long Yi said with a smile. At this time, all the soldiers who had gone out to train had returned, so the dining hall ought to be open.

“Okay, but let’s wait for General Beitang first. She has gone to the other side of the military camp with those newly arrived female soldiers. Just a moment ago, my adjutant went to inform her of your arrival,” Nangong Nu said with a smile. Only in front of Long Yi would a hint of a mischievous that belonged to a youth flash through his sharp eyes.

“Didn’t she go out to play with my mother? When did she return?” Long Yi was pleasantly surprised as he asked. It was no wonder his father had asked him to go to military camp; it was presumably for this very reason. In the Beitang Clan, other than Beitang Yu, all others had met a bad end. Perhaps because of this, his father wanted to make it up a bit for her. He was obviously concerned about her. He had made her the commander of Violent Dragon Legion and conferred a first-class military order granting her the privilege of executing first and reporting afterward.

“She returned two days ago and like me, General Beitang is accustomed to staying with the army. Without hearing the army bugle call, we feel like something is wrong the whole day,” Nangong Nu said.

Long Yi just smiled. It seemed Beitang Yu couldn’t do without the military camp in this life. In the past, he had still been somewhat remorseful and uneasy, but now, he let go of everything. Everyone had their own path, and the path of Beitang Yu was in a military camp. But as long as she was happy, it was enough for Long Yi.

Not long after, Beitang Yu wearing a skin-tight General robe came over along with two female bodyguards.

When the two people looked at each other, their gazes tangled. Although they didn’t open their mouths, tender feelings had already seeped into their hearts. This was the long-standing tacit understanding between Long Yi and Beitang Yu.

When this group of people arrived in the dining hall of the Unparalleled Battalion, all soldiers who were having a meal stood up simultaneously in attention, and they enthusiastically looked at these three people with utmost respect. Now, Long Yi was in the front, and Beitang Yu and Nangong Nu were half a step behind.

“Why on earth are you brothers standing up? Today, this General doesn’t have anything good on me. What should this General do? Eh, Er Gouzi, Shitou, you two are squad captains now, not bad,” Long Yi waved his hands and said with a smile. When encountering old veterans who had fought with him in the past, he greeted them. In the past, after their training, he would also joke and chat with soldiers under his leadership. He was very close to them. This tradition was still preserved at present. Now, when training, all officers disowned officers who didn’t spare personal feelings. While training, feelings did not exist, but immediately upon the completion of training, the officers’ expressions would soften, and they would happily ridicule each other while taking care of the injured soldiers. This had become a tradition, making soldiers of all levels get along harmoniously with each other in the army. Moreover, they were unusually united.

Long Yi and the others had a meal similar to the other soldiers, but their quantity was far greater. On the dining table, Nangong Nu and Beitang Yu explained the changes within the army after the war to Long Yi while asking for Long Yi’s opinions on some new strategic ideas.

Because the news of Long Yi’s arrival spread through the military camp, many soldiers began to rush over to this side, especially a number of new recruits who wanted to see their idol with their own eyes. Moreover, officers of different levels also rushed over to meet Long Yi after hearing this news.

Seeing the noise outside was getting louder and louder, Long Yi made Nangong Nu go out and inform that all the training scheduled for the night was canceled. Moreover, all the soldiers and officers were to gather on the training ground after supper.

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