Chapter 317: Astonishment!

“Elder Qing Xu! Greetings Senior Brother!” Both of them arrived at Wuji Peak Palace Hall. The 2 Daoists in front of the hall greeted the duo respectfully. Furthermore, they looked at Cheng Yu fervently.

After the battle with Xin Feng, Cheng Yu became extremely famous in Limitless Palace. Although they have no idea of his name, everyone knew that Elder Qing Xu had accepted a heaven-defying disciple. Countless of them was in envy when they heard it.

They were not only envious of Cheng Yu becoming the chief disciple of the blacksmithing hall, but they were also envious and admire of his heaven-defying strength.

In the world, how many Golden Core cultivators was able to defeat a Nascent Soul expert? At least from what they knew, Cheng Yu was the only one able to do so.

“Go inform the sect master of our arrival.” Qing Xu spoke nonchalantly.

“Yes!” The disciple turned around and entered the palace hall.

A moment later, the disciple returned. Once again, he greeted: ”Sect Master is already waiting inside the palace hall. Elder and Senior brother, please.”

The duo passes through the main hall, arriving inside the inner hall. Sect master Qing Yuanzi had already sat down while behind him was a beautiful lady.

“Martial Uncle!” When the lady saw the duo arrival, she walked forward and greeted Qing Xu. Followingly, her gaze fell onto Cheng Yu as she sized him up curiously.

When Cheng Yu saw the other party was staring at him, he couldn’t help but felt weird. Could it be that he was handsome to the point of being able to attract all sort of girls at any point in time? Thus, he also sized up the other party.

Her facial features were extremely refined. Her face was like a peach and her figure was extremely well proportioned. She wore a white female gown, making her seem like a fairy.

“Let me introduce. This is Sect Master’s daughter, Xin Yao. You can just call her Senior Sister. Xin Yao, this is my chief disciple, Cheng Yu.” Qing Xu smiled at the lady.

“Greetings, Senior Sister.” Cheng Yu smiled while he continued to size her up.

“Hmph!” When she saw how Cheng Yu did not bother to conceal his gaze and continued to wander around her body, she frowned. This person was really impolite.

When Qing Xu saw the discontented expression of Xin Yao’s he glanced at Cheng Yu in bafflement. Did this kid offend her? Cheng Yu was also baffled by her reaction. Wasn’t he just taking a few extra looks at her?

“Sect Master Martial Uncle!” Cheng Yu ignored Xin Yao and went to greet Qing Yuanzi.

“Good, sit!” Qing Yuanzi nodded before looking towards Qing Xu and asked: ”Not sure why is Big Senior Brother looking for me for?”

“Heh heh, Junior Brother, you are really lucky!” Qing Xu laughed.

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“Oh? What do you mean?” Qing Yuanzi was baffled.

“This disciple of mine had just returned from the Death Forest. He brought back quite a number of treasures and wish to gift one to you.” Qing Xu smiled.

“Oh? What treasure did Martial nephew bring back?” Qing Yuanzi looked at Cheng Yu unconcernedly. After all, Cheng Yu’s cultivation was still somewhat weak. The treasures he brought back wouldn’t be of much use to him. However, when he saw how proud Qing Xu was acting, he couldn’t help but grow somewhat expectant. Could it be that Cheng Yu brought back a treasure he needed?

“Have a look, Martial Uncle!” Cheng Yu stood up and waved his hand, A black-white umbrella appeared before everyone.

“High-grade Soul Artifact? Yin-Yang Umbrella?!” Qing Yuanzi was taken aback. He instantly stood up due to surprise.

The cultivation they cultivated in had a set of Yin-Yang technique. But if they wish to reach the quintessential stage, they would need to have a Yin-Yang treasure assisting them. And it just so happens that Qing Yuanzi was lacking such treasure.

Although he had a Yin-Yang treasure, it was just a middle-grade spiritual artifact. It was not ideal for him to continue using it to perfect his technique. If he had a high-grade Yin Yang soul artifact assisting him, his Limitless Yin-Yang technique would certainly make defined progress, advancing nearer to the quintessential stage.

Qing Yuanzi looked at the treasure in excitement. However, he suddenly became extremely calm and sat back down. He looked at Qing Xu before looking back at Cheng Yu.

“Senior Brother, I’m sure you aren’t here solely to gift me a treasure right?” Qing Yuanzi would never believe he could obtain this treasure with ease. They must have a request for him.
“Originally, we are just here to gift you the treasure. Yu’er had just arrived at the sect, he’s bound to make mistake. During then, he might need Sect Master Junior Brother help in resolving the trouble he made. Just so nice, I remembered you needed a treasure. Thus, this could be counted as his kind intention.” Qing Xu smiled.

“Is it really so?” Qing Yuanzi was somewhat in disbelieve. Was there really a free meal in the world?

“Of course. You should just accept this Yin-Yang Umbrella!” Qing Xu nodded.

“Since it’s so, I have to thank Martial Nephew then.” Qing Yuanzi spoke in joy. His Limitless Yin-Yang technique had been stagnant for very long after reaching a bottleneck. This Yin-Yang Umbrella was like sending charcoal in snowy weather to him!

“However, I do have a matter that needs Junior Brother help!” Just when Qing Yuanzi was about to accept the Yin-Yang Umbrella, Qing Xu suddenly spoke.

“I knew it! Senior Brother, you should have spoken of this matter first.” Qing Yuanzi paused, retracting his hand back.

“You can be at ease. This matter and gifting you the Yin-Yang Umbrella is 2 different thing. Regardless of whether you agree or not, we are still gifting you this umbrella. Furthermore, this is just a trivial matter. You can just treat it as doing us a favor.” Qing Xu spoke.

“Senior Brother, it’s better if you speak of the matter first. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have a peace of mind accepting such a precious gift.” Qing Yuanzi commented. This Yin-Yang Umbrella was very important to him but he didn’t wish to do something that goes against his values.

“It’s like this, there’s some hatred between Yu’er and Kunlun Sect. Currently, Kunlun had sent out people to assassinate Yu’er. I hope Junior Brother would be able to step forth and make a trip down to Kunlun.” Qing Xu summarized.

“Does Senior Brother hopes for me to get them to put a stop to the assassination?” Qing Yuanzi gazed at Cheng Yu in surprised. What kind of trouble had he gotten into, to have the whole sect going after him?

“Nope. I just want you to give some pressure to Kunlun and not allow them to send out experts that are in the Spirit Severing Realm and above. As for the assassination of Cheng Yu, we will not deal with it.” Qing Xu commented.

“Oh? That’s to say Martial Nephew is already able to deal with experts that are lower than Spirit Severing Realm?” When Qing Yuanzi heard Qing Xu words, he was startled.

“Nope. It’s just that Yu’er still needed to grow. Leaving behind some pressure for him so that he could grow even faster. Yu’er, you wouldn’t blame teacher right?”

“Of course not. What teacher had said is what I wish for. As long as Spirit Severing Realm expert doesn’t make a move, I’m still somewhat confident.” Qing Xu’s thoughts were exactly what Cheng Yu’s hoped for.

“That’s great then!” When Qing Xu saw how confident Cheng Yu was acting, he was very happy as he secretly praised himself for not misreading Cheng Yu.

Even Qing Yuanzi and Xin Yao also stared at this newly recruited disciple flabbergasted. They were unsure where did he get his confidence from. Although they witnessed how he had fought against Nascent Soul Realm cultivators and also knew how much potential Cheng Yu holds, Middle Stage Nascent Soul Realm was something the current him wouldn’t be able to handle. Could he still have any more ultimate moves?

“If it’s so, I’m willing to help Martial Nephew in solving this problem. It’s just that I also wish to know why would Cheng Yu fall out with Kunlun to such extent. Is it possible for Martial Nephew to elaborate for me on this issue?” Qing Yuanzi nodded his head in agreement. This matter could easily be solved with a slight effort from him. Compared to the Yin-Yang Umbrella, Yin-Yang Umbrella was a lot more important to him.

“Thank you, Martial Uncle. This issue was originally very simple. It all started when I was in the secular world.” This wasn’t any secret. Therefore, Cheng Yu narrated.

“Secular world? You are from the secular world?” Qing Yuanzi enquired curiously. The cultivation world people have hardly been to the secular world, so much that the majority of them wasn’t willing to even head there. They felt that the place was where mortal lives and wasn’t fit for their status.

In the cultivation world, the place where the mortals live was known as the mundane world. The cultivation world had dense spiritual qi and a lot of children born here had the potential to cultivate. Therefore, a lot of those sects would never head over to the secular world to seek for disciples.

In their opinion, the secular world was like a place that had been abandoned by the cultivation world. The spiritual qi there was extremely thin, making it hard for one to cultivate. Unexpectedly, Cheng Yu came from the secular world. This caused him to be somewhat caught in surprised.

“That’s right. Previously, I encountered a senior Daoist abandoned cavern and inherited some of his legacy and spirit pills. Therefore, I became a cultivator.” Cheng Yu nodded.

“Heh heh. Junior Brother, do you know that Cheng Yu is only 18 years old? 4 months ago when I met him, he’s only in the Late Stage of Foundation Establishment Realm. But now…… Haha!” When Qing Xu saw the father and daughter shocked expression, he became even more proud.

In the past when he had no disciple, those elders, especially the law enforcer elder would always brag about their disciples in front of him, causing him to feel extremely resentful. Now that he had accepted such a pleasing disciple, this caused him to become extremely complacent.

“This…… Is it real?” Both of them was astonished once again.

It was very hard to truly tell a cultivator age because after reaching the Golden Core Realm, one would no longer be aged. Even if they had aged, there was also pills to recover one’s beauty. They knew that Cheng Yu was very young but it wasn’t to the point of him being 18 years old.

An 18 years old Middle Stage Golden Core Realm cultivator was able to fight against a hundred over years old Nascent Soul Realm expert. This was simply unbelievable. For those who were able to reach the Nascent Soul Realm before reaching 200 of age like Xin Feng was already counted as a genius.

Unexpectedly, this Cheng Yu was more than just a genius. He’s simply heaven-defying.

“Yea.” Cheng Yu nodded. Actually, Cheng Yu also have no idea how was he able to breakthrough so quickly. Originally, he thought that he would at most reach the Initial Stage of Golden Core Realm.

When Cheng Yu possessed this body, he had used his reminding immortal qi to remodel this body. Normally, he would only be able to cultivate faster by a certain extent. But ever since he entered the Death Forest, he realized his strength advanced very quickly. What was even more strange was that he actually formed 6 golden cores. Judging from the situation happening in his dantian, wouldn’t that mean that he would form 9 golden cores in the future. When it comes to this, Cheng Yu was actually very expectant of it.

He was also able to sense that there was a deep relation between him and the 5 palaces in the Death Forest. He discovered a lot of things that were somewhat interconnected to him but apparently, all those didn’t seem like it was something this world should have. Like for example the ‘3 Dan God Fantasy Technique’ and ‘6 Dan God Fantasy Technique’. Those two was obviously part of the Arts of Derivation From All Living Things.

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