Chapter 40 – Separate

Sometimes humans can be strangely pacing back and forth between two choices.

“Call Hu Jun and the rest, we can go now.”

Yang Tian had promised Guan Qing Xue that he would rescue her grandfather and since Guan Ren Zuo has been found, Yang Tian wanted to return to the Manor immediately. Yang Tian’s brain has been combined with the King’s Spirit, despite the considerable distance, he was still able to sense the situation within the Manor.

Something had happened to the Exploding Fruit Tree, but Yang Tian did not know if the nature of the change was a good thing or bad thing. He had only used ordinary Taming on the Exploding Fruit Tree. Therefore, the connection Yang Tian has with the tree was not very distinct.


Yang Tian got the Brain-Eating Terror Hog to roar; when the other party members hear it roar, they should quickly come and gather.

Xu Dafu was the first to appear; behind him was the female student from the supermart, Wang Yu. Yang Tian had no plans to bring her along, and he wanted to leave Wang Yu and the other women inside the supermart behind, but he was unable to reject the pleas from the rest of the group. In the end, Wang Yu came with them and she followed beside Xu Dafu all this time.

The next moment, Yang Tian’s face darkened, there were two more unknown female students following next to Wang Yu.

Hu Jun came next, behind him were also several other students, it was the same for Lee Si Kai as well. Following behind Mo Kai and Xiao Mei Yi were some teachers.

When all of them were gathered, the atmosphere turned awkward. Each person thought that it would be possible to convince Yang Tian if they were only bringing along a few of their close acquaintances. However, when the others also each brought a few along as well, they knew that the situation was not good.

“Hu Jun, I did not know that your Boss is so kind, saving so many people.”

“Mo Kai, didn’t you say it will only be the few of us? How come there are so many people?”

“Xiao Yu, they…”


Yang Tian had guessed that all of them had entered the school to save people.

“Oh, you guys have done well.”

Yang Tian’s dark face suddenly revealed a smile. Hu Jun was always somewhat of a one-track mind and had assumed the Yang Tian has agreed to bring along everyone gathered there.

“Boss, does this mean you have agreed? See, I told you guys that Boss will agree.”

Hu Jun patted his chest and told the students behind him.

“Hu Jun, then can we call the class monitor and the rest as well?”

“That’s right! Our class monitor has been treating us well all this time.”

“Sure, of course, you can.”

Yang Tian said with a smile.

“Boss, is that true?”

Hu Jun could not help but be excited, can they really save so many people as well? The next moment, Hu Jun understood Yang Tian’s meaning.

“My pet has a big appetite; the more people, the better.”

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Yang Tian patted the stomach of the Brain-Eating Terror Hog while looking at the people gathered as though they were bundles of food.


The Brain-Eating Terro Hog growled and seemed like it was delighted with the ‘food’ in front of it.

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The Brain-Eating Terror Hog suddenly opened its huge mouth and bite a student.

“Ah… ah.”

Before that student could even scream, blood flowed out the mouth of the Brain-Eating Terror Hog.

All of them knew that Yang Tian was not joking and quickly escaped.

“Did all of you think that I am opening a shelter?”

“If you really want to rescue your classmates, then I will give you a chance to remain here.”

“You have one hour to think about your choice.”

As expected, except for his own Tamed Beast, he could not rely on anyone else. Humans? They are too unreliable. He will just have to rely on himself to become an overlord within the Post-Apocalyptic Era without relying on other people.

“Boss, we choose to stay.”

Hu Jun, Lee Si Kai, Mo Kai, Xiao Mei Yi, and Zhu Xiao Ruo all chose to remain in Fortune Boat University. The person eaten by the Brain-Eating Terror Hog was their classmate so they have more or less developed a rejection towards him.

“How about you?”

Yang Tian looked at Wang Yu who was behind Xu Dafu. Xu Dafu would surely follow him, but Yang Tian did not think that Wang Yu would be the same.

“I want to follow Dafu.”

“Have you thought this through clearly…?”

Hu Jun wanted to bring Wang Yu over to his side but Xu Dafu stood in front of Wang Yu, causing Hu Jun to not dare to act.

“I am sure.” Wang Yu replied resolutely.

At that moment, Guan Ren Zuo that was sitting on the Brain-Eating Terror Hog suddenly spoke:

“I heard all your voices, I also want to remain here and save the school with you.”

“Yang Tian, I am staying with my grandfather.”

Guan Qing Xue knew that Yang Tian has treated her very well but she was unable to continue staying with Yang Tian. Especially whenever Yang Tian was killing people, Guan Qing Xue would also suspect if Yang Tian was really a human or not.

However, Guan Qing Xue was also wondering if Yang Tian would really let her go.


Even Hu Jun and the rest was startled, Yang Tian had always taken great care of Guan Qing Xue, why will he allow her to remain in a dangerous place like Fortunate Boat University?

In fact, Yang Tian did think it through. The one he liked was the Dark Assassin Guan Qing Xue, not the Holy Angel Guan Qing Xue. This was also why Yang Tian has been taking great care of Guan Qing Xue at the start but later on, he slowly started to reject Guan Qing Xue.

Within Yang Tian’s heart now, the Holy Angel Guan Qing Xue and the Dark Assassin Guan Qing Xue no longer held the same weigh.

“Students, let us all come together and save our school!”

Guan Ren Zuo walked to Hu Jun and his group with slight excitement; they placed their hands together, as though they have seen the dawn of victory.

Yang Tian could only sneer at their actions.

“Let’s go.”

Yang Tian called Xu Dafu, this time, Yang Tian allowed Xu Dafu and Wang Yu to both sit on the Brain-Eating Terror Hog. Something has happened to the Manor and Yang Tian wanted to return as soon as possible.

The Brain-Eating Terror Hog was currently much stronger than when it was a Rank 1 Mutated Pig, its speed and endurance was significantly increased.

“Boss, it is getting dark. Shall we find a place to rest?”

Yang Tian and group was currently at a Petrol Station of F City, a place that happened to be an excellent place to rest.

“Let’s rest here!”

As their numbers had decreased, it also caused them to become smaller targets and allowed them to better hide.

During the night Yang Tian maintained a half asleep half awake state, he was prepared to act at any moment’s notice.

“Rustle Rustle”

The soft sounds of movement woke Yang Tian up. Xu Dafu was immediately awakened by the sounds too.

“Boss, what is the situation?”

The strength of the current Xu Dafu had significantly increased so he no longer felt as frightened as before, but there were still faint traces of trembling within his voice.

“Be careful.”

The Mutated Fruits and Mutated Vegetables they brought with them were all with Hu Jun and the rest, Yang Tian did not request for them to return. If they were to get injured now, they would need to return to the Manor before they can receive any healing.

Xu Dafu was still better, but Wang Yu was only an ordinary person and cannot receive too many injuries. Xu Dafu had also noticed this problem and was prepared for any situation. He tied a rope between him and Wang Yu, allowing him to pull her towards his side whenever required.

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