Chapter 588: Soaring Dragon City, Military camp

(Part 1)

Long Yi didn’t force Niur again and merely apologetically looked at Fandi and Salianya, but Salianya actually gave him a comforting smile. Although she too did not feel well in her heart, such dependence by Niur toward Long Yi proved that Long Yi had truly taken good care of Niur in these past several years. Children have pure and sensitive hearts; moreover, their intuitions were also amazing.

Perhaps to resolve this awkward atmosphere, Sa Lianya changed the subject of the conversation to her cousin Teresa again. She gently caressed the soft beautiful hair of Little Xingxing and said, “This child truly resembles you. What about her father?”

Teresa had already leveled her state of mind. After more than 800 years, how could she still be unable to let go? She softly sighed and replied, “Dead.”

Both Sa Lianya and Fandi were shocked, and they hastily asked what had happened.

Teresa just shook her head and used her hands to lift the bangs of Little Xingxing.

Salianya saw that the forehead of Little Xingxing was smooth. There was not even a small bump. She suddenly understood everything and sighed, “He was human, right? Teresa, you have suffered these past years.”

“No, I am fine. With Xingxing there to accompany me, I have always been content,” Teresa smiled faintly and said.

Salianya endlessly sighed in her heart. When dragon with a lifespan of nearly 10,000 years fell in love with a human who only had a lifespan of, at most, a few hundred years, there was no need to mention the result. The differences between the two were too great. At that moment, she thought about her eldest daughter Liuxu. Just from her tone, Salianya knew that this girl liked Long Yi. Fortunately, although her daughter had fallen in love with a human, since he was the human that had obtained the inheritance of Lightning God, there was no problem with his lifespan. Merely, would they be happy? Dragon Race had always been a monogamous race, but they had heard that Long Yi was surrounded with numerous beauties.

At that time, Long Yi, carrying Niur, left with Liuxu. Li Qing, Barbarian Bull, Midi’er and Leguxiya also followed behind. When all was said and done, the atmosphere was more relaxed when there were only youngsters. With their seniors present, they would feel somewhat constrained.

They found an open space on Dragon King Peak and sat down. Watching that azure sea that stretched as far as the eye could see while hearing the faint sounds of sea waves beneath this warm sunlight, they felt refreshed, enjoying this rare peaceful time.

Long Yi leaned against a smooth rock. Niur had already fallen asleep in his bosom, and Liuli and Liuxu were sitting beside him to each side. As for the others, they were either wiping their weapons, staring blankly at the view, or lying down to rest.

“Long Yi, what do you plan to do next?” Liuxu had already settled her heart, and now, her tone was unexpectedly a lot gentler.

“There is nothing left to do in the Dragon Clan. After Divine Dragon King and Demonic Dragon King return, I plan to go look for Undersea City with Liuli,” Long Yi looked at Liuli for a while and softly answered.

Liuxu looked somewhat hesitant and said: “Long Yi, my father and mother have yet to recover. I am afraid I cannot go together with you.”

She was not jealous at all about Long Yi being so good to Liuli. He was not rushing about for his own matters. If it were not for him, how could her family reunite so easily? If it weren’t for his dedication to his loves, then her parents might have died already.

“You have been separated from your family for such a long time. This time, you naturally should accompany your mother and father.” Long Yi smiled. He anyway didn’t have any place to allow for Liuxu to follow him.

At that time, Barbarian Bull who was pricking up his ears, jumped up and excitedly said, “Boss, Liuxu might not be able to go but this old bull can!.”

Li Qing, hugging his Ice Sword, also looked over and indifferently said, “Young Master, count me in.”

As for Midi’er and Leguxiya, hearing that they could go to a new place, they were so excited that they couldn’t sleep. They eagerly ran over and said that they also wanted to go together.

“Hehe, only I and Liuli will be going at least for the first time in order to scout out the circumstances. It is not good to bring many people. In any case, now that there is transfer magic array, if I need your help, it will be very convenient and easy,” Long Yi said with a smile.

Upon hearing Long Yi, everyone felt his words were reasonable and nodded their heads in succession. With a transfer magic array, the distance was no longer a problem. As long as Long Yi set up a transfer magic array at the destination, they could easily go there in an instant.

At that time, a powerful dragon power fluctuation spread throughout the air. Then with a flash of black and golden light, Demonic Dragon King and Divine Dragon King appeared in front of everyone.

Long Yi greeted them with a smile and asked, “How is the discussion going, Dragon Kings?”

Divine Dragon King glared at Demonic Dragon King with dissatisfaction and said, “For the time being, we still can’t come to an agreement. The convention of our two clans should be held on this Divine Dragon Archipelago. Merely this fellow stubbornly insisted on holding it on Demonic Dragon Archipelago without thinking about the pestilential atmosphere of their Demonic Dragon Archipelago. Who would willingly go there to suffer that pain?”

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Long Yi thought for a bit and understood a bit. Because of the difference in beliefs, Divine Dragon Island had a dense light magic element and Demonic Dragon Island had a dense dark magic element. Naturally, they didn’t have a good opinion about the other’s territory.

Long Yi smirked and said, “At present, uniting the entire races to prosper together is the kingly way. Although the convention of your Dragon Race pertains to the general affairs of your Dragon Race, Dragon Race is also an indispensable race of this world. Your convention will also be one of the big events of this world, so how about holding it in Blue Waves Continent? Wouldn’t it be even more wonderful to let all the races witness this mighty moment?”

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Divine Dragon King and Demonic Dragon King were startled, and their frowns gradually loosened. Indeed, since the Devouring Dragon Physique had appeared in the world, Dragon Race shouldn’t be thinking just about themselves. It was time to appear in front of all the other races again. Therefore, the two Dragon Kings unanimously agreed with the proposal of Long Yi.

“Since that is the case, I will first return to Blue Waves Continent and make an arrangement. Then, I plan to go to look for Undersea City with Liuli,” Long Yi said.

“Have you decided?” Demonic Dragon King asked.

“Yes,” Long Yi replied with a smile.

“Since that is the case, I will not say anything more. Just return after the arrangement is made in Blue Waves Continent. In any case, I am also returning to Demonic Dragon Island. We’ll be together partway,” Demonic Dragon King patted the shoulder of Long Yi and said.

“That is not the urgent matter,” Divine Dragon King suddenly cut in. He turned to Long Yi and said with a stern countenance, “I heard from my daughter that you have discovered the historical remains left behind by the god of war and a demon within our Divine Dragon Island, and there lie the remains of our Dragon Race’s ancestor Dragon God; moreover, I heard that only divine power can open the magic gate to enter the ruins, so can you take us there to pay our respects first?”

“Is that true? Long Yi, can you hold up your plans for some time?” Upon hearing the words of Divine Dragon King, Demonic Dragon King also became incomparably serious. It seemed that the Dragon God truly had a supreme position within the Dragon Race.

Long Yi thought for a bit. Then looking at Barbarian Bull and Li Qing, he instructed, “You two, stay behind. I will leave the matter of opening the magic gate to those historical remains to you two.”

Barbarian Bull and Li Qing nodded their heads in agreement.


Soaring Dragon City had become the place where the power of Blue Waves Continent was concentrated. Under the bright scorching sun, all its streets were crowded with the flow of people. There were merchants, trade caravans, and also tourists.

In the originally western suburbs, there were now several tens of thousands of workers dripping with sweat who built infrastructures and houses. This was the active efforts from the expansion of Soaring Dragon City that had just begun not long ago. According to the design plans, nearly half of the expansion projects undertaken by Soaring Dragon City had already finished. All kinds of architectural styles from various regions were introduced along with the Violent Dragon Empire’s own architectural style. Thereby, Soaring Dragon City became the first metropolis of Blue Waves Continent.

After the <Racial Quality Pact> signed by Ximen Nu came into effect, many carefully selected beastmen suddenly poured into the various big human empires, and various big trade caravans of humans also rushed toward the Hengduan Mountains in a steady stream. The entire continent experienced a flourishing scene. Human and beastmen also increasingly got closer, and society began to enter a phase of rapid development and expansion. The entire continent entered an unprecedented flourishing age.

At this moment, Ximen Nu was inspecting every place of Soaring Dragon City under the protection of several hundred imperial guards. Throughout his way, many people who came from various places greeted him with great admiration. Although Ximen Nu was still very busy every day, the empire had already begun to function effectively, and he didn’t need to worry too much. Moreover, he seemed to be getting younger day by day. His face was ruddy, and his steps were light. He seemed to have entered his prime.

“Your Majesty, the crown prince is back. He is waiting for you in the imperial study.” At that time, a figure hastily rushed over on a horse from the imperial palace and respectfully reported after dismounting.

Ximen Nu immediately became happy. He led his imperial guards and returned to the imperial palace. His wife had gone to travel all around the world with his daughters-in-law. During this time, he had been truly lonely, and now that he heard that his son had returned, he was very happy.

When Ximen Nu entered the imperial study, he saw that his son was looking at him with a faint smile, and he suddenly became somewhat emotional. His ignorant and incompetent silk-pants son had already grown up. Now, he was an incomparably strong and highly intelligent youngster. Thinking this, he felt proud, and a kind of indescribable sense of loss also welled up in his heart.

“Long time no see, father. You, however, are getting younger and younger,” Long Yi said with a smile. Long Yi had never addressed Ximen Nu as Father Emperor because he deemed that calling him Father was more cordial. This was not conforming to reason, but in this world, who could disciple him? Moreover, with the tacit acceptance of Ximen Nu, this habit had continued.

“Showing no respect for one’s elders, what a scandal!” Ximen Nu kept a straight face and said with majesty, but he couldn’t conceal his happy mood.

Would Long Yi display any fear? Of course, he wouldn’t. He directly walked over and hugged Ximen Nu, then said with a smile, “Father, don’t make such a face again. Is it necessary to be like this between us father and son? There is no one else here.”

The beard of Ximen Nu trembled. He was naturally happy to be so close to his son. His child had already grown up. Now, he didn’t need to put on the airs of a father, but he was still somewhat stiff as he was not too used to relaxing with family.

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