Chapter 42 – Promote

After two full hours did the area outside the Manor finally quietened down.

Xu Dafu and the Brain-Eating Terror Hog entered the Manor covered in blood, but all the blood on them belonged to the Mutated Wolves and not theirs.

Xu Dafu had also brought Wang Yu that was being thrown on top of a tree with him.

“How do you feel?”

Xu Dafu had consumed a large number of Mutated Wolves this time, his body would undoubtedly develop the traits of Mutated Wolves.

“I seemed to have become slimmer, this is my first time, I have never become slim in my entire fifteen years of life.”

The fatty flesh on Xu Dafu has reduced dramatically, replacing it was muscles filled with explosive power, there was also more hair on his body than before.

“Eat this as well.”

Yang Tian tossed the body of the Ice Scale Wolf to Xu Dafu.


Xu Dafu could sense the uniqueness of the Ice Scale Wolf and ate it within a short moment without hesitation.

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“Boss, I sense something.”

Cold energy suddenly erupted from Xu Dafu’s body.

Rank 2 Carnivore

Xu Dafu has become a Rank 2 Carnivore, even Yang Tian was feeling slightly envious at Xu Dafu’s rate of improvement.

Xu Dafu, Rank 2 Carnivore. Skill: Icicle.

Icicle: Quickly condense icicles around your body and shoot it towards an enemy. The stronger the user, the more icicles would be the user would be able to create.

“Boss, I felt even stronger than before.”

Xu Dafu said excitedly, the moment he evolved into a Rank 2 Carnivore, he could distinctly feel the changes happening to his body.

The burst of power caused Xu Dafu to be endlessly excited.

“Want to test how powerful you are after evolving?”


Xu Dafu shouted energetically, a long icicle appeared in front of his chest, followed by more very quickly.

“Don’t stop, I want to see your limit.”

Xu Dafu followed Yang Tian’s instruction and continued to create icicles. Xu Dafu was no longer able to continue after five icicles were floating in front of him.

“Not bad.”

Yang Tian gave a rare compliment to Xu Dafu, the Icicle Skill was considered one of the better Ice-Type skills available. Even an Ice Elemental Envoy would only be able to create a maximum of two icicles at Rank 2, but Xu Dafu was able to build up to five, this has strongly exceeded an Ice Elemental Envoy.

“Boss, I feel exhausted.”

Xu Dafu collapsed weakly on the ground.

“You two should quickly absorb the Rank 2 Energy Crystals and promote to Rank 2.”

The Dark Crimson Fire Wolf and Charmander have yet to absorb the Rank 2 Energy Crystals, as they had only just recovered their injuries just a while ago. They only managed to heal all the wounds on their bodies after consuming fourteen Mutated Carrots

The wolf attack this time was not an accident. If Yang Tian’s guess was not wrong, it was an order from the Wolf King.

When it noticed that only so little Mutated Wolves managed to return, the Wolf King would surely launch another attack on the Manor.

Yang Tian’s gaze fell on the Dark Crimson Fire Wolf, the Wolf King’s goal was undoubtedly the Dark Crimson Fire Wolf. As a matter of fact, the current Wolf King was not considered a true Wolf King yet as it requires one important key, which is to devour the Crimson Fire Wolf before it could truly become the King of the Wolves.

When a Wolf King was born, the wolf pack must not have a Crimson Fire Wolf. If there was one within the pack, the Wolf King needs to devour the Crimson Fire Wolf before it could really become the Wolf King.

Isn’t a Wolf King already a Commander-Tier Beast? Of course, it is while a Crimson Fire Wolf is only an Elite Beast. However, if a Crimson Fire Wolf manages to reach Rank 3, it will eventually develop and evolve into Commander-Tier as well.

There cannot be two kings within a wolf pack and moreover, when a Crimson Fire Wolf becomes a Commander Beast, it would have higher prestige than the current Wolf King.

This information was something that the Crimson Fire Wolf did not know as well, but all Wolf Kings possessed the instinct to kill and devour any Crimson Fire Wolves.

This was also why Yang Tian did not hesitate to use Dark Taming when he saw this Crimson Fire Wolf. A Crimson Fire Wolf would undoubtedly become a power Tamed Beast during the later stages. With its ability to rule over wolves, it would be of great assistance to Yang Tian in the future.

The Dark Crimson Fire Wolf and Charmander started to absorb the energy crystals.

Rank 1 Creatures would need more time when they were absorbing Rank 2 Energy Crystals.


Charmander was the first to complete the task.

Is it evolving to Charmeleon?

Charmander started to emit the glow of evolution, but it was displaying an expression filled with pain.

It is suppressing its evolution?

Maybe Charmander was unwilling to evolve to Charmeleon but it was now a Rank 2 Creature.

“Boss, it…”

Xu Dafu was looking worried.

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It can be considered that Charmander and Xu Dafu have only just met but the latter did not see any traces of disgust within Charmander’s eyes, only pure innocence. Solely for that innocence, it was enough for Charmander to hold a great place in Xu Dafu’s heart.

“No worries, it will be fine after this.”

The light of evolution dissipated and Charmander retained its form.

“Char Char”

Charmander, Rank 2 Pokemon. Skill: Ember, Flamethrower.

As it has suppressed its evolution, Charmander did not learn any new skills.

Charmander happily checked its body, as though it was delighted that it had not evolved to Charmeleon.

“So you are fine!”

Xu Dafu lifted Charmander high up, wanting to check if there were any injuries on Charmander.

“Char Char”

Charmander was enjoying being lifted up high by Xu Dafu, the latter to repeat the actions several more times. If Yang Tian felt like a boss to Xu Dafu, then Charmander gave a feeling that it was Xu Dafu’s companion, a companion that he can get along with.

Charmander was Xu Dafu’s first companion.

“Chi… chi…”

After the Dark Crimson Fire Wolf absorbed the Rank 2 Energy Crystal, black and red light started glowed alternately from its body. Had it been a Crimson Fire Wolf was promoting, it would indeed not display such a situation but this was a Dark Crimson Fire Wolf.

Dark Tamed Beasts would experience a Dark Refining process each time they rank up. When the Dark Crimson Fire Wolf promotes to Rank 2, its overall attributes would be higher than other similar Rank 2 Creatures. In fact, the process might even allow the Dark Crimson Fire Wolf to reach Commander-Tier faster.

The dark light suppressed the red light, while the red light suppressed the dark light in return. This process continued for thirty minutes.


“Ah Woo”

Dark Crimson Fire Wolf, Rank 2 Elite Beast. Skill: Flamethrower, Dark Teleport, Fire Fang.

Flamethrower: Shoots a massive jet of flames forward.

Dark Teleport: Instantly teleport to anywhere within a 7-meter radius once.

Fire Fang: Condense flames on the fangs to deliver destructive power.

“Dark Teleport increased very quickly” Yang Tian muttered.

Dark Teleport increased to seven meters from the previous three meters, this increase was huge, to have increased significantly also shows the potential that the Dark Crimson Fire Wolf possessed.

The size of Dark Crimson Fire Wolf had also experienced a change and it was now two meters tall, three and a half meters long. The dark tattoos on its body had also turned a deeper shade as well.

Especially the Black Lotus mark on its forehead, it was no longer as distinct as before.

It was beginning to be ingrained deeply inside its soul.

When the Black Lotus mark on the Dark Crimson Fire Wolf’s forehead completely disappears, it would also permanently become Yang Tian’s Tamed Beast.

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