Chapter 208- Home is Where You Make It Part 2

KMega6KMegacharacter rubbed the sweat from his forehead as he felt the dragon4dragonspeciesian horns under his hair.

By now, he had collected all the logs he needed for his home, but he had the time and money for a few more, so he decided to get more than he needed.

He looked up at the evening sun before returning to under the shade of one of the trees.

He then picked up his axe that was leaning against the tree and pictured where he wanted to strike. He gave a few practice swings before filling his entire body with power and striking the tree. However, unlike the tree before it, he cut through this one like butter, causing him to throw his axe.

[Crit! You dealt 5,133 damage to wild dog.]

He blinked in surprise after seeing the message before walking over to where his axe landed.

He collected his loot from the unexpected kill before proceeding to limb and size the tree and putting it on his shoulder. He then carried it to his base camp where there was a pile of at least a hundred trees. He used some of the limbs as kindling and made a small fire to cook his dinner before going to sleep and logging out.

When KMega logged back in, he packed up his camp and made sure all the lumber was properly marked before journeying back to Three Leaves. After reporting on his order to the lumberyard manager, he went to the inn and properly logged out for the night.

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Upon leaving the pod, he appeared in the well-lit room that was his game room and noticed that Astrid7Astridcharacter was still sitting in her chair. She had no cause to move from that spot except for when KMega leaves, so when he left the room, so did she. On the other side of the soundproof walls was an office overlooking a shipyard.

Several years ago, KMega’s family were the owners of a modest space transportation company. They were not ‘the’ name of the market, but they were ‘a’ name.

However, two years ago, when KMega’s older brother started handling the business affairs, an unexpected lawsuit brought his brother and their parents to a shipyard construction warehouse.

The cause of the lawsuit was due to his brother ordering inferior materials to make their revolutionary product to save on expenses. When KMega learned of this, he was sad for his family, but he was also amused that his parent’s greedy influence rubbed off on his brother in a way they never intended. They always understood that investments require insurance, but his brother was more the penny saved is a penny earned type. The sale of the warehouse was part of the liquidation of their assets and was purchased from the prize money he earned as a professional gamer, as well as from other income. This move saved his family’s company from complete foreclosure and bankruptcy. KMega’s successes were completely unknown to his parents before this incident.

Now, they talk to one another at least once a year without mentioning money.

In the warehouse, there was a large space shuttle being made.

KMega glanced out the window as he walked towards the kitchen.

There were three different types of spacecraft; commercial transportation- transporting civilians and low importance cargo.

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The next is cargo transports that are specialized into two categories; one hauls large amounts of anonymous materials- anything from articles of medicine and food to small land vehicles, or even water. The second is high-value cargo transports. These are normally faster and have better defenses against attacks. Their cargo capacity is lower, but the value of it is hundreds or even thousands of times more valuable than mass transports.

The third craft type is military. This ranges from combat escort and scout craft to mammoths of carriers that can act as independent space stations.

What was being built would best fit in this category- a colonization ship.

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