Chapter 587: The information on Undersea City

From the mouths of these two Dragon Kings, Long Yi learned about the matter from the beginning to end.

Since the formation of the Divine Dragon Clan and Demonic Dragon Clan, these two clans had always been as incompatible as fire and water. At that time, when they began searching for Fandi and Salianya, the current Dragon Kings coincidentally met each other. Like a friendship that formed out of blows, they actually become good friends in the end. When Fandi and Salianya were captured, they secretly made an agreement that if they ascended to the throne of Dragon King someday, they would definitely think of a way to save them and work hard to eliminate the hatred between the two clans.

Merely, some old people of their clans were very stubborn. It was very hard to achieve their goal, so they were waiting for an opportunity. At that time, when the Demonic Dragon Clan’s Princess Sharman and Crystal snuck into Blue Waves Continent, they had sensed that this might be a chance. Therefore, Divine Dragon King had dispatched Midi’er and Leguxiya. Sure enough, they unexpectedly drew Long Yi, this odd human. Moreover, he had a close relation with the two daughters of Fandi and Salianya. But the most important matter was the discovery that Niur had the legendary Devouring Dragon Physique. Like that, the fusion of the Demonic Dragon Clan and Divine Dragon Clan became logical.

“These two old foxes!” After hearing them, Long Yi curled his lip and muttered to himself. These old fellows who had lived for thousands of years were truly not that easy to deal with. After obtaining the Dragon King Seal, he had been feeling complacent while thinking his luck was outstanding, but to his surprise, Divine Dragon King had intentionally let him obtain it. This made him feel somewhat out of sorts in his heart.

“Hahaha, Long Yi, thanks to you, everything is going so smoothly.” Demonic Dragon King laughed heartily as he patted the shoulder of Long Yi.

“What’s the use of just words. Give me something material,” Long Yi rolled his eyes and said.

“Fine, I, Sa Qingyin, am not a stingy person. If you have time, come to my Demonic Dragon Island. There, you can take any treasure you like,” Demonic Dragon King laughed heartily and said.

Divine Dragon King looked strangely at Demonic Dragon King and said with a smile, “You have always been a very stingy man. In those years, you haggled with me over a silver coin. When did you become so generous?”

“Don’t ruin my illustrious name. In those years, you have extorted my many treasures on Blue Waves Continent,” Demonic Dragon King glared at Divine Dragon King and said. Were dragons not stingy? Of course not, the reason he was being so generous was that he had some plans for his daughter Sharman.

“Okay, you two, don’t argue. Let’s just say that you two are rare forthright dragons of the Dragon Race,” Long Yi said with a smile. After seeing these two Dragon Kings had satisfied expressions, he added, “You all have lived on the surface of the sea for so many years. I want to ask whether you know of the existence of the Sea Race?”

“Sea Race? Are you talking nonsense? Isn’t that little mermaid beside you a person from the Sea Race? She should be of royal kin,” Divine Dragon King asked in confusion.

“Although she is from Sea Race, she was sent into exile. I heard that the Sea Race lives in a place called Undersea City. Do you know where it is located?” Long Yi asked.

“I know its general position, but I have never been there. Sea Race has a sphere of influence in the sea. They have always been living on the seafloor and have nothing to do with our Dragon Race,” Demonic Dragon King said.

Long Yi was happy in his heart and asked: “Where is that place? Is it far from here?”

“Far, very far. We need to continuously fly day and night for about 10 to 15 days to reach there from our Demonic Dragon Clan,” Demonic Dragon King said.

“That far?” Long Yi was surprised and pondered. In this world, no one could continuously fly day and night for ten to fifteen days. Even if he combined his wind magic and internal force, it was absolutely impossible for him. In other words, with the addition of the time to rest, it would likely take more than 20 days; moreover, since the specific location was unknown, it was truly too troublesome.

“Do you want to go to Undersea City? I advise against it. The attack power of Sea Race might be limited when on land, but in the sea, they are like a stranded fish put back into the water. In addition, their population is monumental. Although you are very strong, if you truly want to intrude there, you might not even able to protect yourself.” Demonic Dragon King warned with good intentions.

“Hehe, do you think I am a brainless fool? I will just pay a visit with proper courtesy. Wouldn’t everything be fine then?” Long Yi said with a smile.

“Sea Race is the most anti-foreigner race I have ever seen. They never allow other races to intrude into their territory. Regardless of the reason, you will be besieged,” Demonic Dragon King said.

“Is that so?” Long Yi rubbed his chin while frowning, but his interest was evoked. Anti-foreigner? It seemed that he had to teach those wildly arrogant Sea Race people a good lesson so that they would understand mutual contact and mutual benefits.

Long Yi smirked. This was clearly his expression when he was brewing bad plans.

The two Dragon Kings looked at each other, and taking advantage of the time when Long Yi was not paying attention, they left in order to avoid being pulled into his bad plans.

Long Yi, however, didn’t care about them. Just learning the general location of Undersea City was already a huge gain. He wondered how Bifei and Xiaomi were doing since it had already been such a long period of time.

Long Yi also returned to the small island of Teresa. By this time, it was already late at night. Niur and Xingxing had already fallen asleep. Only Teresa and Liuli were talking softly, seemingly waiting for his return.

“Young Master.” Seeing Long Yi had appeared, Liuli welcomed with a smile.

Long Yi directly hugged the slender waist of Liuli and said with a smile, “Still chatting so late at night?”

“No, we were waiting for you, I feared that Liuli would be too lonely alone, so I accompanied her. Now that you have returned, I will go to sleep.” Teresa stood and rolled her eyes at Long Yi before entering into her bedroom.

“Little mermaid, we should also go to sleep.” Long Yi smiled and teasingly blew hot air in Liuli’s ear while his hand climbed toward that plump **.

The heart of Liuli softened, and her beautiful face became red, but she obediently followed Long Yi into a room.

A hint of starlight sprinkled the room via a small wooden window, and a vague fragrance of flowers was blown into the room by the gentle breeze. This made these two people drunk in this ambiguous atmosphere.

The hand of Long Yi was like a torch, directly igniting the most primitive flame of ** deep in her heart. Her silky robe floated down, and her golden hair hung down loosely. Moreover, her snow-white crystal-clear skin was completely revealed. The beautiful and intoxicating naked body of Liuli emitted an astonishing charm. Her plump ** were standing firm, and the two pink buds on them were infinitely tempting. Her slender and flexible waist was the perfect gift of heaven. Now, under the faint starlight, she looked just like female celestial who had descended from the starry sky.

Liuli was very satisfied seeing that Long Yi was intoxicated. She took a step forward and hugged the neck of Long Yi and kissed his handsome face as her little hands skillfully removed his clothing.

When the two people were completely naked, Long Yi was already unable to exercise patience. He directly picked Liuli up and threw her onto the bed. Then, intoxicated moans came from their innermost souls.

After a long time, Liuli was left lying on Long Yi’s bosom with her eyes half-closed. She had a thin layer of sweat layering her body, and she would slightly tremble frequently. Her lingering ** didn’t disperse for a long time.

Long Yi gently moved her golden hair away and caressed the side of her ear and neck. Long Yi knew that Liuli liked this kind of caress.

Liuli took a deep breath and gently rubbed her little face against the chest of Long Yi. Hearing his rhythmic heartbeat, she felt at ease. Moreover, her lower part was still filled with his bad thing that would twitch and send a shiver down her spine every once in a while. This made her feel full.

“Liuli, let’s go to the master island to see Liuxu and her parents at dawn. Then, let’s leave,” The big hand of Long Yi moved to the plump butt of Liuli as he softly whispered.

Liuli was startled for a moment, then became happy and asked with expectation, “Young Master, where are we going?”

“Of course, we are going to Undersea City. I already know the general location of Undersea City. When we get there, let’s think of a way to sneak in,” Long Yi said with a smile.

“Mmm, Young Master, you are truly nice.” Liuli swayed and said. She knew that Long Yi had always been thinking about her matter, so she was very happy.

“Okay, little mermaid, I will not spare you if you move again.” Long Yi was still not satisfied yet. Merely, thinking about Liuli, he had stopped early. But, at this moment, she was teasing him. How could he not get fired up?

“Then, Young Master, please punish Liuli.” Liuli bit her lower lip, and her eyes became misty as she rubbed her body against his body.

Long Yi immediately turned over and pushed Liuli down, then the second round of ** began…

Early in the next morning, Long Yi was very refreshed. He got out of the bedroom along with a charming Liuli.

“Father, were you lazing around in bed? Niur has already gotten up.” Niur rushed into the bosom of Long Yi upon seeing his arrival.

Long Yi smiled and picked up Little Xingxing too and kissed these two little girls.

“Big sister Liuli, you look very beautiful today!” Little Xingxing noticed Liuli who was radiating light all around while standing to one side, and the little dragon exclaimed in admiration.

“Is that so? But, Xingxing is more beautiful than this big sister.” Liuli happily said. Which girl didn’t like others saying she was beautiful? Especially in front of her beloved.

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At this time, Teresa came in from outside, and taking a glance at Long Yi, her beautiful face became slightly red. Then, she said to Xingxing who was resting in the bosom of Long Yi, “Xingxing, don’t always pester your big brother Long. Quickly come down. Let your big brother Long and big sister Liuli have breakfast.”

“No, big brother Long will carry Xingxing and Niur. Xingxing will feed big brother Long.” Little Xingxing was sentimentally attached to the bosom of Long Yi. She said this while acting like a spoiled child.

“Fine, let Xingxing feed this big brother Long.” Long Yi said with a smile.

“You… don’t dote on her so much. You are spoiling her,” Teresa rolled her eyes at Long Yi and said.

The concerned parties didn’t care about these words. Liuli, however, was slightly surprised. Looking at Teresa, she was lost in thought because her words made her feel as if Teresa were wife complaining to her husband. It was certainly worth thinking about the feeling between these two people.

The gaze of Liuli made Teresa feel something, but she didn’t notice that something was wrong with her words. Instead, she pulled Liuli over, and they began to talk in whispers.

Long Yi sat down and placed the two little girls on his lap. When he turned around, he saw that the beautiful faces of those two women were red. He didn’t know what they were talking about, so he couldn’t help asking: “What secrets are you talking about? Why are you two blushing like a monkey’s butt?”

“Breakfast is on the table. You two can eat; I am going to water the flowers,” Teresa hastily left, leaving behind only these few sentences.

Liuli sat at one side of Long Yi with a red face and softly asked, “Young Master, last night, did you set up a barrier?”

Long Yi suddenly realized what had happened upon hearing her question. Last night, the atmosphere was so good that he had forgotten to set up a barrier. No wonder Teresa looked strange today. As it turned out, she had heard their lovemaking sounds. Thinking about it, he also felt somewhat awkward.

After eating breakfast, everyone went to the master island to visit the recovering Fandi and Salianya. Now that the restriction within the body of Teresa had been resolved by Long Yi as well as the fact that Divine Dragon King had done them a favor, this pair of mother and daughter were no longer restricted. They could move around freely.

They arrived in front of the Dragon King Residence at the peak of the Dragon King Peak. Li Qing and Barbarian Bull came to welcome them. They had been arranged by Long Yi to protect this place.

“How is the situation? Long Yi asked.

“Replying to Young Master, the parents of Liuxu are still very weak, but they are awake. Now, Liuxu is guarding them.” Li Qing replied.

“What about the Divine Dragon King?” Long Yi asked.

“My father emperor, the Demonic Dragon King, and their elders are negotiating things.” At that time, Midi’er and Leguxiya came out from a cave. It was Midi’er who had answered Long Yi.

Long Yi shrugged his shoulders. He would no longer participate in the matters of the Dragon Race. He made these two siblings lead the way to the place of Liuxu and the others.

“Long Yi, you came!” Upon seeing Long Yi, a hint of unnatural shyness appeared on Liuxu’s face.

Long Yi was surprised. Liuxu was in her human form. On a spacious jade bed, the human forms Fandi and Salianya were lying as well. Upon seeing him, they sat up. Their backs were wrapped with thick magic ribbons. Fandi looked mighty and extraordinary; merely, he was still blind. Salianya was gentle and beautiful. She was sizing up Long Yi with her beautiful eyes like a mother-in-law would size up a son-in-law.

“Uncle, aunt, are you getting better?” Long Yi warmly smiled and asked with concern.

“Long Yi? Well, we are doing pretty well. We have to thank you for your life-saving grace,” Fandi replied with a smile. Since he was able to get out of the forbidden land and be reunited with his family, he was truly grateful to this youngster from the bottom of his heart.

“We are a big family. No need to be so polite,” Long Yi said with a smile.

“A big family? Hehe, correct, since we are a big family, we will also not be polite with you.” Salianya seemed to be very satisfied by these words of Long Yi.

The beautiful face of Liuxu became red, but her beautiful smile clearly showed her happy mood.

At that time, unable to endure any longer, Teresa walked forward and called out, “Cousin.”

Salianya’s smile faded due to her startlement. After carefully looking at Teresa, she happily said, “Teresa, it’s you!”

Teresa rushed over with her eyes filled with tears, remembering the times she had spent together with her cousin. Then, this pair of cousins hugged and cried, making Long Yi and the others feel said.

Only after a good while did these two people separate. Then, Salinya introduced Teresa to Fandi and asked, “Teresa, you got married? Remember, in those years, you held everyone in contempt. I wonder which family’s bloke married you, this proud dragon beauty.”

Teresa looked somewhat dejected. Then turning around, she called, “Xingxing, quickly come over here.”

Xingxing who was hiding outside the cave exclaimed and happily rushed inside, holding hands with Niur.

The arrival of Niur made both Fandi and Salianya sitting on the jade bed tremble. Just a moment ago, when Niur was playing outside noisily, they had been suppressing their feelings with great difficulty. When they were captured, their eldest daughter Liuxu was already sensible, and after they were rescued, she had been accompanying them. This comforted them greatly. Merely, their youngest daughter had been too young when they were captured, so she basically did not have any impressions of them. Moreover, they had heard their younger daughter addressing Long Yi as father yesterday, and she seemed to trust him greatly. This made them feel very unpleasant in their heart even though they too viewed Long Yi as a family.

“Xingxing, come over and greet Aunt and Uncle,” Teresa instructed Xingxing.

Xingxing sweetly greeted, making both Fandi and Salianya come back to their senses. They were very surprised to see that Xingxing was able to transform into a human form at such a young age and wanted to ask what sort of person Teresa’s husband was. But at this moment, they were somewhat absent-minded because Niur was at their side.

Long Yi clearly realized their thoughts, and he squatted down and said to Niur, “Niur, go over to your father and mother.”

Niur, nevertheless, tightly grabbed the finger of Long Yi. Although she had a kind of close feeling toward Fandi and Salianya, when all was said and done, they were too unfamiliar, so she just shook her head and said, “You are Niur’s father; he isn’t!”

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Fandi slightly trembled and sighed softly. Clearly, he was very disappointed.

“Actually, he is Niur’s biological father. I…”

“Father, you don’t want Niur?” Before Long Yi finished speaking, the big eyes of Niur were filled with tears, and she rushed into the bosom of Long Yi and firmly embraced his strong neck.

Long Yi felt sour in his heart. He had been together for Niur for a long time. In his heart, he already treated her as his own daughter, and he greatly enjoyed Niur’s dependence on him.

Seeing this scene, everyone became silent. It was not an easy matter for a child to suddenly accept two very unfamiliar people, especially since Niur already considered Long Yi as her father and the concept of Long Yi being her closest kin had already rooted itself deep within her heart.

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