Chapter 318: Dropping By To Gift Treasures

Cheng Yu narrated the enmity he had with Kunlun. In his narration, he included the assassination he faced with 2 Nascent Soul expert. Meanwhile, Qing Yuanzi was already turned speechless.

No wonder Cheng Yu was able to fight against Xin Feng so calmly. Turned out that he had already experienced a battle with Nascent Soul Realm experts before. Furthermore, it was 1 against 2. Truly unbelievable.

While holding on to her astonishment, Xin Yao started sizing up this rude fella again. Unexpectedly, this person was actually so faithful. For secular women, he was willing to become enemies with Kunlun. Fortunately, he possessed mystical abilities. If it was others, they would have long been turned to dregs.

“Martial Nephew need not worry about this matter. Since you are confident in yourself, I will never let them send out Spirit Severing Expert out to deal with you.” After hearing the whole sequence of events, Qing Yuanzi was also deeply moved. Unexpectedly, a simple matter had actually been turned to so intense, so much that the whole sect was going against Cheng Yu.

“Thank you, Martial Uncle.” Cheng Yu replied happily.

“Haha. In fact, I should be the one who should be thankful to you. This Yin-Yang Umbrella is too important to me. I shall long be courteous then.” Qing Yuanzi grabbed hold of the Yin-Yang Umbrella elatedly.

“Prior, I have no idea Senior Sister would also be here. I have a Jewel Treasure Gown here. Not sure if Senior Sister is willing to accept it.” Cheng Yu suddenly took out a middle-grade soul artifact and spoke to Xin Yao.

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“This……” Never had they imagined Cheng Yu would be able to casually take out a high-grade and middle-grade soul artifact so easily. Qing Yuanzi and Xin Yao were once again caught by surprise. At the same time, they were quite happy with the generosity and ostentatious of Cheng Yu.

However, she embarrassed to accept such a precious present without any proper reasoning.

“Perhaps, Senior Sister feel that this immortal gown doesn’t suit you?” When Cheng Yu saw Xin Yao was stupefied, he smiled.

“How could it be? It’s just that Junior Brother’s gift is truly too expensive. I shall decline your offer.” How could Xin Yao not be tempted by the immortal gown that was hovering above the void while producing dazzling treasure light? But this was the first time they met. She was truly ashamed to accept such a precious gift. Besides, she had nothing appropriate to gift in return.

“Hehe. I admit that this immortal gown is very beautiful. But it’s inappropriate for me to wear it. Since Senior Sister likes it, why not accept it. I believe with Senior Sister’s beauty, wearing this gown would only make you even more glamorous.” Cheng Yu smiled. With a slight wave of a hand, the immortal gown floated its way to Xin Yan hand.

“This……” Xin Yao felt the softness and the spiritual qi released from the immortal gown. It was truly a precious treasure. However, she was still somewhat apprehensive as she looked at Qing Yuanzi embarrassedly.

“Since it’s Yu’er kind intentions, you should just accept it!” Qing Yuanzi was able to tell that Cheng Yu didn’t really care much of those treasures. Furthermore, he was able to tell that his daughter truly wished to have this immortal gown.

“I shall thank Junior Brother then.” Xin Yao replied joyfully when she heard her father words.

Xin Yao smile was like a blossomed immortal flower. It was extremely pretty and enchanting. Even Cheng Yu was somewhat enchanted by it.

“Junior Brother. Since it’s so, I will have to trouble you to make a trip there. We will withdraw ourselves first.” Knowing that the matters had been concluded, Qing Xu bid farewell.

“Junior Brother Cheng Yu, hold on for a moment.” Just when the duo was about to walk out of the main hall, Xin Yao hesitated for a moment before calling out to Cheng Yu.

“Is there any matters, Senior Sister.” Cheng Yu turned around with a smile.

“This jade flute isn’t any spiritual object but it’s my beloved item. Today, I will present it as a gift to you. Treat it as a return gift for the immortal gown. I hope Junior Brother wouldn’t reject it.” Xin Yao hesitated for a moment before taking out a dark green jade flute.

“This…… Is it really ok? This is Senior Sister’s beloved item…… However, since Senior Sister is so sincere, I shall accept it then!” Cheng Yu politely replied for a sentence before taking away the jade flute. The trio present were all stunned by his actions.

Originally, Xin Yao thought that Cheng Yu would decline her offer. Unexpectedly, the refined and courteous Cheng Yu had actually become like another person. She had just taken out her jade flute for not even a moment and was ‘snatched’ away by Cheng Yu.

Xin Yao was stunned on the spot, unsure of what to say.

“En. Truly fragrant. Senior Sister, I like this jade flute a lot. However, I have no idea how to play it. I will certainly play it for you in the future!” Cheng Yu smelled the flute and giggled. After which, he kept the jade flute into his bosom.

Xin Yao looked at Cheng Yu and Qing Xu walked out of the main hall. It was only when the duo had left her line of sight did she reacted.

“Hateful……” Xin Yao clenched her teeth.

Qing Yuanzi at the side also laughed involuntarily. He truly wondered how did his Senior Brother manage to find such a ridiculous disciple. This caused Qing Yuanzi who got used to watching people acting courteous and refined in front of him to feel extremely fascinating. But from the way Cheng Yu acted, it somewhat resembled his Senior Brother as well. No wonder Big Senior Brother doted on this disciple of his so much.

“Father, this person is too inadequate.” At first, when Xin Yao got stared at by Cheng Yu, she was already very unsatisfied with his action. But when she heard that Cheng Yu who was only in the Foundation Establishment Realm had already offended Kunlun just for a woman, this caused her impression of Cheng Yu to somewhat changed. After that, when she saw how generous and polite Cheng Yu was, she felt this person was pretty decent.

However, the duration of such events was too short. A moment later, this person seemed to have changed. It was especially so when he sniffed the jade flute. Truly too shameless!

Hearing the scoundrel say that he was going to use the flute to play a song for her, Xin Yao was taken aback. That jade flute was something she had kept on her every day and no one had ever touched it before. If he were to play it, wouldn’t he…… wouldn’t he be going to touch the place her lips touched?

Thinking of this, Xin Yao heartbeat got even faster as her face gradually turned red. She couldn’t help but feel somewhat regretted and felt that she was too impulsive. How could she gift such an item to a male?

When she looked back at the immortal gown that was in her embrace, Xin Yao was somewhat flustered.

“Yao’er, what’s wrong?” When Qing Yuanzi saw his daughter acting somewhat weird, he enquired.

“Nothing. I will be returning back to my room first.” Xin Yao was startled. She was afraid her father was able to tell the peculiarity in her. She quickly returned back to her room.

Looking at his daughter leaving silhouette, Qing Yuanzi shook his head faintly. He felt that her daughter was somewhat too impulsive in gifting somewhat so precious to her away. However, Cheng Yu had gifted him such a precious gift as well. Hence, he felt it wasn’t appropriate for him to speak it out loud.

When he thought of his Yin-Yang Umbrella, Qing Yuanzi immediately forgo of other thoughts and returned back to his room to cultivate. As the matter regarding Kunlun, it wouldn’t be too late to resolve it after he had finished studying this Yin-Yang Umbrella. In any case, Cheng Yu was still staying inside the sect. Would Kunlun even dare to kill their way to Limitless Palace? If they were to do so, it would mean that they were tired of living.

For the rest of the day, Cheng Yu had personally gone to the other peaks to gift a middle-grade soul artifact. When he saw all the high-level treasures leaving him like flowing water, Cheng Yu felt a heartbreak.

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However, Cheng Yu understood the reward he would receive from gifting away these soul artifacts. The few elders instantly became extremely satisfied with Cheng Yu’s action. At the same time, they also envy their Big Senior Brother. The elders got a few of their core disciple together and spoke.

“Look at the Great Elder disciple. Similar in the 3rd generation disciple as you people. Not only was he able to prevail over the Nascent Soul Realm when he was only in the Golden Core Realm. He was even able to gift out middle-grade soul artifact without any problems. Look at you people. Usually, none of you put in effort in cultivating, making yourself unable to obtain any good treasures. Even so, you needed your teacher to help you think of an idea to do so! Useless!” Such a scenario happened at the few elder peaks in succession as they looked at their disciple in real resentment.

Meanwhile, these disciples stared at the middle-grade soul artifact in the elder hand with envy and helplessness. Being able to gift a treasure useful to one’s teacher was something hardly seen in the cultivation world. How could they possibly compare to a genius that was unseen for a hundred over thousands of years?

They recalled they were only using treasured artifact, or perhaps even spiritual artifact. Meanwhile, someone had already been gifting out middle-grade soul artifacts. How could they possibly endure it! Truly infuriating!

However, other than being angry, what could these disciples possibly do?

The next day in the Extreme Earth Peak palace hall. Law Enforcer Elder, Qing Fengzi complexion was ashen, making it extremely unsightly.

He had just received news that yesterday, Cheng Yu had gone to gift Sect Master and a few other elders a middle-grade soul artifact. This news had already been spread throughout the whole Limitless Palace. However, only his Extreme Earth Peak have yet to receive any gift from Cheng Yu. Where was he going to hold up his prestige if others were to know of it?

“Teacher, This brat Cheng Yu is obviously opposing our Extreme Earth Peak. Let me go and teach him a lesson. Let him know that the Limitless Palace is not a place that he should stay.” Staying aside, Xin Feng suddenly spoke.

In yesterday’s battle, he had been defeated by Cheng Yu, causing him to lose all his face within the sect. He must certainly redeem back his previous honor. Yesterday, he was truly careless. But today, he will definitely defeat Cheng Yu and let Cheng Yu know that the Nascent Soul Realm was not something he could fight against.

“Shut up! Do you still feel that you haven’t lost enough face yesterday? If it wasn’t because you had offended him without knowing the truth yesterday, would I suffer such humiliation today?” Qing Fengzi yelled at Xin Feng in anger.

He had already seen Cheng Yu’s strength himself. It was absolutely not weaker than a Nascent Soul Realm expert. In addition, Cheng Yu was Qing Xu’s one and only disciple. It was unwise for Xin Feng to keep provoking Cheng Yu. When the time comes, it would only cause him to lose even more face.

When he saw Qing Fengzi’s glare, Xin Feng shuddered and no longer dared to speak. He immediately withdrew himself as traces of scowl could be seen in his eyes. Indeed, he was somewhat impulsive yesterday.

However, he was unwilling to accept that he lost to a Golden Core Realm cultivator. Recalling the incident only caused his resentment to Cheng Yu to grow even more. Sooner or later, he was going to redeem back the humiliation he suffered under the hands of Cheng Yu.

“Teacher, Extreme Heaven’s Peak Cheng Yu is requesting for a meeting!” It was at that moment, a disciple came in to report.

“Oh! Invite him in!” Qing Fengzi was elated. Seem like this kid still knew how to think of the bigger picture. Currently, everyone thought that only his Extreme Earth Peak have yet to obtain Cheng Yu’s gift. Now that Cheng Yu had arrived, regardless of whether he was coming here to gift him a present or not, at least his prestige has yet to be disregarded completely.

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