Chapter 207: The Land of Fog

“Fu Chongshan. There is no need to settle your feud in a hurry. Finding the tomb is of utmost importance right now. Once we find the tomb, you lot can fight all day and we shall not have any comments.” Seeing Su Muyu and Wei Shanhe interfering, Song Qinghe stood up to add in his opinions too.

Fu Chongshan’s and Xu Heishan’s expressions were dark and cold, especially Li Wuxue’s. All three of them hated Su Muyu deeply.

Li Wuxue had a premonition that if he couldn’t kill Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist now, it would be even harder to kill him in the future.

‘Damn it, wait till I, Li Wuxue get stronger. I will send all of you to hell then.’ Li Wuxue thought with hatred.

Letting out a breath of disappointment, Xu Heishan said, “Little bastard, I will let you off now. Once we find the tomb, I will you leave you no path towards the heaven and no doors into the earth.”

It would be foolish to make a move now. With the three of their combined strength, they wouldn’t be a match for everyone here.


With the long sabre back in its sheath, Fu Chongshan commented as well, “I have to admit that you have quite the good luck. Once my sabre is drawn from its sheath, it must taste blood. But since it can’t taste any blood this time, next time I will let you pay twice the price.”

In his eyes Li Fuchen was already a dead man.

Since he was a dead man, it didn’t matter when he died.

If Li Fuchen could be kept to kill later on, it might provide a better satisfaction.

Li Fuchen didn’t give any vicious replies as words couldn’t kill them. The trip towards the tomb was an opportunity to kill all three of them. He didn’t even need to consider whether he could or couldn’t kill them.

With his eyes closed, Li Fuchen’s qi presence withdrew like nothing ever happened.

Noticing Li Fuchen’s behavior, Su Muyu’s mouth let out a smirk.

She knew Xu Heishan, Fu Chongshan, and Li Wuxue was in for some bad luck.

A true man slaying beast would never openly show their prowess. But when they revealed their fangs, it would be the time they took your life.

Of course, it would be of an extreme difficulty for Li Fuchen to kill the three of them. He might even be slain by them instead.

No one had the ability to foresee the future in this world.

“Good enough. When we find the tomb, I shall not intervene with your matters. Since everyone is here now, let’s put together the map and set off!” Su Muyu gestured to Wei Shanhe.

Listening to Su Muyu’s statement, Wei Shanhe retrieved a piece of the incomplete map and said, “This map is extremely complex and it isn’t possible to memorize it. Let’s piece together the maps and find the rough direction.”

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Just as everyone pieced their map piece together, a large group of patrolling guards came onto the street. Within the group were four martial artists who were at the peak level of the Earth Realm.

“Everyone here, I don’t care what kind of status you have. As long as you damaged the structures of Dense Fog City you will have to compensate for it. Or else my Mystic Tools Sect will have to carry out the laws.” One of the peak level Earth Realm martial artists stated.

Within the Hundred Battle region, some cities had a stationed sect while some cities didn’t.

Due to the special traits of Dense Fog City’s location, it was occupied by the Mystic Tools Sect.

Of course, it wasn’t wrong to occupy a city, but they had to offer protection too. If the sect couldn’t protect the city, there wouldn’t be any meaning in occupying it.

In order to occupy a city, the sect had to send a group of experts over. If these experts were to be wiped out by a rival sect, it would deal a huge blow to the occupying sect.

In summary, only formidable sects would dare occupy cities of the Hundred Battle region.

Most of the cities were governed by their local influential forces, but these self governed cities would have to pay taxes to various sects.

The Azure Water Sect would send out their members to come over to the Hundred Battle region to collect taxes from countless unoccupied cities.

“How many gold coins?” Fan Qiansong queried.

One of the peak level of Earth Realm martial artist took a look at the overall damages of the inn and street, “The inn will cost 50,000 gold coins, while the street will be another 50,000 gold coins.”

“Here is 50,000 gold coins.” Li Fuchen retrieved a gold card that was worth 50,000 gold coins from his storage bag and tossed it over to the asking side.

“Here is another 50,000 gold coins.” Xu Heishan tossed out another gold card that was worth 50,000 gold coins as well.

As they received the gold cards, the four peak level of Earth Realm martial artists gestured with a wave, “Let’s go.”

As long as they didn’t kill, the direct disciples of the various sects still had their special privileges in Dense Fog City. They could just hand over their gold cards and leave. If it was some other martial artist who didn’t have any status, they would have probably locked them up in prison first.


As they headed west from Dense Fog City, there was this dwarfish mountain. It was shrouded in a dense fog, making the mountain seem like a faraway giant.

Standing on the mountain, Wei Shanhe frowned, “The fog is too thick. It will not be that easy to find the location marked on the map.”

“Since this map exists, we will find this tomb.” Song Qinghe said.

On the map, the dwarf mountain was the first marker. They now had to find the second marker on the map.

Only after finding all five markers would the path towards the tomb appear.

“The second marker is a lake. If we follow the stream, we may probably find that lake.”

Su Muyu took a look below the mountain and spotted a small waterfall at the waist of the mountain. The waterfall’s water formed a flowing stream that extended outwards. It wasn’t possible to see it through the dense fog, but it was possible to sense it using their acute senses.

The stream extended very far and had this mysterious power that was guiding the stream.

Fan Qiansong, Fan Qianyu, and Li Fuchen were secretly communicating with each other.

“Li Fuchen, once we find this tomb, the three of us will combine our strength to kill one of them.”

“My brother is right. The three of their ability obviously surpasses ours. Only after killing one of them we will hold the advantage.”

“Actually, the two you don’t need to get involved with this. You have already returned me the favor for saving you by allowing me on this trip to the tomb.”

“What are you talking about? I, Fan Qiansong am not someone who fears death like a coward. It doesn’t matter whether you or I owe each other any favor. Since I treat you as a comrade, I will sacrifice myself for you without any considerations.”

“Comrade, huh? You have my thanks.”

Li Fuchen was determined that he would not let the two of them get in danger.

At the same time, Xu Heishan, Li Wuxhe, and Fu Chongshan were also having their own secret conversation.

“When we find the tomb, we will eliminate Fan Qianyu who is the weakest among them. The other two will not be able to defeat us no matter what.” Xu Heishan proposed.

Fu Chongshan nodded, “That’s right. This is the best plan. After all, our overall ability is superior to theirs.”

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They were certain that they could eliminate Fan Qiansong or Li Fuchen in an instant, but they weren’t absolutely certain.

Following the stream, the group arrived at a lake.

The size of the lake was unknown, as the entire surface of the lake was covered in fog.

“According to the map, the third marker is a huge waterfall. Could it be at the other side of the lake?”

On the map, every marker was connected to the next. Like the stream that was connected the mountain to the lake. There must definitely be a connection from the lake to the waterfall.

“Let’s build a boat first”

This group wasn’t a group of indecisive individuals. Everyone used whatever they could find to build their boat.

In a short period of time, four boats were made.

Li Fuchen rode a boat along with Fan Qiansong and Fan Qianyu.

Using their qi as the propellant, the boat skidded towards the deepest area of the lake.

After a few hours, everyone could hear the sound of the waterfall which was crashing down like thunder.

Under their senses, there was obviously a huge waterfall going downwards at the end of the lake. But underneath the waterfall was an abyss that had an immeasurable depths.

“Let’s go down.”

Su Muyu didn’t reduce the speed of her boat.

Crash, crash, crash!

The four boats sped off the lake and descended downwards from the sky.

Sensing the deep waters below them, everyone borrowed strength from the boats by stepping on it and jumped.

Landing on the shores of the water, a huge ravine was presented to everyone. This ravine was apparently the fourth marker.

“No wonder this is the Land of Fog. I wonder how many secrets are hidden within.” Li Fuchen lamented.

This western section of Dense Fog City was also known as the Land of Fog. This section couldn’t be explore by anyone, not even by a Reincarnation Realm martial artist. For several centuries, there were countless secrets hidden within, which instilled both curiosity and fear in the hearts of people.

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