Chapter 306: Please Believe Me (04)

Si Zheng Ting rarely speaks to her in this serious manner.  Ding Mengya looks at him, stunned.

It turns out that him calling her here was not because he suspects her, but because he didn’t want her to suspect her.

She has no idea that his love for his wife runs this deep.

Ding Mengya purses her lips, still suspicious.  “Then, that house….”

“I gave her the money,” says Si Zheng Ting vaguely.

Ding Mengya stands up and picks up her bag, “Oh.  I am old now, I cannot be bothered with this company.  I am just waiting to carry my own grandchild.”  After saying that, she shakes her head, “Who knows where Jing Yu, that crazy brat has gone to!  Nobody could contact her.  I wonder what Jin Yan has to say!”

Si Zheng Ting remains silent at that.

Some things are better with Ding Mengya left in the dark.

Her life has been too hard; they simply want her to be happy.

After Ding Mengya left, Si Zheng Ting gets up and walks towards his office.

Ji Chen follows him from behind. 

When they reach the door, Si Zheng Ting icily says, “Find out who stole the drafts and tried to frame my wife.”

“Yes,” says Ji Chen.


Mi Nuo and Li Li’s expressions are ugly when they return to the 18th floor. 

Li Li bites her lips, “That Zhuang Nai Nai is just too arrogant, Director Mi.  She actually thinks we will not be able to find any evidence?  She is clearly the one who stole the drafts!”  Then, she bites her lips, her eyes reddening, “This is all my fault, why did I get a stomach-ache that day?  I didn’t know that she is that kind of a person!”

Mi Nuo sighs before patting Li Li in the shoulder, “If she is the thief, she will show her true color sooner or later.  Keep an eye on her.  We will not let this matter pass.”

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Li Li trembles a little, “Yes, Director Mi.”

Mi Nuo opens the door to her own office before stepping into the space.  Then, the moment the door closes, the dissatisfied look on her face disappears.

A dark look flashes in her eyes as she smiles, picking up her phone.

She calls a number and her call is immediately accepted.

“How did it go?  How did brother-in-law react?” Gu Xing Shan’s voice is very clear from the speaker.

Mi Nuo sighs, distressed, “Mr.  Si completely trusts her.”

“What?  He believes her?” asks Gu Xing Shan in disbelief, “She really is the thief, though!  That lowly woman!”

Mi Nuo sighs, “I think you should stop trying to fight her, Miss Gu.  I think, Mr. Si likes her a lot.”

“Brother-in-law is just momentarily dazzled by her!  I will definitely show her true face to the world!”

“Miss Gu….. Why are you even….. She is your sister-ah!”

“What sister?  The kind that stole her own sister’s marriage prospect?  Don’t you dare call her my sister!” says Gu Xing Shan in hatred.

Mi Nuo quickly closes her mouth.

“Mi Nuo, you must remember other people’s grace.  Don’t forget who helped you pay for your college fee back then.  Don’t forget who helped you escape poverty!  You are only where you are because you received help!  Keep a proper eye on Zhuang Nai Nai!”

Gu Xing Shan’s haughty words causes Mi Nuo to raise her eyebrows.

“En,” says Mi Nuo before ending the call.

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