Chapter 761 – Arrogant Handsome Man

She added, “I believe Lord Saintess would not fight with the rest for the pearls as well. With the ability to open tens of oysters with a wave of her hand, such speed is also unfair to everyone, right?”

She wants to trap her and turn her into a public enemy?

No problem, since you want to pull me down, then let us go down together.

Bai Li Zi Xi was speechless, what more could she say?

She could only smile with her mouth but not with her eyes as she looked at Huan Qing Yan and said, “Yes. This Saintess is also tired, I do not plan to harvest anymore. I will leave a chance for everyone; you guys should go ahead.”

The show has ended so the people who have gathered had continued to harvest pearls since they have gotten the guarantees.

Leaving behind only Huan Qing Yan, Bai Li Zi Xi, Dorna, Tuoba Yu’er and gang.

Under the presence of so many people, Huan Qing Yan was not afraid that Bai Li Zi Xi would suddenly turn nasty. Therefore, she started to absorb the pearls in front of everyone openly.

She deliberately kept the pearls in a transparent box and talked to Dorna in front of Bai Li Zi Xi, “Bally, what Attribute Pearls do you need, pick one yourself!”

When her words were spoken, Bai Li Zi Xi’s fan group all looked at them with envious, jealous and angry gazes. Some of them even subtlety looked at Bai Li Zi Xi, it would be nice if Bai Li Zi Xi splits some pearls to them as well.

Dorna shook his head, “No. Keep the pearls, I will harvest them myself.” With the swim bladders that Huan Qing Yan had given him, he was already very satisfied.

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He did not wish to take advantage of her anymore.

He was truly happy for her when he saw Huan Qing Yan managed to harvest so many pearls, those stuff were very valuable. Those sly merchants who were buying them here have offered high prices, so it was likely that it would become ten times more if they leave the hidden realm and sell it outside.

“Okay then. Go on and harvest!” Huan Qing Yan did not force it.

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Dorna went away.

Huan Qing Yan had sat down and planned to absorb two Attribute Pearls first.

The Attribute Pearls are rare items, each person could only absorb no more than three pearls, exceeding that number and it would no longer be effective.

At that moment, an arrogant yet nice male voice came from afar.

“I heard that there are quite a lot of pearls being harvested by you people?”

The voice sounded proud yet pleasant on the ears; so even before the person had arrived, it had already attracted the attention of everyone including Huan Qing Yan.

A person with such a nice voice would normally look good.

And as expected, a man came flying from afar!

His figure looked tall and he was wearing a sky-blue attire with white clouds. On his waist was a rhino-horn belt that looked noble and elegant. His jet-black hair was tied up into a bun and on it was a small golden crown. His face was like jade while his entire person was handsome and he was also emitting an innate nobility. It made people feel as though he was high up and untouchable.

Huan Qing Yan only wondered, how come there were so many handsome men on Spirit Treasure Continent?

Fortunately, her heart already belongs to someone. If not, her fan girl syndrome might erupt unknowingly after seeing such a handsome guy.

Cough! She must never let Ji Mo Ya learn of her thoughts else she will be stringed up by him.

When this man arrived, a commotion started.

“The young master of the Shang Qiu Clan! Shang Qiu Meng Qian!”

“He is said to be one of the most excellent individuals amongst the Shang Qiu Clan’s juniors…”

“What one of the most, it is the most okay? Even since Shang Qiu Meng Qian became a God Chosen five years ago, he has been elected as the successor of the Shang Qiu Clan…”


So, this arrogant handsome guy is a member of the Shang Qiu Clan?

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