Chapter 205: Li Fuchen?

The reason why Fu Chongshan invited direct disciples from the Heaven Fiend Sect wasn’t to build up ties with the Heaven Fiend Sect.

If he had this thought in mind, it would definitely be an extreme joke.

The relationship between sects was one that prioritized benefits. When was there any space for friendship? What’s more, though the situation between the Violent Sabre Sect and Heaven Fiend Sect wasn’t filled with animosity. It was almost like the situation between the Azure Water Sect and Heaven Fiend Sect.

The reason why he invited direct disciples from the Heaven Fiend Sect was because they offered to pay the price of one star stone.

Star stones were the key into the Star Road Hidden Domain, it was the most mysterious and unique place within the entire Eastern Unicorn Continent.

This hidden domain was unlike other hidden domains which required a specific time and location to enter. The Star Road Hidden Domain only required a star stone to enter. By crushing the star stone, one could enter the domain.

The Star Road Hidden Domain did have a restriction in regards to cultivation level and age. Those that wanted to enter the Star Road Hidden Domain had to be at least of the Earth Realm and not older than 35 years of age. Only after fulfilling these two conditions would they be able to enter.

And those that could fulfil these two conditions were basically direct disciples from the various sects.

Which was why, the Star Road Hidden Domain had another name—Prodigy Hidden Domain.

According to those who entered the Star Road Hidden Domain, there was a road that was like a the starry sky. The stronger your potential, the further you could get.

After every fixed distance, there would be an obstacle. Once you passed the obstacle, you would be able to continue moving forward.

With every passed obstacle, one’s body would obtain an enhancement from the Star Road Hidden Domain’s energy and have a burst in cultivation speed.

Of course, the Star Road Hidden Domain energy would deplete and afterwards, one’s cultivation speed would return back to normal.

The direct disciples of various sects who came to the Hundred Battle region, would normally enter the Star Road Hidden Domain. After they exited the domain, they would have a sudden progress in their cultivation level. It wasn’t exaggerating to say that they could straight away progress to the next cultivation realm.

These weren’t the only mystics of the Star Road Hidden Domain. Only those true absolute prodigies were able to reach the depths of the Star Road Hidden Domain. And after they exited the domain, they normally kept those mystics to themselves and wouldn’t simply reveal them.

Fu Chongshan once entered the Star Road Hidden Domain, but he wasn’t certain he could go deep enough into the Star Road Hidden Domain. Thus, he offered this star stone to one of his sect’s junior disciple and chose to enter the tomb of a Reincarnation Realm expert instead.

The black-robed individual from the Heaven Fiend Sect was Xu Heishan, a silver class direct disciple. It was he who paid the star stone in exchange for this opportunity. He initially planned to come alone, but unexpectedly, he met young master Li Wuxue in the Blood Color City.

Li Wuxue’s cultivation level was merely at the 3rd level of the Earth Realm and had a relatively weak overall ability. But as the young master of a sect, Li Wuxue possessed plenty of life saving items. After Li Wuxue revealed his trump cards, Xu Heishan decided to bring Li Wuxue along for this trip.

Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist didn’t expect to meet Li Wuxue here, and vice versa.

“Li Fuchen. Its you!” Li Wuxue roared before letting out a sneer.

He had regretted the previous time he allowed Li Fuchen to slipped away. Who would have known that the heavens favored him and actually brought his enemy to his front doors.

“Li Wuxue.”

At this point, Li Fuchen had no intention to hide his identity anymore. Using his hand to smear his face, he revealed his true identity.

“Chen shixiong1shixiongsenior brother (disciple)?”

Fan Qiansong and Fan Qianyu were shocked. The Chen shixiong that they always spoke about was actually younger than them. From his looks, he was at most 20 years old? To achieve the 2nd level of the Earth Realm at such a young age, he was definitely one of the elite prodigies.

Most importantly, Li Fuchen had slain Liu Guangfeng in a single move.

Although they knew that Li Fuchen used a certain artifact to do so. But an artifact had to be controlled by its user, and if the user’s ability was weak, the power of the artifact would be restricted.

Seeing the true appearance of Li Fuchen, Song Qinghe and Fu Chongshan were surprised too.

To be at the 2nd level of the Earth Realm at the age of 20, he was considered an elite prodigy in any sect. Only an elite 5 star bone frame prodigy could be compared to him.

It was lucky that Fu Chongshan had departed from his sect for nearly a year now and didn’t know of the incident at the Hundred Herbs Hidden Domain. If not, he would be filled with animosity against Li Fuchen, as Li Fuchen had slain a lot of his Violent Sabre Sect’s aspiring prodigies.

Wei Shanhe’s and Su Muyu’s sights landed on Li Fuchen.

Wei Shanhe had on an expression of jealousy, while Su Muyu had on an expression of curiosity.

She initially didn’t notice Li Fuchen’s existence, but with her attention on him now, she immediately realized something peculiar about Li Fuchen.

He gave her an extremely mystical feeling. At times he would feel like a blazing sun, at other times, a treasure sword like no others, emitting an imposing qi presence.

“This person has some special traits.”

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The senses of a 6 six bone frame was of an exceptional level.

At a certain degree, in terms of a prodigy’s senses, a 6 star bone frame’s senses might surpass a Heaven Realm martial artist’s senses.

Just like a magnet, there would be times where magnets would repel or attract one another.

“You are Li Fuchen?”

Xu Heishan’s qi presence burst forth and shrouded Li Fuchen.

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Li Fuchen had killed White Fiend of the Heaven Fiend Sect’s Twin Fiends of Black and White. And that White Fiend was the best friend of his cousin, Black Fiend.

“Yes I am.”

Since the situation was like this, Li Fuchen didn’t hold anything back. If they wanted a fight, then he would fight, even if Xu Heishan was at the 8th level of the Earth Realm.

“You deserve death for killing my Heaven Fiend Sect’s disciples! I shall claim your life.”

An odd looking weapon appeared in Xu Heishan’s hand.

This weapon was separated into three parts, a metal pole, chain, and a spiked metal ball.

The Meteorite Hammer was an unique weapon that possessed fatal power.


Holding onto the metal pole, Xu Heishan swung his arm ferociously. The Meteorite Hammer which was linked by the chain launched towards Li Fuchen like a studded meteor.

Activating the Primary Clear Hand, Li Fuchen’s hand gathered a pure and tough Primary Clear qi. He drew his black gold sword to counter the Meteorite Hammer.


The third floor of the inn was blown up. Li Fuchen got blasted off and landed on the streets.

Direct disciples from various sects had differences between each other too. Those direct disciples who had a high cultivation level would definitely be able to inherit plenty of true arts.

Li Fuchen cultivated a 3 star secret technique.

This Xu Heishan had obviously cultivated a 3 star secret technique too.

Even though his cultivation level wasn’t extremely high, but when he displayed his cultivation which was of the 8th level of the Earth Realm, it was easily able to oppress Li Fuchen.

In fact, it would have been impossible for Li Fuchen to kill Liu Guangfeng, from the Silver Cloth Sect if he didn’t use the earth class weapon shard to sneak in an attack.

“Li Fuchen. Accept your fate!” Xu Heishan chased after Li Fuchen.

“Rotating Flow Sword Style!”

Against the imposing qi presence of Xu Heishan, Li Fuchen released his qi presence too and executed the mystic class mid-tier sword art, Rotating Flow Sword Style.

In an instant, the flaming sword light rotated like water flowing and turning into a whirlpool. He then once again countered Xu Heishan.


A huge pit appeared on the street .

This time Li Fuchen only took three steps back.

Although Xu Heishan cultivated a 3 star secret technique, Li Fuchen’s technique realm was apparently much higher.

Even the rank of Li Fuchen’s 3 star secret technique was higher too.

Coupling with the mystic class, mid-tier sword intent, Li Fuchen barely managed to be even with his opponent.

This was the difference between an elite prodigy and a regular prodigy. The various superior attributes was enough to neutralize a disadvantage from a single factor.

“Impossible, his ability… how did it become this strong?”

Li Wuxue was shocked. The previous Li Fuchen in the Hundred Herbs Hidden Domain was already horrifying, but now, Li Fuchen was at least a few folds stronger than before.

But the more horrifying Li Fuchen was, the more it aggravated his killing intent. If he didn’t eliminate Li Fuchen, then Li Fuchen would become a devil within his heart for the rest of his life.

“Mystic class, mid-tier sword intent. As expected.”

On the third floor of the inn, only a few spots were left intact. The place that Su Muyu stood on was undoubtedly the spot which was perfectly fine.

Seeing Li Fuchen’s sword skills, Su Muyu’s eyes had an odd flash of light.

She placed had regards for silver class direct disciples. She didn’t even put a majority of gold class direct disciples in her sight. She would only pay more attention to those absolute prodigies. Even though Li Fuchen’s cultivation level was rather weak, his other attributes had undoubtedly reached the level of an absolute prodigy.

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