Chapter 825 – I’ll Be Damn!

Snow Girl was the first to nod.

Shang Qiu Meng Qian used the moment when everyone was not alert to sneakily wink at Huan Qing Yan before assuming his casual and arrogant demeanor. He swept his gaze across the group with a smile that did not look like a smile: “It is not this Young Master looking down on people, but I believe some people really did not know their limits. They hope to follow behind someone to steal an opportunity? It is best that you step out, do you think trash like you is worthy of fighting for a spot with this Young Master?”

At his last word, his gaze deliberately stayed on BaI Li Zi Xi for a moment.

Bai Li Zi Xi’s face turned green, is Shang Qiu Meng Qian calling her trash? Is he saying that she is injured and is not qualified?

However, she could only hold in her anger when looking at the current situation, she forcefully smiled and replied: “I think our abilities are not that different, why not we report our cultivations and used it to rank ourselves? This can prevent us from fighting, won’t it be a pity if we fought and hurt each other by accident?”

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Bai Li Zi Xi knew that she has yet to recover from her injuries, if a fight happens, she would likely be defeated. If she were unable to get a spot, then she would have lost all her face, and her reputation as the Saitness would drop to the bottom. It would result in the support given by the Holy Court and the Bai Li Clan to be reduced, that was something that she could not allow to happen.

If they rank according to cultivation level, she was an Early-Stage Mystic Spirit Master that was about to enter Mid-Stage, she believed that you would be able to obtain a spot when compared to everyone present.

Those words made the people who heard it felt that the Saintess was indeed a good person with a kind heart, even at this time, she still thought to maintain harmony between everyone.

Many people were moved, they looked at Bai Li Zi Xi with eyes filled with respect and admiration.

Only Bai Li Jia Bao rolled her eyes dramatically while standing behind Bai Li Zi Xi, the fakeness of the latter has caused her to be on the verge of vomiting. However, the situation was related to the reputation of the Bai Li Clan, it would look poorly on the Bai Li  Clan if no one from the clan obtained a spot to enter the towers.

For the sake of her clan, Bai Li Jia Bai decided to tolerate it.

However, she could tolerate did not mean that others could do the same.

Bai Cheng Feng coldly rebuked: “If the Saintess is afraid to fight, then why not just give up? If we follow what the Saintess said, we might as well just take a seat and we share some candy, you have one, and I have one.”

Someone in the crowd could not help but laugh.

Bai Li Zi Xi quickly threw a glance at Bai Cheng Feng, a trace of murderous intent flashed through her eyes, but her face maintained a faint smile: “I am only giving a suggestion, may I ask what does Prince Bai has in mind?”

Bai Cheng Feng gave a knowing smile: “If I follow the Saintess’s method, I feel that we should rank base on who is the prettiest. I think that Huan Qing Yan from Surging Wave Academia is the most beautiful, why not let her choose which tower she wants to enter?”

I’ll be damned! This was what went through everyone’s hearts. Dude, we are here to fight for cultivation opportunities okay?

Can you be serious? When did looks equal to being qualified?

Everyone’s eyes gathered on Huan Qing Yan, they were wondering what sort of girl Huan Qing Yan is. Not only did two Young Masters fight for her publicly, but even the Crown Prince of Hanging Cloud Empire is also her admirer?

Huan Qing Yan was someone who went through many things with Ji Mo Ya, allowing her to remain calm despite so many people looking at her.

She slowly nodded: “I think I am the most beautiful as well!”

She shamelessly agreed.

Where is the reservedness? Where is the grace?

Everyone was dumbstruck.

Ji Mo Ya’s murderous intent was surging due to Bai Cheng Feng’s taunt, but Huan Qing Yan’s reply instantly caused it to dissipate.

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