Book II – Bandit, Chapter 16 – Chaotic Thunder Annihilation!

“Cave? Ah!” Aiken Moon was momentarily dazed, before waking up and pointing in a direction behind the rock ledge, “It’s back that way, somehow. Merely, we got kind of turned around a lot, I’m not sure exactly where it is anymore.”

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Upon hearing this, Jodye used telepathy to ask Sylvester if he had any way to find the cave.

“Maybe. However, as I currently cannot be further than 100 meters away from you, there’s nothing I can find that you wouldn’t be able to find yourself,” Sylvester responded.

“False. If you were to travel 100 meters away from me and then use your spiritual sense you would be a far more effective scout then just me alone,” quipped Jodye Trill using sound logic.

“Do you take me to be your guard dog?” Sylvester spat.

“Well. Guard… sky wolf, right?” Jodye shrugged. Sylvester was irritated, but what could he say? It was the truth, after all.

“Fine,” Sylvester defied gravity and the transformed into his child form, the 3-meter-tall, 6-meters-long, pitch black Sky Wolf with a single wing. Sylvester flew off into the distance to see if he could discover anything.

Fifteen minutes later, Sylvester returned with good news disappearing into Jodye’s glabella! He had indeed located dominant dark energy fluctuations to the southwest. As the leader of this little group of children, Jodye made the executive decision to investigate this widely unknown danger zone.

Aiken Moon was not okay with this, “Mr. Jupiter you must reconsider this! That’s not a place kids like us should go.”

“You do not have to accompany me,” replied Jodye Trill immediately. There were no fluctuations in his voice at all. “In fact, it may be better for you to watch Dessa. Tell me, why is the original energy in you so disordered? Are you injured?”

Aiken lowered his head and sighed, “Indeed. When you’re branded as a slave, there is this cursed fate seal that they jam into your origin pool, sealing your cultivation’s fate. Before getting my origin sealed I was beaten up really bad, so my current strength is sealed at a bit more than 1 bp. If I accumulate any more than that, the curse takes effect.”

“Oh wow! That’s so evil.”

Sudden Enlightenment!


Jodye suddenly understood now. Also, to the three youngsters shock, the [Cosmos Revolving Grimoire] appeared in a purple flash of light and Eureka jumped out of the fourth page and landed on top of his head. This almost sucked his remaining energy dry!

Ignoring this for the moment, he subconsciously glanced at Dessa Chimes, only to see her smiling sweetly back at him. Jodye knew now that the slave seal must not have been the only seal placed on Dessa back then! He turned back to Aiken and asked, “So how can we remove these seals?”

“As far as I know it has to either be removed by a saint at the same level or greater than the one who placed it, or someone skilled enough to unravel the curse seals,” replied Aiken Moon dejectedly. Jodye made a mental note, before walking off silently.

Jodye grabbed Eureka and held her out to look at this Twilight Sphinx cub. Could it be that he was able to summon contract beasts simply by calling out their names?

“It’s because Eureka, this little sis, is spirit bound. However, eventually you probably will be able to do the same with us,” replied Xavier telepathically.

Jodye opened his eyes and withdrew a mid-grade origin stone, and sat down on the spot to begin recovering his origin energy. However, the moment he absorbed the energy from the origin stone, a strange phenomenon occurred! His powers moved through his origin vein pathways in a unique and totally new circulation pattern!

Jodye’s eyes snapped open in shock. This felt completely different from when he circulated the Bright Star method.

“Congratulations host! You have successfully unlocked the third seal of [Pharaoh’s Law4Lawthe rules and principles that create, govern, and maintain the energies of the universe. When laws come into harmony they form different systems naturally, with as many functions as the laws in harmony. For laws to enter a state of harmony, they must be compatible and have a proper conduit such as a star, or anything with its own unique Origin source law. With a good enough conduit it is possible to make incompatible laws reach a state of harmony, but in such a scenario there is a high chance of the force turning cancerous. The condensation of law energy produces what is known as Force or Qi..]!” said a slightly stiff, but surprisingly childish voice and humanlike voice in Jodye’s head.

“Uh… Trippy?” Jodye Trill was skeptical.

“Lol, Yes host?” That’s right. Trippy literally said L O L before it replied. Jodye resisted the urge to curse out loud. What the f*** was this?

“Um… less of this, how did I unlock the third seal? Also, what benefits does unlocking this seal provide for me?” asked Jodye Trill.

“I’ll answer you, host! The artifact spirit Trippy’s intelligence has been raised to another level. Can’t you tell, lol?” responded Trippy. “[Pharaoh’s Law] can now be maintained for half the heavenly energy cost! Also, the host’s inherited legacy has been fully integrated into your body. Host’s bloodline and body have been enhanced, the host is now in possession of 15% Volos bloodline! This is also the reason for the third seal unlocking!”

“What?!” Jodye Trill finally shouted out loud, startling Dessa and Aiken greatly. However, they were offered no explanation, and Jodye returned to his previous posture after his outburst. Dessa was confused, while Aiken had a contemplative look on his face. Meanwhile, Jodye continued the conversation in his head, “What is a Volos and how could you alter my blood? Should source artifacts be capable of this?”

“I’ll answer you, host! Access denied.” Trippy’s voice returned to mechanical for an instant, before becoming childish again, “Lol, that was weird, host. I guess I can’t answer that question for you after all, host! However, I can tell you that blood can be formed from pure origin energy! This is how this artifact spirit altered your bloodline. This process started when you first wore [Pharaoh’s Law]!”

“Great Gaea, that long? So then will my bloodline eventually be 100% Volos?” asked Jodye Trill. In truth, he was already aware that the commonly seen dragons were members of the fey race from his inherited memories. Whereas the creatures known as True Dragons were in fact descendants of the mighty Volos Race. Merely, he didn’t know many details about the enigmatic Volos race, but he felt as if he would know more once he unlocked the next part of Jupiter Titan’s memories and integrated with them.

“I’ll answer you, host!” interrupted Trippy. Jodye suddenly missed the emotionless voice of the previous Trippy. “This is possible! Besides, the host has conflicting bloodline limits! Without Trippy, the host would likely never increase the rank of his bloodline.”

“Why is that?” asked Jodye Trill.

“Volos blood can assimilate other bloodlines, and adapt their abilities while changing their source. This is an ability unique to divine dragons!” responded Trippy. Jodye felt as if this source artifact spirit was slowly becoming better at having a conversation, much better than before. He thought that he could perhaps get used to this change.

“How can I unlock the next seal? Also, can you detail this legacy for me?” asked Jodye Trill.

“I can not answer that, host! LOL” responded Trippy, making Jodye’s brow twitch. However, Jodye felt his brain flooded with information and heard Trippy speak again before he could react, “Host has inherited the bloodline and physique of the Plasma Dragon clan. Transmitting legacy information.”

After a few minutes of enduring a new headache, Jodye had his answer. Original Immortal Conception! The origin god beasts were utterly different from other races, as they were born directly from the energy of the heavenly origin. Their bodies created their own set of laws, or an original dao as if each origin god beast had the potential to stand shoulder to shoulder with the Universal Dao. These original daos were known as Original Immortal Conceptions!

It was a power formula origin god beasts were born with, that grew as they grew! No comprehension was required, these laws were literally apart of their flesh and blood! Now, Jodye had inherited an original immortal conception as well. It would grow stronger as his origin increased in level! His cultivation speed would improve as his bloodline grew denser!

“[Chaotic Thunder Annihilation],” Jodye Trill’s host soul was standing on the balcony of his condo. As he looked at the pool, he contemplated his new power. There was now a fifth bubble in the pool of water, but it was much larger than the other four! To the point that they seemed to orbit around it. There was no longer much space in the pool!

“This is no ordinary pool water, temp host. This is your soul pool, this water is actually your pool of soul force,” Xavier Tricko was dressed in black brocade robes and floating on a nimbus cloud next to Jodye.

After listening to his words, Jodye decided to remodel this place when he figured out how to do so. After all, he had already let go of the past. Jodye peered over the balcony at the wilderness below. Sleeping on the highest branch of the tallest tree was actually a young divine dragon! It was two meters tall, and ten meters long.

The divine dragon pup had pale golden scales, except on its side where there were hundreds of silver lightning runes that formed a hieroglyph that looked like a thunderbolt. The divine dragon’s tail was long, barbed, and it had four legs with three claws on each one. There were two gargoyle-like wings, with little nails at the ridge that could latch on to each other at the neck, so that at first glance the dormant wings look like a cape. In the center of its head was a small silver horn containing two runes, one for SKY and one for GOD.

The dragon opened its eyes as Jodye Trill observed it, observing him back. However, he felt like he was looking at himself watch himself. Everything the dragon saw, Jodye saw, it was like he had another pair of eyes. Within the Host Space, Jodye was the dragon, and the dragon was Jodye. He was always aware of what was going on in the host space even if he didn’t send his perception within. This was a magical feeling.

“Now imagine if you had chosen to fuse with all three of us, and somehow managed to defeat both of our powerful wills to do it. Do you think you could handle such a thing?” the sky wolf pup form of Sylvester asked casually from next to the dragon pup as if he was discussing something unrelated to himself.

“It truly sounds stressful. The weight of divine power is indeed not normal,” admitted Jodye Trill.

“Yes, in truth it should be impossible for three divine powers to coexist. In fact, it should also be impossible for two divine powers to coexist. However, your soul space is far larger than what it perhaps should be.” Sylvester yawned.

Activating the mind’s lamp technique, Jodye observed the changes taking place in his body while he cultivated his origin. He could sense that deep in his origin pool, there were what seemed to be six little crystal fragments. In particular, there were two that were currently surrounded by spheres of energy, one black with golden runes swimming within and the other pale gold with sparks of electricity webbing across it randomly. This force genesis was in the form of a little lightning ball, while the former had the silhouette of a profound young dragon.

As Jodye’s origin energy circulated the little lightning ball and profound dragon were producing two different tiny runes constantly in succession. He timed it to be about one rune every ten minutes. The first rune was silver little lightning rune from the lighting ball. The second rune, which was produced from the profound dragon, was black and white in color, followed by another lightning rune and then another black and white rune. Jodye didn’t recognize this rune at a glance. Apparently, he had no inherited memories about this particular rune.

How rare!

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After all, Jupiter Titan the T’Zhane had pervasive runic knowledge, it was his life’s real passion. Of course, Jodye knew from the information he downloaded from Trippy that this was a heretical origin rune! After condensing, the runes would fly out of his force genesis and imprint in his origin pool one by one. He knew this would continue until these runes imprinted all throughout his body, finishing in the bone marrow. This was the first layer of the [Chaotic Thunder Annihilation], Heretical Lightning! There were seven layers in total. Once his origin veins, spiritual meridians, organs, blood, flesh, and bone marrow had 100 of each rune, that would be when he broke into the next layer.

Watching this process begin he grew excited, and wondered how much the speed would increase once he broke through to the next layer! The current rate was a bit slow. Jodye sent a thought to the source artifact of [Pharaoh’s Law], and a voice echoed through the host space, “I’ll answer you, host! If the host would like to increase cultivation speed, the easiest method is to produce more Volos blood! To produce more Volos blood, the host can either consume the blood of dragons for this artifact spirit to transform, or fuse the divine energies of chaotic mystique and origin to produce more Volos bloodline.”

Jodye Trill had no idea what chaotic mystique was, so the dragon opened its eyes and glanced at Sylvester.

Chaotic Mystique11Chaotic Mystiqueone of the 9 original formless energy masses that existed within primal chaos before the universe was formed. Also known as the 9 layered skies or the Heavenly Ennead. Sixth layer. Primal and destructive forces that contain all the mysteries of the Zenith. A myriad of ethereal or spiritual beings are born of an agglomeration of Chaotic Mystique and Divine Source Laws. With the addition of origin energy this produces certain Origin God Beast33God BeastMonster clan beast with fifth rank lifeblood. Once a Demi-god beast with more then 70% bloodline purity advances past level 9 they will evolve into a actual God Beast. Merely God Beasts that evolved from a lesser form will never achieve a strength higher then level 7. God Beasts are cable of, and mostly prefer, maintaining heroic form to cultivate greater law energy inheritances for a path to true strengths as well. Chaotic Mystique on its own, however, is the most unfathomable and volatile energy. Known as Profound energy is the energy of the sixth layer of the sky,” replied Sylvester, “However, if you were to allow any to enter your body, you would likely be destroyed immediately.”

The last part of Sylvester’s sentence poured an ice cold bucket of water over Jodye’s head, “Well, beggars can’t be choosers right? No need to be greedy, no need, no need…”

Of course, Xavier and Sylvester were both rolling their eyes. Due to their mental link, the very moment that Jodye had decided to hunt dragons for their blood they were aware of it.

“The first layer of my [Chaotic Thunder Annihilation] is called Heretical Lightning. Once I manage to cultivate the heretical lightning, my thunderbolt force will be able to fuse with any energy that backed by my origin. This means I can basically use any concept I want, and would still be able to fuse it into my lightning, incredible,” Jodye Trill was very excited. Who knew being a Sage could be so awesome? “There’s totally no need for me to use a mental cultivation method anymore. Seems like a bit of a waste though, since Grandpa Geb gave me such a nice one… no matter. Okay, next I should try to focus on saint training for Dessa and myself!”

Jodye was training to reconstruct Dessa’s body before she broke through to the next realm! That way she would be able to practice the Titanic Rage Law. However, to do this, he needed to deepen his understanding of true worldly essence.

“Do not forget my words, Jodye. I should be able to reconstruct her body using yours as a model, but you’ll likely need to temper her flesh to withstand astral might on your own,” Sylvester spoke cautiously through, “However, fusing your astral power with worldly power and then slowly tempering her earthly powers is indeed a valid method.

“So… use astral essence to turn Dessa into a war god? Got it. My first titan, hehe…” Jodye Trill laughed very mischievously.

The sun finally set on an eventful day.

Opening his eyes, Jodye got up and started a fire before roasting a huge thigh of the Deep Mountain Stag. Truthfully, he wanted to eat the other beast, but it felt cruel to do so in front of the Shadowblitz Lion cub. After eating and laughing with his new friends, Dessa and Aiken fell asleep curled up under the Shadowblitz Lion cub.

Meanwhile, Jodye continued to refine the origin energy in his mid-grade origin stone. He only had two mid-grade origin stones once this one was gone, but what could he do? He needed to train. Anyway, he had more than enough lower grade origin stones. He allowed his body to cultivate for five hours in autopilot, while he continued to monitor the surroundings. With [Pharaoh’s Law] active, anyone within 200 meters of them would be noticed by him immediately.

After several more hours, the sun finally rose again from the east. Jodye opened his eyes, and they flashed with arcs of pale green lightning and golden light. Green was the color of the heretical lightning! Merely, it should be a deep forest green instead. Jodye had a total of 66 runes in his origin pool, half of which were lightning and the other half heretical origin runes. His origin pool’s depth and energy capacity had increased by a shocking third!

He could also feel that his understanding of lightning laws had advanced significantly! His Perfected nascent concept the Chaotic Melody of Destruction was spinning in his mind as new truths begin to take shape in his inner consciousness. The dragon in his host space spread its wings, and flew into the skies of the host space, readily digesting these truths while Jodye opened his eyes.

His force concept was on the verge of a breakthrough!

“Totally wild…”

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