Chapter 784 – New Friend

In summary, being with Bai Cheng Feng had reduced numerous dangers.

“We are here, see those strange stone steles? Underneath them are the ruins of a Corpse King Tomb, there’s good stuff inside, one of which was the Corpse King Flower…

Huan Qing Yan looked at the stone tablets; each stone stele looked unique and strange, but on a closer look, they looked like human statues as well.

The stone steles come in various heights and widths, no one knew how many years they have been here as some of them were dilapidated.

With a glance, there were over a hundred of these stone steles.

“Are there zombies in the Corpse King Tomb?” Huan Qing Yan was worried.

“You will find out when you enter, are you afraid?” Bai Cheng Feng incited.

Over the past two days, Bai Cheng Feng has been acting very properly. His actions had never been overly intimate while his tone was also not forceful, he was indeed taking the ‘route’ of a new friend.

This was fine as well as Huan Qing Yan was then less pressured.

At that moment, a shadow suddenly flashed past them.

“There seem to be demons here? Where do we enter?” Huan Qing Yan saw a bushy tail trailing behind that shadow.

Along the way, she had seen her fair share of similar sightings and was no longer surprised.

Bai Cheng Feng saw it too.

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He held Huan Qing Yan’s hand, Huan Qing Yan immediately tried shaking it away but it was held firmly by Bai Cheng Feng, “It will be very dangerous when we enter the Corpse King Tomb, you must not take a single step away from me.”

“I will just make sure to follow closely behind you.”

“No, you don’t know this yet, but the Earth Layer was the Layer that the demons are transported to. Demons might have already occupied the Corpse King Tomb, you must stick as close to me as possible…” Bai Cheng Feng would not have it any other way.

Huan Qing Yan did not know if he was exaggerating the danger or not, since her objection was overruled, she could only endure it. She would just have to get away from him after she obtained the Peerless Spirit Plant.

Bai Cheng Feng held her hand and headed towards a large stone stele before pressing a certain indent on it.

A series of rumbling was heard before a dark tunnel appeared underneath the stone stele…

Bai Cheng Feng pulled her inside.

Huan Qing Yan quickly used Clear Sight.

Her surroundings instantly brightened up, her vision has become unobstructed as though it was in the day.

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The basic skills and Ice Shatter Beads that her Master gave her were truly practical beyond words.

The tunnel was very long and was sloped downwards; both were walking very lightly and cautiously,  but she could still hear the faint echoes coming from their steps. Huan Qing Yan estimated that they were at least several dozen meters underground by now.

At that moment, she saw they had turned a corner and reached a wider tunnel. The tunnel was not as moist or damp as expected, but it was filled with a dry and airy scent instead.

In front of her was an extremely grand-looking underground construct, it resembled a great underground palace. Even an ordinary stone pillar has engravings carved into it.

On the stone walls were also lamps that held Night Glowing Pearls. However, the pearls have been there for unknown eons and were covered in a layer of dust. Also, some had been removed, likely stolen by someone.

She followed Bai Trash for another period before they came to a smaller palace building. It was quite dilapidated as the building has collapsed in many places.

Above the palace door, were some words; Lateral Mausoleum Palace.

The words seemed to be mixed with luminous fire as it was emitting a green glow.

It gave off a rather frightening look.

“Ding. Discover Serene Blue Night Fire, special Fire-Type. It could be used for cooking medicinal foods, suggesting host to harvest it…”

Serene Blue Night Fire? Those green fire on the door?

Huan Qing Yan stopped moving, causing Bai Cheng Feng to ask, “What happen?”

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