Chapter 206: I Shall Kill Whoever Makes Another Move

Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist, you shall die today!”

Li Fuchen’s demonic existence caused Xu Heishan’s killing intent to intensify.

Li Fuchen was only at the 2nd level of the Earth Realm and could already barely go even with him. What if Li Fuchen broke through to the 3rd level of the Earth Realm? Wouldn’t Li Fuchen be on par with him then? And when at the 4th level of the Earth Realm, wouldn’t Li Fuchen be suppressing him?

Xu Heishan didn’t wish for Li Fuchen to continue growing.

Bringing his ability to the maximum limit, Xu Heishan hammered again and again at Li Fuchen. The strength and speed of his attacks were much more ferocious.

Li Fuchen kept taking steps back.

‘In terms of ability, I am obviously weaker than him. There is no need to fight him straight on.’

Suddenly, Li Fuchen’s figure became blurry. At all sides of Xu Heishan, were afterimages of a transparent Li Fuchen.

This was before Li Fuchen revolved the Wind Shadow Steps. If Li Fuchen had truly revolved the Wind Shadow Steps, those afterimages might not even appear.

But Xu Heishan’s ability was too overwhelming. If Li Fuchen didn’t revolved the True Inferno Technique, but instead changed it to the Wind Shadow Steps; a single hit from the enemy would result in a severe injury.

Li Fuchen didn’t want to take this sort of risk.

With the Shadowless Leg intent executed, Li Fuchen’s speed was intensely fast, without a shadow or trace. Xu Heishan continuously missed 18 of his hammer strikes.

“Your maneuvers may be formidable but don’t underestimate me.”

Xu Heishan’s movement speed and attack speed gradually increased as well. A few of those hammer strikes forced Li Fuchen to change his form.

Xu Heishan was still an 8th level Earth Realm martial artist, his speed and reaction ability were competent and could keep up with Li Fuchen’s tempo after some getting used to it.


With the Mystical Dragon Secret Technique activated, Li Fuchen’s speed went up another notch.

The Primary Clear Hand could only enhance the burst strength of his hand but not his light body techniques and kick arts. While the Mystical Dragon Secret Technique could increase one’s overall burst strength.

Of course, the Mystical Dragon Secret Technique could only increase his overall ability by two fold, while the Primary Clear Hand could increase the burst strength of his hand by more than two fold.

When one’s overall ability wasn’t weaker than one’s opponent, then the Primary Clear Hand was much more effective. But when one’s overall ability was weaker than one’s foe, the Mystical Dragon Secret Technique was much more effective.

It would be decided according to the circumstances.

As of now, Xu Heishan wasn’t able to keep up with Li Fuchen’s tempo.

The Shadowless Leg didn’t merely have speed, it had the ability to confuse as well. If it was purely speed, Xu Heishan might not lose out to Li Fuchen, he may perhaps even be slightly superior.

A pity that a fight between martial artists wasn’t that simple.

Even if you had a faster speed, but was confused by the enemy, the effective speed would plummet.

“Damn it. 18 Hammers of Blasting Mountain!”

Xu Heishan didn’t relish such delicate battles, he preferred to have upright and straightforward fights that exchanged huge blows. This killer move of the Blasting Mountain Hammer Style released 18 hammer shadows in all directions. Due to the huge force, numerous air turbulence was produced, letting out an imposing presence.

This hammer art was made precisely to target those martial artist who had great speed and extreme maneuvers.

“Your Heaven Fiend Sect is too impudent. Stay down!” Fan Qiansong roared furiously.

Xu Heishan began fighting just because he was unhappy. Fan Qiansong didn’t even have time to react. By the time he was able to react, the two of them were already on the street.

Witnessing Li Fuchen blocking against the moves of Xu Heishan, Fan Qiansong wasn’t in a hurry to provide assistance. He wanted to use this chance to observe Xu Heishan’s attack patterns.

Now that he saw Li Fuchen falling into a disadvantage, how could he bear to withhold himself? He arrived on the streets in a flash, he raised the metal staff in his arm to launch a storm of staff strikes, neutralizing all of the hammer shadows from Xu Heishan.

“Are you courting death? This is the matter between my Heaven Fiend Sect and Azure Water Sect. Your Carefree Sect better mind your own business.” Xu Heishan didn’t look pleased.

Fan Qiansong’s ability was atan expert level. Xu Heishan’s 18 Hammers of Blasting Mountain had such strength but was neutralized by Fan Qiansong in just a simple move.

“Li Fuchen is my benefactor. If you are giving trouble to Li Fuchen, it would mean you are giving trouble to me.” Fan Qiansong declared coldly.

Fan Qiansong was a gold class direct disciple of the Carefree Sect. Why would he be afraid of a martial artist who was at the 8th level of the Earth Realm? His combat ability was much superior than Xu Heishan’s. Of course he wasn’t of the same prodigy class as Li Fuchen. If Li Fuchen was at the 5th level of the Earth Realm, he might probably have defeated Xu Heishan in a single move.

“Fu Chongshan, why aren’t you making a move?” Xu Heishan turned around to ask Fu Chongshan who was on the third floor of the inn.

Fu Chongshan replied, “Why do I have to make a move?”

He didn’t have any intention on assisting the Heaven Fiend Sect.

Li Wuxue said, “Fu Chongshan, did you know of the ten of the Violent Sabre Sect’s disciples that went into the Hundred Herbs Hidden Domain? Half of them died on the hands of Li Fuchen, including the prodigy of your Violent Sabre Sect, Shen Feihe.”

When did Li Fuchen ever killed so many of those people, it was only around half of what Li Wuxue said. It was obvious that Li Wuxue was trying to exaggerate.

Hearing as such, Fu Chongshan looked at Li Fuchen ask inquired, “Was there such a thing?”

“So what if it is.”

Li Fuchen didn’t try to deny. No matter how many he killed, Fu Chongshan would still make his move. Since that was the case, there wasn’t a need to lower his prestige.

“You… deserve death.” Fu Chongshan’s body flashed and headed towards Li Fuchen.


As the staff and and sabre clashed, Fan Qiansong was forced to take a dozen steps back.

Fan Qiansong was a gold class direct disciple, but so was Fu Chongshan. What’s more, Fu Chongshan’s cultivation level was two levels higher than his.

“Brother, let me assist you.”

Fan Qianyu flew down and landed beside Fan Qiansong and Li Fuchen.

“Fan Qiansong, you better move aside.”

Fu Chongshan glared at Fan Qiansong with eyes of murderous intent.

Fan Qiansong replied, “Fu Chongshan, don’t forget that I still have a piece of the incomplete map. Without me, you guys can forget about finding the tomb.”

“I can still the get map after I kill you.” The murderous intent from Fu Chongshan’s body intensified.

“Go ahead and try.” Fan Qiansong took in a deep breath and let out a similarly intense murderous intent.

“Fan Qiansong, leave him to me.” Li Fuchen retrieved a metal shard and placed it in his hand. He had decided that, if they were to begin battle again, he wouldn’t bother about anything and kill the three members from the Heaven Fiend Sect and Violent Sabre Sect. He didn’t even consider the consequences.

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Fan Qiansong spotted the metal shard in the hands of Li Fuchen and decided to leave it to Li Fuchen. He had forgotten that Li Fuchen possessed a formidable artifact.

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“Fu Chongshan, let’s combine our strength and eliminate all three of them.” Xu Heishan spoke with a fierce expression.

“That’s right. Let’s eliminate them first.”

Li Wuxue’s hand had a blood red flag in it. It was releasing boundless blood qi waves.

“Enough, I don’t care what feuds do you have. Let’s first find the tomb. No one is to make anymore moves before finding this tomb.” Su Muyu stood up and emitted her soft and gentle qi presence, which dissipated the battle and killing intent from everyone.

How could battle and killing intent be so easily neutralized? A small amount of killing intent had vanished from Xu Heishan and the trio, but it didn’t completely dissipate.

“Do it.” Xu Heishan insisted on making a move.


Su Muyu activated some unknown secret technique and her body had this radiance appear. It had this imposing presence that exploded, which caused all beings to palpitate. Everyone’s qi, blood and life essence felt like it was dissolving.

“I shall kill anyone who makes another move!”

Su Muyu’s hand was equipped with this dark green scythe which didn’t look normal either. It had a qi presence that seemed like it could cut anything.

“Su Muyu, what is the meaning of this?”

Su Muyu was the only existence here that could make Fu Chongshan feel fear.

He was of the 7th level of the Earth Realm, while Su Muyu was at the 4th level of the Earth Realm. But Su Muyu was a 6 star bone frame and in the Eastern Unicorn Continent, she was considered an unparalleled prodigy. Her combat ability wouldn’t be inferior to Fu Chongshan’s combat ability.

“Since Su shimei6meiyoung or little sister has spoken, you guys better behave properly!” Wei Shanhe stood beside Su Muyu and had his qi presence burst forth too.

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