Chapter 206- The Grind

KMega6KMegacharacter woke up in the campground and looked at Astrid7Astridcharacter in the bed of the tent they were sharing. He smiled at her as she climbed on top and pinned him.

After a quick kiss, she leaned her head on his chest.

KMega softly held her head with his hand in contentment as he said, “This is nice.”

After about half an hour, voices came from outside the tent, “Hey, lovebirds! Are you getting up or what?”

Astrid let out a grunt in contempt as she got off of KMega and started getting dressed.

Later on in the day, KMega and Astrid began gathering herbs in a safe area.  

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After some time passed, KMega walked over to Astrid and said, “I got enough for about twelve silver. How about you?”

Astrid picked another herb out of the ground and put it inside her bag before responding, “I got about fifteen.”

KMega sighed as he brought up his menu to see the assets of his companions.

“We’ve been at it a week and we barely have fifteen gold.”

Astrid hugged him from behind as she said, “We really don’t have to worry about time in this life. After all, we were made to do these things. You just relax and take it easy.”

KMega then put some weight on her before turning around and wrapping his arms around her.“ Sorry, just looking at the numbers. A deed costs ten thousand gold. It’s a lot of work, and I don’t feel like I’m contributing. If I joined Kieser in his combat quests, we would be earning ten gold a day. Even more, after we level up.”

Astrid backed away from him embraced and slugged him on the head before saying, “You know that’s our first step for another grand adventure. Look what happened in ‘Aces in the 1880s’.” KMega looked away, ignoring the comment as he responded, “Anyways, it’s not right for you to do so much and me so little.”

Once he said that Astrid suddenly jumped and kicked him in the back of the head, causing him to go flying into a nearby tree.

He regretted the moment he landed on the ground that she took a martial artist class.

“You have the most important role out of all of us! There is no need for you to do anything but live a healthy life. It is you we can not do enough for.”

Astrid then walked over to KMega and helped him up.

After taking some time sitting in the shade, KMega found himself looking up into the sky.

“Will you miss it, Astrid? I mean, will you miss these worlds?”

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Astrid grabbed his hand before following his gaze into the sky and saying, “Of course, this is where I was born. However, not everyone accepts me as you do, but the choice is made.” KMega let out a sigh as he stood up after enough of his HP had recovered.

“Then tolerate my selfishness a little more.”

After saying that, KMega leaned on Astrid and gave her a gentle kiss.

It was nearly nighttime when the two came back to camp.

Yirk was cooking and Kieser was tallying up his loot.

KMega blushed as he thought about their own haul, knowing full well over an hour was lost ‘frollicking in the herb field’.

Astrid then grabbed his pouch and began to tally up their haul as well before starting some crafting. Since she has the blood of a female dragon4dragonspecies running through her veins, she doesn’t mind menial tasks, but being the dominant one in their relationship, she still has her take charge attitude.

KMega walked over to Yirk and helped him cook as they relaxed after a good but lacking meal.

A month quickly passed IRL as Kieser’s level rapidly increased and Astrid’s and KMega’s stagnated in the mid-thirties. When Kieser hit level 100, the other two were not even half that individually. However, their skills for their desires were starting to show.

After three months passed IRL, Kieser hit 150 and decided to join the army. The sign-up bonus alone would give them the rest of the money they need to purchase a deed. KMega sighed at his decision, knowing there was no helping it. With no need for severe training and the issues of hundreds of thousands of players popping up, he gave his blessing.

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