Chapter 41 – Ice Scale Wolf

Some black spots were moving about in front of the Petrol Station, their moving speed was not very fast but there was a terrible stench coming from them.

“The smell is terrible.”

Xu Dafu and Wang Yu pinched their noses, even the Brain-Eating Terror Hog was covering its nose.

Carcass Bugs

Carcass Bugs are not insects from the Insect World but mutated from Earth’s Dung Beetles. The reason they were known as Carcass Bugs was that dead bodies and rotting flesh are their favorite foods.

They will not attack any creature, but all creatures will also respectfully distance themselves away from them. However, they are undoubtedly the “environmental cleaners” of Earth. Any remains of creatures will be cleared away by them.

“Boss, what the hell are those things?”

“Nothing important, continue sleeping!”

However the air was currently extremely smelly, even Xu Dafu was unable to fall asleep.

The next time, when the light started to appear in the sky, the group were already on their way.

“Boss, our food is all with them, will we…”

Xu Dafu started to ask worryingly, Yang Tian not only did not request the return of the Mutated Fruits and Mutated Vegetables, but he also did not get back the food they foraged as well.

“So what if we give it to them? Cloud Town is just up front, do we need to worry there is not enough food there?”

“But Boss, I heard from Hu Jun and the rest that the purpose of this trip is to acquire food.”

“You believed everything he says?”

Yang Tian’s motive was the Twin Dragon Ancient Mirror. As for the food? It could be found in Cloud Town, why bother going all the way to F City? Hu Jun and the rest also knew that there was enough food stored yet they agreed to go to F City because they could return to Fortune Boat University by relying on to the safety provided by Yang Tian.

Would Yang Tian send them back out of kindness? Impossible!

After arriving at Cloud Town, the group went to forage another round for food. After obtaining enough food, they returned to the Manor.

“Boss, the stench of blood is very heavy here.”

Before they arrived at the Manor, the scent of blood in the air was extremely thick and the blood scent got thicker the closer they were to the Manor.

“Boss, are those wolves?”

Xu Dafu discovered the bodies of Mutated Wolves, the fur on their bodies were all burnt while a trace of dark energy could be felt from them.

They were likely burnt to death by the Dark Crimson Fire Wolf.

“Check if they still have their energy crystals inside their brains.”

“Boss, yes, all of them have energy crystals.”

Xu Dafu checked the brains of the twenty-plus wolves and found that the energy crystals were still inside.

Yang Tian frowned, it looks like the situation of the Manor was not good if no one took the time to extract the energy crystals.

“Don’t extract them, let’s return first.”

Yang Tian stopped Xu Dafu who was about to extract the crystals, they returned to the Manor quickly.

As guessed, the closer they were to the Manor, the more Mutated Wolf carcasses appeared.

“Ah woo.”

The Dark Crimson Fire Wolf and Charmander were currently surrounded by countless wolves outside the Manor. Leading the wolves was an ice blue large wolf and it was now staring at the Dark Crimson Fire Wolf and Charmander.

The Dark Crimson Fire Wolf and Charmander were covered in injuries and have lost their will to run as well.

Ice Scale Wolf, Rank 1 Elite Beast.

“Boss, those wolves. We…”

“We must go even if we don’t want to.”

Yang Tian supported Xu Dafu and charged into the wolf horde, Wang Yu was not with them as the Yang Tian had tossed her up a tree. An ordinary person following them will only die.

These were all Rank 1 Mutated Wolves while the Brain-Eating Terror Hog was Rank 2; the wolves have no way to stop the powerful charge of the Brain-Eating Terror Hog, allowing the latter to forcefully create a path to the center.

“They are just a pile of meat in front of you. As for how much you can eat, it will depend on your capabilities.”

Yang Tian did not care what Xu Dafu thought as he threw him into the horde of wolves. The wolves immediately charged towards Xu Dafu, wanting to shred him into pieces.

However, the situation instantly turned around, the Mutated Wolves saw a terrible scene and wanted to run away. Within the horde, two terrible arms grabbed on to one Mutated Wolf, in the next moment, the Mutated Wolf disappeared and turned into a pile of bones.

“Ah wooo ah wooo”

A wolf in a flock of sheep could be used to describe the current situation. However, the wolf was Xu Dafu and the Mutated Wolves have become the sheep. The sheep turned into food for the wolf, and this wolf has an exceptional appetite.

“Char Char”

When Charmander and Dark Crimson Fire Wolf saw Yang Tian, their eyes were filled with hope.

The Ice Scale Wolf is a Rank 1 Elite Beast, it was the same rank as the Dark Crimson Fire Wolf. However, it was impossible for it to be the Brain-Eating Terror Hog’s opponent. The Ice Scale Wolf might be able to deal with Charmander and the Dark Crimson Fire Wolf, but it cannot do the same to the Brain-Eating Terror Hog.


The Brain-Eating Terror Hog activates Roar, causing all the Mutated Wolves around it to fall into a state of dizziness, the Ice Scale Wolf was also caught in that state for a few seconds.

By the time the Ice Scale Wolf could react, a huge tusk had appeared in front of it.


The tusk pierces through the chest of the Ice Scale Wolf, pinning it to the ground. However, its stubborn life energy made it unwilling to die just like that, it condensed ice energy in its mouth, wanting to return an attack at the Brain-Eating Terror Hog.

“It’s time for you to die!”

Yang Tian would not give the Ice Scale Wolf the chance to do what it wanted, he draws his Soft Bone Blade and stabbed it into the neck of the Ice Scale Wolf.

Now that the wolf horde has lost their leader, they entered a state of chaos.

“Kill as many as you can.”


The Brain-Eating Terror Hog charges into the messy wolf horde and madly harvested.

“Char Char”

Charmander happily ran to Yang Tian.

Charmander, Rank 1 Creature. Skill: Ember, Flamethrower.

Oh? A new skill. As expected of a Pokemon, their ability to learn skills were outstanding. Even without evolving, they were able to learn new skills.

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“These are for the both of you.”

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Yang Tian took out the two Rank 2 Energy Crystals and gave it to the Dark Crimson Fire Wolf and Charmander. After absorbing the Rank 2 Energy Crystals, it should allow them to become Rank 2.

“Char Char”

Charmander pulled Yang Tian’s hand and brought him inside the Manor.

The Exploding Fruit Tree was in a Withered State.

Yang Tian did not expect the Exploding Fruit Tree to enter a Withered State, this also meant that the Exploding Fruit Tree had extremely overused its power, there was not a single Exploding Fruit on it.

“Char Char”

The King’s Spirit in Yang Tian’s brain was able to translate Charmander’s thoughts when they were within the Manor.

To resist the Wolf Horde, the Exploding Fruit Tree kept using its Exploding Fruits, repeatedly condensing more Exploding Fruits whenever they were used. That was why the Manor could survive until now.

This also answered Yang Tian’s question on how three Rank 1 Creatures could resist an entire Wolf Horde.

However, the Exploding Fruit Tree had also consumed a large number of Mutated Fruits and Mutated Vegetables to rapidly condense the Exploding Fruits.

Yang Tian also saw that more than half of the Mutated Fruits and Mutated Vegetables inside the Manor were gone.

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