Chapter 81 – Frost Pulse

Yang Tian’s movement was indeed affected, he was looking helpless when facing Wu Qin’s attack.

Wu Qin’s frost spear stabbed towards Yang Tian, Yang Tian was unable to defend this time and could only allow Wu Qin’s attack.

Very soon, Yang Tian turned into an ice sculpture, there were also many holes on Yang Tian’s body.

“Fu Fu”

Wu Qin panted heavily, he sighed in relief when he finally saw Yang Tian being sealed in ice, he was very worried that his attacks will not be able to harm Yang Tian.

“Captain Wu, are we capturing him?”


“Can I get my family heirloom back?”

“No. He is currently sealed in ice, if we try to pry open the ice, he might run away.”


“No buts.”

It was true that it was very difficult for Yang Tian to break through the ice, but by looking at Zhuang Zheng, Yang Tian knew that he would try to get back the Archaic Bronze Ring. Yang Tian even made sure to expose the Archaic Bronze Ring on his thumb so that Zhuang Zheng could see it.

“Captain Wu, I saw my family heirloom on his thumb, can’t we just pry abit?”

“I already said no, are you able to take responsibility if something happens?”

Wu Qin unhesitantly rejected Zhuang Zheng’s request, but Zhuang Zheng was unresigned. He believed that it was because he did not assist Fan Wen and Fan Wu earlier on, which was why he was not given assistance to extract his family heirloom.

Wu Qin’s injuries have yet to recover before he clashed with Yang Tian and got hurt. His body was currently extremely weak and needed to rest as soon as possible to recuperate.

“The few of you better guard properly.”


Wu Qin arranged a few soldiers to watch over the ice before he entered an armored vehicle to rest. Zhuang Zheng’s earlier attempts had caused Wu Qin to feel disgusted, heading to the armored vehicle to rest has explained Wu Qin’s opinions.

However, Zhuang Zheng’s attention was all on the Archaic Bronze Ring on Yang Tian’s thumb, he could not be bothered with Wu Qin.

“Let’s go back.”

Zhuang Zheng brought the metahumans behind him back into the underground warehouse.

“Mayor, what are we going to do?”

“Since he will not help me, we will just do it ourselves.”

“But Captain Wu has arranged guards.”

“So what? Captain Wu is injured, he has no mood to pay attention to the ice, we will put some sleeping drugs in the soldier’s food and take action after that.”

“Then… okay!”

The metahumans followed Zhuang Zheng for the sake of obtaining the protection of the army; sometimes for the purpose of survival, betrayal was nothing much to them.

Under Zhuang Zheng’s eyes, there were also two metahumans silently taking action.

When night fell, Zhuang Zheng acted together with the metahumans under him, the soldiers guarding the ice ate the food delivered by Zhuang Zheng and had already fallen into a deep sleep.

“Who got the awl?”

“With me.”

“Dig now!”


The metahuman with the awl started to lightly hit the ice, they were all afraid that the ice would shatter if they were not careful and release the black monster inside.


As the sound of ice behind knock was just heard, a frost spear suddenly pinned onto the metahuman’s shoulder.

“You dare!”

Wu Qin jumped in front of that Metahuman and stepped on his body, before pulling out the frost spear.

“Mayor, Zhuang, I have already warned you. If you continue, do not blame me for being impolite.”

Wu Qing pointed the frost spear at Zhuang Zheng’s forehead, causing the latter to fall onto the ground from fright.

“I won’t dare, Captain, I won’t dare.”

Zhuang Zheng spoke with a guilty conscience, he could sense a cold aura of death coming from the frost spear.

“Mayor Zhuang. It will be fine to let him out once we return to the base, at that time, your family heirloom will return to its rightful owner.”

Wu Qin was afraid that Zhuang Zheng would do something detrimental and had no choice but to try to comfort the latter.

Zhuang Zheng replied embarrassingly before seeing two men standing behind Wu Qin, that moment was when Zhuang Zheng discovered why Wu Qin knew about their actions tonight.

Dammit, fence-sitters were indeed unreliable.

“Okay, you guys should return now.”

Wu Qin felt that he needed to personally stand guard, or else if something really happened, it would be bad.

Crack Crack

The faint sound of ice cracking was heard, causing Wu Qin to immediately feel nervous. Wu Qin entered elementalized form and cast ice to seal the ice block as he was unable to use Frost Pulse. Wu Qin did not know what would happen if Yang Tian breaks out.

As the sounds of cracking got louder and louder, Wu Qin knew that he was too late.


Yang Tian came out from the ice block.

“Fortunately I have this, haha.”

Yang Tian caressed the Archaic Bronze Ring on his hand smugly. Wu Qin also knew that it was due to his own people that allowed Yang Tian to escape.

“Even if you manage to come out, you will not have it easy.”

That’s right, Wu Qin activated Frost Pulse to seal Yang Tian in ice again. Even with Venom’s resistance, Yang Tian was already frozen internally due to the skill.

“I do not know what other methods you have, but I can still use Frost Pulse one more time even if my life will be put at risk. Let’s see what can you do.”

“You are right, but I have never returned empty-handed before.”

Yang Tian did not plan to continue fighting, he stretched his hand.

“Daddy, save me.”

Yang Tian’s arm extended unlimitedly and wrapped around Zhuang Ru before he brought her along and fled the garbage dump. By the time, Wu Qin wanted to stop him, it was already too late.

Zhuang Zheng’s helpless shouts were heard from behind Yang Tian, Zhuang Ru allowed him to exchange for the Archaic Bronze Ring. This time, she had also become useful.

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“Let go of me! I am no longer useful to you, my father no longer has anything worth your attention.” Zhuang Ru spoke with a tearing voice, she was afraid that Yang Tian would do something terrible to her.

Yang Tian ignored Zhuang Ru and brought her to a tattered motel nearby.

The ice energy within Yang Tian’s body needed to be expelled, Zhuang Ru was a decent conductor.

“What are you doing!?”

Zhuang Ru was tossed onto the bed by Yang Tian, the former fearfully held on to her clothes.

“You? Still not worthy enough.”

Yang Tian tears away the clothes on Zhuang Ru’s back, he plans to transmit the ice energy into her body using his hands.

Yang Tian deactivates Venom, returning into his ordinary look before placing both his hands on Zhuang Ru’s back.

“So cold.”

Zhuang Ru felt a coldness on her back, her face started to turn pale.

A conductor was needed to expel ice energy as it was unable to be discharged through the air. As for why Yang Tian chose Zhuang Ru, it was to give Zhuang Zheng that old fella a lesson.

When Yang Tian transmitted all the ice energy in his body to Zhuang Ru, Yang Tian would also return the latter back. Wu Qin can create ice energy, but he was still unable to extract ice energy.

“Help me, I am feeling so cold.”

After Yang Tian transmitted all the ice energy, Zhuang Ru shrank on the bed, in hopes that she would be able to find a semblance of warmth.

“Relax, I will deliver you back to your father.”


Zhuang Ru weakly replied, she has no more stamina to perform other actions and could only let Yang Tian do as he wished.

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Yang Tian carried Zhuang Ru and prepared to set off.

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