Chapter 207- Home is Where You Make It Part 1

KMega6KMegacharacter looked at the field of land sprawled out before him while standing next to Astrid7Astridcharacter.

Astrid gave his hand a gentle squeeze, so he smiled at her and said, “We’re finally home.”

They were playing a much more relaxing game this time. No grand adventures, no need to meet quotas, and nobody to tell him what he can and can’t do.

After admiring the plot of land a little more, KMega took off his pack and brought out a sturdy ax.

[Sturdy Wood Axe (U)- A loggers ax forged by a skilled smith. Suitable enough for logging wood or for self-defense against common beasts

Durability: 150/150

Attack: +25

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Reduced stamina consumption when swung

Has a small chance to perfectly cleave a tree on the first strike when logging

+25 attack against common beasts and monsters


Level 30]

Only allowed on

After a quick kiss to Astrid’s cheek, he left her to set up camp as they agreed on. His job was logging some lumber for their new home, so he went to the nearby forest town of Three Leaves. For a modest sum, any tree he cuts down himself and brought here can be processed and brought to his homestead. Given the importance of their home, he was also going to contract laborers to help with the construction of the cabin. By the time KMega gathers enough logs for a two-story building, Astrid will use her magic to form a basement and the basis of the foundations of their home. He could not help but whistle to himself as he thought about it.

Once he arrived at Three Leaves, KMega immediately checked into an inn before going to the lumberyard. He then arranged for some work, which wasn’t too hard since forestry is this village’s specialty. However, the woodwork workshop manager he talked to found it a little fishy when he asked for a contract. Reluctantly, he paid half up front to reserve the work to be done and was given a map where he could log.

He then decided to rest in the inn and log out before he got started.

After a quick nap, KMega logged back in and looked at some side quests before entering the woods. With axe in hand, he proceeded to the designated fenced off area only to find it filled with stumps and saplings. KMega closed his eyes in annoyance as he double checked the map and contract before looking around the surrounding areas. As he thought, someone trolled him and switched the location markers for the area with the proper one.

Just to be sure, he appraised the trees in the mislabeled area and they were marked for the area on his map. The trip back would have wasted half a day, and his permit only lasted for a week, so this troll move would have wasted a full day.

Good thing he did his due diligence and set up a base camp.

He then glanced around the area before sighing and getting to work.

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