Chapter 4: I’m Sorry

“Ah, my body feels so light. No wonder they say that each layer is drastically different…”

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Wang Shu clenched his fists. He felt that if the situation replayed itself, when Gao Xiang was standing in front of him with his high heels on, he could knock him flat out cold in one hit. His perception had also sharpened.

Unable to endure the excessive vitality any longer, Wang Shu threw a set of punches till his power settled down. He brought out his phone. Looking at the Blood Essence Pill on the screen, he started to ponder.

“Say, based on what the instruction said, you only need one Blood Essence Pill to reach the second layer, yet I took three… Maybe there’s something special about my body? And looks like there is a time limit for using it. Seems like I can’t bash my level up with only money now…”

But Wang Shu was in no rush. With the Invincible Exchange System in his hands, he will eventually level up one way or another. What he needed now was a way to make money so that he could buy the pills.

Don’t belittle this 1 System Coin. If you exchange it for cash, it would be 5 kilograms of silver in your hands. You can live leisurely with that amount for one year!

Let’s see, borrowing money? Doesn’t look realistic. Although, with his status, borrowing money is not a problem, the problem lies with his reputation. Thinking about it, if he were to add up everything he did in the past, it would be a miracle if someone were to lend him 50 grams of silver out of good will.

As for looking to Lan Yue for money… She doesn’t look like she lacks money. But as man, he will never ask a woman for money.

“Looks like the only way will be by selling goods!”

A transparent light bulb vividly seen above Wang Shu’s head. This Blood Essence Pill should worth more than 5 kilograms of silver.

“Alright, let’s do this!”

Using his remaining SC, he bought another two Blood Essence Pills, and headed to a shop with the biggest reputation.

Qing Feng Pavilion, Xue Feng city’s biggest merchant shop/auction house

From their opening hundred years ago up till this day, their reputation didn’t get stained even once. They don’t just sell a varieties of pills, weapons, and skill books. Every three months, there will be a small auction. Every year, a medium auction. Every three years, a big auction.

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Wang Shu didn’t want to show his real appearance. A while later, a person wearing heavy armor stepped into the Qing Feng Pavilion. His armor was so thick that even his face was covered with a helmet. The only body part visible was his eyes. It gave off a feeling of a soldier who returned from war.

“Honorable guest, how may I help you?” the young receptionist girl found his outfit a little weird, but still greeted him professionally.

Wang Shu spoke in a weird, unpleasant, and husky tone, “I’m here to sell some highest-grade pills. Can you call your manager for me?”

His choice of outfit had already gathered attention from the other customers. Adding to what Wang Shu had said, they became curious about the identity of the person inside that armor.

“Hmm, people these days love to exaggerate. See, this guy said he has some highest-grade pills. If highest-grade pills are that common, we don’t need to be eating dirt every day!”

“I agree. If highest-grade pills were that common, I would’ve reach Blood Qi phase a long time ago!”

“There is no pain in boasting. Hey, I also have some highest-grade pills!”

There were few of the customers didn’t believe in what Wang Shu said.

The same went for the receptionist. She momentarily paused at his speech, and before she could speak out, the weird armored guy threw a cheap looking bottle at her and said, “All you have to do is show the pills to your manager. I’ll be waiting!”

When Wang Shu said that, he looked for a random seat and sat down. Looking at his smooth demeanor, it was like he didn’t hear whatever the others had say,

Just only minutes after, an old man came running towards the seating area. Upon seeing the weird looking armor Wang Shu had on, his eyes gave a look of excitement. After hastily rushing to Wang Shu side, the old man opened his mouth, “Honorable guest, are you free? If you are, then do you mind if you do a further discussion?”

Wang Shu nodded his head, and stood up, “No problem!”

The old man happily guided Wang Shu to the second floor.

“Hey, it’s old Sun.”

“What pills was that guy trying to sell? It even made old Sun personally come to see him.”

“Old Sun is our famous rank two Pill Refinement Master. I’m starting to have thoughts that maybe what the armor guy had said was true.”

Many had widened their eyes when they saw old Sun personally come to see Wang Shu, especially those who had mocked Wang Shu. They felt their face burning and hurriedly left the pavilion.

Half an hour later, old Sun also personally sent Wang Shu off. It was until Wang Shu’s shadow disappeared in the distance,  when he walked back into the Qing Feng Pavilion.

Hiding in an area with little pedestrian traffic, Wang Shu climbed over a wall into yard of an empty house. He had a satisfied smile as he changed his armor and pulled out a stack of silver notes.

50 kilograms of silver!

The silver notes in his hands was worth up to 50 kilograms of silver! Originally, he would be happy with not making a loss. He didn’t expect that these pills could fetch him 5 times the amount he bought them for.

He pulled out his phone to scan the money. It quickly disappeared from his hands, while his System Coin account number changed to 10.

Wang Shu didn’t rush to proceed with his ‘using Blood Essence Pill to make money’ plan. After all, the risks that accompanied such a plan was not low, and it’s already late. He chose to head back home.

He wanted to buy more Blood Essence Pills to assist his cultivation, but the instruction said you can only consume one every ten days, so he forcefully held back. He went to find some sword related technique books, since relying only on cultivation would be a disadvantage.

At the same time, Xue Feng city’s lord manor

Lord Lan dressed in a light blue robe was sitting on a chair with his eyes closed. Below him was Lan Yue and Lan Xue, the two sisters.

Lord Lan opened his mouth, “Xue, what is your opinion on Wang Shu?”

“Father, as to how Xue sees it, that idiotic trash doesn’t deserve Sis!” Lan Xue disdainfully said. She didn’t like Wang Shu, who was her future brother-in-law. Everyone already knew that, so she showed no reserve in hiding it.

Lord Lan nodded. He didn’t agree nor disagree and turned towards Lan Yue, “Yue, how do you see it?”

Lan Yue’s heart faltered painfully, but she replied, “Father, even though Wang Shu behaved like that, he is still engaged with Yue…”

Lan Xue knew Lan Yue was going to put sweet words for Wang Shu. She couldn’t help but bad mouth, “Sis! I don’t care if Wang Shu is an idiot, but are you going to be an idiot too? All you need to do is cancel the engagement. Trust me, that idiot doesn’t deserve you. Are you really planning to marry him tomorrow?”

Lan Yue chose not to explain. Only simple sentence came out of her mouth, “What the husband sings, the wife follows.”

(TLN: the above idiom originally meant during the feudal society believed that the wife must obey the husband in order to have a harmony life together)

“Ok, understood. Xue, go bring me 500 kilograms of gold. Starting from tomorrow, you will be living in the  Wang family’s household.” Lord Lan nodded and instructed. Then he got up and walk off.

“Sis, go tell father that you were wrong! Father, big sis didn’t mean that…”

Lan Xue heard the hidden intent behind Lord Lan’s words. He wanted to cut off all ties with Lan Yue, so she hastily explained, but Lord Lan showed no signs of stopping. In a blink of an eye, he disappeared, leaving only the two sisters in the wide hall.

“Heh heh, Yue thanked father for all these years!”

Lan Yue naturally understood what her father meant, but she didn’t say anything and knelt at the direction where Lord Lan left while crying.

“That trash!”

Lan Xue had always tried to prevent the engagement between Wang Shu and her sis. Sadly, it still happened, and it had happened so quickly, so unexpectedly. She didn’t hate Lan Yue. Who she really hated was Wang Shu. That trash, if it weren’t for him, would father have cut off all relationships with big sis, would l sis get married before reaching twenty?

“Sis, let’s go!”

At this time and moment, Lan Xue only had hatred in her heart. She really wanted to kill Wang Shu.

After reaching back to his house, Wang Shu fell asleep right away when his face touched the bed, all the way till the next day morning.

“Young master, please go quickly prepare yourself. Miss Lan Yue and her sister is coming over!” Just as Wang Shu woke up, his butler’s voice came in from the outside.


Wang Shu was kind of confused. Lan Yue is coming over? His original plan for today was to find a sword and fist technique to strengthen his combat skills. He pondered why Lan Yue would come over so early in the morning.

“Young master, didn’t I tell you yest… the day before yesterday that today is your marriage?” The old butler guessed that Wang Shu had already forgotten about this matter, and kindly explained,

“Marriage? Today! S***, how can I forget?!”

Wang Shu froze for a moment before his back up files kicked in. Today is really our marriage. No wonder Lan Xue and Lan Yue went looking for me at the brothel yesterday.

S***, now I understand why they were so mad yesterday…

“I’m coming!”

He rolled off the bed, got changed and headed off to meet Lan Yue.


But on his way to meet her, Wang Shu realized something. Everything came so suddenly, and he didn’t hear any noise in the morning. The house was dead quiet just like any other day, no drums, trumpets or any other instruments that they use to celebrate a traditional Chinese wedding. There was also no one who came, and no red clothes to change into…

“Looks like our family’s status has dropped this low!”

Wang Shu had a sour taste in his mouth. He was getting married on this day and no one came to congratulate him.

“Wang Shu! Stop standing there like a log and come already!” As Wang Shu was zoning off in his own thoughts, Lan Xue who was standing in front of the gate shouted at him.

Wang Shu shivered. He only saw his butler standing beside the gate, the two sisters standing outside. Lan Xue’s small figure, her crystal-clear face had anger written all over it, as if today was not a celebration.

Lan Xue had a bright red dress on with a red blanket covering her face, like a fairy descended to the mortal world, but Wang Shu couldn’t even force himself to be happy. No matter what, he was the only child of General Wang, and Lan Yue was Lord Lan’s daughter. He didn’t expect his celebration to be so shabby. Not even one guest, only his butler and Lan Xue, two people.

Wang Shu wanted to cry, he really wanted to cry his heart out, but no tears came out. The brutal reality…

“Young master!”

The old butler gave a wake-up call to the dazed Wang Shu. He hoped that Wang Shu could smoothly bring Lan Yue in the house. There is a tradition in Xue Feng city that the newlywed husband must carry his wife on his back into the house.

Seeing that Wang Shu was still in his dream world, the butler once again coughed, “Young master, what are you doing? Quickly carry Miss Lan Yue on your back!”

“Oh, ok.”

Wang Shu nodded and walked towards Lan Yue. Lan Yue embarrassingly lowered her head while playing with her fingers.

“Lan Yue, sorry!’

Wang Shu mumbled to himself. Lan Yue still had her head down, like she didn’t hear anything at all. Wang Shu didn’t want to break his disguise.  He continued his charade like an idiot and gave Lan Yue a rough hug.


Wang Shu’s action was so fast and rough, it completely petrified Lan Yue, letting Wang Shu carry her like a statue back into his room.



Lan Xue’s hatred for Wang Shu continued to grow stronger while the butler shook his head and let out a heavy sigh.

“My father told me to hand you these 500 kilograms of gold, I’ll take my leave!” Lan Xue couldn’t bear it any longer. She handed over the gold, did some simple talking and left.


The butler didn’t know what to say and only could quietly accept the gold.

Wang Shu threw Lan Yue on the bed as he entered the room. Lan Yue let out a heavy gasp. Obviously, she didn’t expect Wang Shu to handle her so roughly.


Looking at Lan Yue, that was the only word that appeared in Wang Shu’s mind. Especially those gem eyes, they really made Wang Shu want to protect this woman. Wang Shu’s eyes changed, his breath became heavy,

Lan Yue did not have any experience, but when she looked at Wang Shu’s eyes, she became like a scared rabbit. She wanted to reject him, wanted to say many things, but everything vaporized as soon as they reached her mouth. She could only fidgetly stare at Wang Shu. Slowly, she accepted fate and closed her eyes.

So alluring!

After Lan Yue closed her eyes, she became even more attractive, making Wang Shu unable to think logically. He wanted Lan Yue right now, and jumped on her, pressing Lan Yue under his body. Lan Yue instinctively flinched. His brain suddenly snapped; his mind immediately cleared up. The former Wang Shu had done enough to Lan Yue. He couldn’t possibly hurt her anymore, so he resolutely turned around and left.

As he reached to the door, Wang Shu spoke lightly while his back faced Lan Yue, “I’m sorry…”

A while after Wang Shu left, Lan Yue slowly opened her eyes. Staring at the spot where Wang Shu was standing, tears started to flow out of her eyes.

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