Chapter 786 – You Are Vicious

After biting and binding, they quickly retreated.

Huan Qing Yan was dumbstruck, how come this woman looked so bloody alike to Madam Fox Charm?

The previous time, she ate the eyeballs of Madam Fox Charm while the tendons and skin of Madam Fox Charm were also harvested. Can it be that the Fox Demons were here for revenge?

“Are you a sister of Madam Fox Charm? Are you here to seek revenge?”

The woman grasped her bleeding arm and cursed inwardly. ‘Dammit, didn’t they manage to catch and used that pig as a bait last time? It wasn’t even hurt, so why bite me so hard? And how long has it only been? It became that powerful?’

It was only a True Spirit Treasure and yet was able to make her bleed. If it were to rank up in the future, would she not be in serious trouble?

“Get lost. This madam is Madam Fox Charm, the one last time was my clone! I will have my vengeance for destroying my clone, you can forget about running away from this madam…”

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Huan Qing Yan felt much more relaxed. So, it was only a demon that could produce clones, she was fine with anything as long as it was not a ghost.

Now that she thinks about it, a ghost was also a type of soul and Spirit Treasure Continent is a cultivator’s world, a cultivator’s world!

Has she not met her fair share of souls?

There was the reincarnated girl in the past and later, Floody…

She had never considered from this point of view. After coming into an unfamiliar underground tomb, she was affected by her old thoughts and associated this place with ghosts.

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“Is this another clone again?” when Huan Qing Yan cleared her mind, her courage was restored to her usual self.

“What are you thinking of doing” Madam Fox Charm was alarmed.

“If this is your real body, won’t you die after you are killed? Would you still be able to seek me for revenge?”

Madam Fox Charm laughed out loud, “Hahaha, no matter if this madam is now a clone or in my main body, you will still be unable to kill me. Hahaha, the one that is going to be killed today is you!”

Huan Qing Yan spoke, “I am guessing you are just a clone, and what’s more, a newly formed clone at that. Your cultivation should not be any much higher than me, at most a Late-Stage Demon General. If you are a Demon Great General, you would not have to resort to petty tricks such as using illusions to separate me from my companion, and acted as a ghost to frighten me…”

“Aren’t you a smart one! Yes, my current cultivation is not much higher than you, but it is more than enough to deal with you.” said Madam Fox Charm viciously.

“Oh, is that right? Then let’s cut the nonsense and fight! Since my Pig Spirit Treasure can injure you, you better take out the trump cards you are hiding and stop using those illusions. I am a person who has eaten the eyes of your clone before; illusions won’t work on me, especially if it comes from you.”

Leafy and Piggy also coordinated well with her, displaying taunting expressions towards Madam Fox Charm as well.

Madam Fox Charm gritted her teeth, “You are vicious! This madam will constantly watch you from the shadows, you better not get into trouble. Once you do, it will be the time for this madam comes to take your life…”

She suddenly transformed into a furry pink fox and ran away, disappearing in an instant.

Firstly, Huan Qing Yan was right that it was a new clone that was no more powerful than Huan Qing Yan by much.

Secondly, she specializes in Illusions and which would not be effective against Huan Qing Yan.

Since she was unable to win a frontal clash, she could only resort to ambushing.

What was out of her expectations was that Huan Qing Yan’s cultivation had increased so quickly…


When Bai Cheng Feng noticed that something was wrong when he failed to harvest the Indigo Night Fire for three consecutive times.

Someone had created illusions of the Indigo Night Fire to lure him away.

He returned in a great panic, only to discover that Huan Qing Yan standing there perfectly fine from any problems.

He nervously said, “Little Yan, did you encounter anything just now?”

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