Chapter 620: True or false?

The Sea Emperor was impatient to know whether Long Yi had obtained Blue Sea Divine Soul or not, but Long Yi was only concerned with chatting and laughing with three mermaids. Seemingly, he was so happy as to forget home and duty. But, the Sea Emperor could just only be anxious. He wanted to make someone enter and call Long Yi out, but he had certain misgivings. After all, he had to rely on Long Yi’s help.

While waiting with expectation, the Sea Emperor became more and more anxious like a cat on a hot tin roof. But, just when he could not wait any longer and thought of making the Miluo Patriarch call Long Yi, Long Yi walked out of the courtyard with a smile.

“Sorry for making Your Majesty wait for a long time. All say that a lad of warmth and tenderness is the grave of a hero, now I know from experience. Your Majesty, please don’t laugh at me.” Long Yi said to the Sea Emperor while laughing merrily. Clearly, he was speaking insincerely.

“Nothing urgent, nothing urgent, I already made Miluo Patriarch arrange a good secret room.” Although the Sea Emperor was saying it was nothing urgent, regardless of his expression or tone, one could see that he was very impatient.

Long Yi smiled and nodded his head and walked shoulder to shoulder with Sea Emperor. In his mind, he, however, was having all kinds of thoughts.

The two people sat opposite to each other in the secret room. Sea Emperor who already impatient asked, “Long Yi, is there any news on Blue Sea Divine Soul?”

Long Yi frowned and sighed. He was laughing in his heart. These words of the Sea Emperor had a standard. He made it appear as if he paid no attention to whether he obtained Blue Sea Divine Soul or not, instead asked whether he had any news on Blue Sea Divine Soul.

“No…?” The heart of the Sea Emperor sunk.

“That is not the case, I was teleported to Death Impasse by a Water Space Variant Beast. There were demon specters and divine zombies everywhere. They were very powerful. I nearly died several times, and finally, I reached a no man’s land. In that place, I encountered a divine zombie that maintain wisdom of his lifetime, ai…” Long Yi knew that the Sea Emperor must have heard the matters from Karl before, so he said truth mingled with falsehood. Originally, when he entered Smelting Death Cave, he didn’t have any other thoughts. He genuinely wanted to help the Sea Emperor find Blue Sea Divine Soul at first. However, after that divine zombie leader later said to not let Blue Sea Divine Soul fall into the hands of others, and this divine soul contained a kind of unique trait that was superior to Water God, in addition seeing that the Sea Emperor was so nervous regarding this Blue Sea Divine Soul, he hesitated to hand it over to the Sea Emperor.

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“Long Yi, why are you sighing? What exactly happened? Speak out.” Sea Emperor stood up and queried. Now, his previous calmness couldn’t be seen. Although he tried his best to keep calm, he was unable to suppress his inner desire.

“That divine zombie told me that Blue Sea Divine Soul indeed exists. Moreover, it was in his hands. Merely, it has mutated after 100,000 years, so he used his divine power to place a restriction on it.” Long Yi said.

“Restriction? Then, did you obtain Blue Sea Divine Soul?” The Sea Emperor urgently asked.

“Yes.” Long Yi nodded his head without any hesitation, but he added, “Merely, that divine zombie warned me to not let Blue Sea Divine Soul fall into the hands of others.”

Long Yi said and opened his right hand, then a white light flashed and a faint green light ball floated in his hand, illuminating this secret room with exuberant green radiance.

The Sea Emperor suddenly stood up again and stared at the Blue Sea Divine Soul in the hand of Long Yi with infatuation. He then couldn’t help reaching out to grab it.

Long Yi clenched his hand and Blue Sea Divine Soul disappeared into the air. At the same time, the Sea Emperor also came back to his senses.

“Long Yi, I truly need this Blue Sea Divine Soul, what do you want to part with it?” Seeing the attitude of Long Yi, the Sea Emperor knew that Long Yi didn’t have confidence in him, so he let Long Yi make demands.

“Your Majesty, it is not that I, Long Yi, don’t believe in you, merely, that divine zombie has already made it clear. I am also complying with the promise, but if Your Majesty truly wants this Blue Sea Divine Soul, then it is not difficult. First of all, I want to know what exactly do you want to use this thing for,” Long Yi said with a smile.

Sea Emperor was startled and appeared as if he instantly aged a lot. He then sat down in dejection, and after a good while, he said, “500 years ago, after I hardened my heart and exiled the empress of Mermaid Clan from Undersea City, I married a woman of another Sea Race as a wife. She is the mother of my daughter Martha. Merely, just after Martha was born, the assassin sent by the Demon Sharks attacked. Although she survived by luck, she sunk into a suspended animation state.

“Because this matter is no small matter, I directly announced that the empress had died publicly, even Martha doesn’t know this. Later, by a lucky chance, I learned about the existence of Blue Sea Divine Soul in Smelting Death Cave. It is said, swallowing it can resuscitate my empress. Therefore, I requested you to enter Smelting Death Cave to look for Blue Sea Divine Soul.”

Sea Emperor sunk into a kind of sad mood. He even sobbed a few times and tears flickered in this eyes, making Long Yi visibly moved.

“I didn’t expect Your Majesty to be so affectionate and faithful. However, Blue Sea Divine Soul is restricted now, and I don’t know whether it can resuscitate the empress.” Long Yi said with moved appearance.

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“Regardless of whether it can resuscitate empress or not, I still request you to let this emperor test it. As long as you agree, you can choose any treasure you want from the treasury of my imperial palace.” Sea Emperor agitatedly pulled Long Yi’s hand and said.

“Your Majesty is truly too polite. If I, Long Yi, takes your treasure for this, then I would be too ungrateful. It would be ungracious not to accept Your Majesty’s kindness. If I don’t, then Your Majesty would have a gap in your heart, and our relationship would drift apart.” Long Yi patted the shoulder of the Sea Emperor and said. In his heart, however, he was laughing. Since he had a chance to obtain the treasure, why would he let this chance slip by? But at the same time, he was also on guard. This Sea Emperor was astute and very deep.

The expression of the Sea Emperor stiffened but immediately reverted back to normal and gratefully said, “You truly understand this emperor. Since you agreed to give me that Blue Sea Divine Soul to save my empress, this emperor can’t thank you enough.”

“Your Majesty doesn’t need to be like this. If I don’t give the Blue Sea Divine Soul to Your Majesty, then whom should I give it to? But, since this is a very secret matter, how about me and Your Majesty go together to use this restricted Blue Sea Divine Soul to save the Empress? If it is truly effective, then I will naturally be happy, but if it is useless, then I request Your Majesty to return it.” Long Yi stared at the Sea Emperor and said. His worlds were watertight. If it truly worked, then it’s fine, but if it didn’t work, then not only this Blue Sea Divine Soul would return to him, he would also extort the treasury of Sea Emperor.

“That is natural, if you are willing to go with this emperor, then that would be for the best.” The Sea Emperor agreed without any hesitation, making Long Yi feel that he was oversensitive.

After the negotiation, Long Yi and Sea Emperor returned to the imperial palace.

Then, passing through a heavily guarded passage, the Sea Emperor took Long Yi to an underground palace deep inside the imperial palace.

Long Yi clicked his tongue in admiration. This underground palace was built in several hundred years. It was enormous in scale, at least ten times larger than the imperial palace on the surface. There were fully armed elite soldiers everywhere. This should be the secret base of the Sea Emperor.

Since the Sea Emperor was willing to bring him over, this was enough to show his sincerity, merely, once Long Yi had a hint of suspicion, it was not easy to erase that suspicion.

The Sea Emperor led Long Yi to an elegantly decorated palace. He lifted the curtain and entered the sleeping quarters. There were a few beautiful imperial maids inside. They respectfully greeted him and left.

Long Yi nevertheless narrowed his eyes, and a hint of strange light flashed through his eyes. He had noticed that these few imperial maids were unexpectedly a little surprised when they saw the Sea Emperor. This explains that the Sea Emperor didn’t come here often; this was contrary to the touching words he had said before. If he truly had deep feelings for this empress and he wanted to obtain Blue Sea Divine Soul for her by hook or by crook, then how come he didn’t come here to see her frequently?

Inside the sleeping quarters, there was a dark green stone bed. This stone bed was full of exquisite patterns, looking very exquisite.

A beautiful woman wearing a purple flower patterned skirt was quietly lying on this stone bed. Her eyes were closed. If not for that pale complexion, others would definitely think that this was a beautiful picture of sleeping beauty.

“The empress truly is a rare beauty in the world. No wonder, Your Majesty bore her constantly in mind.” Long Yi turned over and said to the Sea Emperor. Just a moment ago, he had used his spirit power to examine her and determined that this empress was truly in suspended animation state like the Sea Emperor had said. It was just like his grandfather Ximen Kuang at that time. Merely, several types of strange energies were circulating inside her body. These energies had flooded her heart veins and brain as if layers upon layers of iron chains were tying them up. It would be extremely difficult to recover.

The Sea Emperor sat on the edge of the bed, and he tightly grabbed the little hand of this beautiful woman with grief-stricken expression.

“Xiang’er, this emperor finally found Blue Sea Divine Soul. Whatever happens, you must wake up.” The Sea Emperor mumbled to himself and unexpectedly, tears flowed down his cheeks. This scene was truly touching.

If it were not for noticing all sorts of improper clues before, Long Yi would have been touched at this moment. After all, he had also experienced all sorts of ups and down on the path of love. He especially hoped that all the lovers in this world got together. A person could be an evildoer, but absolutely cannot be a heartless rotten person without any relationship.

After a good while, the Sea Emperor looked towards Long Yi with a hint of pleading expression.

 Long Yi smiled, and opening his palm, Blue Sea Divine Soul floated. Then, with a thought, this Blue Sea Divine Soul slowly drifted to the front of the Sea Emperor. The Sea Emperor gratefully looked at Long Yi, then waving his right hand, the Blue Sea Divine Soul flew towards this woman’s little mouth he had opened with his left hand. Then, overturning his right hand, Blue Sea Divine Soul turned into a green light and entered the mouth of this woman.

The entire body of this beautiful woman suddenly flashed with green light, and her pale face slowly became a little red.

“Success, it is really effective…” The Sea Emperor exclaimed in pleasant surprise and held the little hand of this woman tighter.

But, all of a sudden, the entire body of this woman stiffened and then trembled violently. After that, light blue colored blood flowed out from her eyes, nose, mouth, and ears.

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