Chapter 826 – Most Beautiful!

Ji Mo Ya smiled and calmly said: “This Young Master also thinks that you are the most beautiful!”

His words were filled with deep love and endless tenderness.

F*** me, can someone please drag away these fellas that randomly started to flirt and display affections in public!

The observers all started to feel like going crazy.

Why there is not a single reliable Mystic Spirit Master around here?

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At this time, Snow Girl stood out, she lightly swept her cold gaze at everyone while giving Huan Qing Yan a slight smile and spoke: “Earlier on, Young Master Ya and Young Master Shang Qiu had exchanged pointers, and Young Master Ya won. Is there any problem if I declare that Young Master Ya is first?”

There was naturally no problems, even if there was, no one would dare to speak out.

With that, Young Master Ya got all the votes to choose the Sand Tower to enter first.

“As for the second place, I think that Prince Bai of Hanging Cloud Empire made sense, the most beautiful should enter.”

What is this? First place is based on strength while the second place is based on looks?

Everyone looked at Snow Girl and started guessing, maybe the Snow Girl is planning to fight for the spot of number one beauty?

That was hard to saw as well, women are generally confident of their own looks, even if that was not the case they will still find themselves above average, right?

Shang Qiu Meng Qian’s eyes flashed for a moment and the first to react, he knew that he would obtain a spot for the Sand Towers no matter how the situation proceeds, but Qing Qing was not the same. No matter why the Snow Girl made this suggestion, he would just support and make sure Huan Qing Yan obtains an opportunity.

Shang Qiu Meng Qian has yet to give up on Huan Qing Yan, as the woman the former likes and his future dual cultivation partner, it was only right that he help Huan Qing Yan obtain some benefits and improve her strength!

After convincing himself, Shang Qiu Meng Qian expressed his agreement: “This Young Master also agrees, I also think Qing Qing is the most beautiful!”

Isn’t that just rubbish?

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With Shang Qiu Meng Qian leading the way, Nan Gong Bei Cheng also spoke, “This Young Master seconded!”

Le Guo’er knew her limits very well and knew that she has no hope, but if Huan Qing Yan were able to get a spot, it would also be meant that Surging Wave Academia has a representative.

Moreover, Le Guo’er has always dislike Bai Li Zi Xi while she was also not familiar with Snow Girl, so who else can she support other than Huan Qing Yan?

Le Guo’er happily forced Ming Xie Ren to agree with her as well.

The others naturally saw the major forces like Ji Mo, Shang Qiu, Nan Gong, Hanging Cloud, Celestial Ripples, Purple Heaven were all trying to help Huan Qing Yan get a spot.

Snow Girl did not express her thoughts, but by not objecting, it was already a form of expression.

The over half of the peak forces were supporting Huan Qing Yan, as this was only a spot and not a situation of life and death, the other forces were starting to follow the flow.

Only Bai Li Zi Xi was angered to the point of madness.

Huan Qing Yan that bitch, what bewitching drug did she feed everyone with? Why did so many people keep coming out to support her?

Looking at the situation, Huan Qing Yan would likely be given second place just like that.

Preposterous, no one ever asked her for her thoughts, is that how they treat the Saintess?

Bai Li Zi Xi had also noticed the expression of the rest of the clans and organizations, they were not planning to object, if she did not voice out now, the situation would be cemented!

She must not allow Huan Qing Yan to get away with it!

Bai Li Zi Xi no longer bothered about thinking and immediately said, “I object!”

When her words left her mouth, the sharp gazes of Ji Mo Ya and Shang Qiu Meng Qian swept towards here.

Bai Li Zi Xi felt a cold chill run down her back, she felt even more anger, but she could only endure and maintain a faint smile: “This matter is regarding our opportunities, how could we be so casual about it?”

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