Chapter 271: The secrets that you didn’t know

The base was on the plateau, and in November, it was covered in nothing but snow; it was to the point that the vehicles weren’t even able to come up to the military depot, not to mention the training base of the snow squad.

The central area trained a group of special and unique ops, with an equal investment in manpower, inventory, and military capital, and just like the snow squad, the recruitment every three years only sees about two to three new recruits.

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If there were no suitable recruits, those who weren’t eligible wouldn’t be recruited into the snow squad even if recruits were required.

An elite platoon unaffiliated to any military region and so secretive to the point that some leaders of the military regions weren’t even allowed to manage. It was a unique squad.

In terms of combat, you could say that there were no special squads that were comparable to them.

To say that they were obscure was indeed true because … You could never find any information as to what this squad had done before, or what missions they have accomplished!

Han Zheng was the last soldier to report to the elite platoon this year, and he, too, brought trained soldiers.

Position: Captain, son of a high official … When he came here, he was like Xia Jinyuan, whatever status they had attained in the past, it was gone. Over here, they had to start from scratch.

On the way to the training base, Xia Jinyuan didn’t harp on anything other than one mere sentence: Forget your status!

Though Han Zheng had performed sufficient preparations, he froze when he saw the conditions of the training base, and after recovering from the shock he tapped hard on Xia Jinyuan’s shoulder, and with a bitter expression, started, “Will our white skin turn black when it’s time to go back? I don’t even know if my sunscreen will work, but I did bring some though.”

“I don’t know if your skin will turn black, but what I do know is that mine won’t. As for the sunscreen, it’s -20 to -30 degrees, you can take it out now and try if you can squeeze out any.”

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Xia Jinyuan took off his mask and placed his rifle on his shoulder, smiling at the lips which had already gone white and parched from the cold, “Also, there’s no starting of fires here, and no electricity, only candles. There is a hand-powered motor which we don’t use often unless we need to contact the military depot. As for keeping warm, you can only rely on your body’s mechanism of shivering.”

“Keep your food hidden in the corner, and remember, we can’t let out a hint of the smell of food, because … Our wooden house isn’t sturdy, other than keeping wind and rain out, nothing else can be protected.”

“This region is dominated by snow leopard activity. You better take extra caution to not become their snack. The map is made of paper, but it’s definitely the latest edition, purely man-made. Have a good rest Z7, you better adapt quickly to this tumultuous environment, so you’ll be able to leave this place after a year’s term!”

Han Zheng, who’s Code name is Z7, with a firm expression, started, “Don’t worry, I definitely won’t embarrass the country!”

“I’ll go see what she wrote while it’s still bright. You can go pack up a little, the other troops will only return in about an hour, so you’ll be in charge of food preparation.” Xia Jinyuan, who had 4 months of experience, had completely adapted to the unforgiving conditions of the snowy plateau. He used the warmth of his hands to melt the ice above his eyes and eyebrows, giving off a jade-like charm, but his eyebrows showed more and more of his introverted character.

Though the barracks were made of wood, they were still able to serve as a shelter against wind and snow. Xia Jinyuan didn’t dare to directly stand in the snowstorm to read this. He stood at the back door carefully pulling out the letter, and the first thing he saw was … Lucky Canton Restaurant!

That girl was certainly able to obtain raw materials locally. Her thoughts seemingly complicated, but actually simple, yet she treated others with sincerity, and not sly like a snake.

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