Chapter 80 – Frost War Spirit

Blood dyed the grounds of the rubbish dump.


Fan Wu released an unwilling howl, they managed to survive the assault of the Mutated Armadillos, yet they still died in the hands of that black monster in front.

“Little Brother, what happened?”

The other soldier inside the underground warehouse had appeared, he noticed that the situation was not good the moment he saw the state of the rubbish dump.

“Squad Leader Fan Wen, these were all done by that thing.”

Zhuang Zheng immediately pointed towards Yang Tian, the current state was indeed due to Yang Tian.

Rank 2 Giant Strength Soldier, there was to be no doubts about his strength, but his other attributes were much weaker.


Fan Wen released an inhuman roar, the fabric that covered his muscles exploded.

A humanoid monster charged towards Yang Tian.

The reason the army nurtured Giant Strength Soldiers and Scouts were for the purpose of war, in individual battles, their abilities were not very effective.

Against something like beast tides, a Rank 1 Giant Strength Soldier will undoubtedly be much useful than a Rank 2 Metahuman.

Yang Tian’s arm turned into a war hammer, Yang Tian wants to test the Giant Strength Soldier in front of him and see how powerful is the Giant Strength Soldier’s strength attribute.


The black war hammer struck Fan Wen and he crossed his arms on top of his head to block the war hammer.

Yang Tian continued to apply strength into his arms, causing a groove to appear on the ground underneath Fan Wen’s feet. As Yang Tian increased his power, the deeper the groove became.

“You guys go help.”

Seeing his elder brother being suppressed, Fan Wu shouted at the metahumans behind Zhuang Zheng.

Fan Wu’s words did not result in any of those metahumans moving any muscle, causing Fan Wu’s expression to become slightly ugly.

“You guys go and help as well.”

Zhuang Zheng opened his mouth, only then did they started to act, causing Fan Wu’s expression to become slightly better.

“Your strength can match mine, but your other areas are not good enough.”

“Humph! I can still defeat you!”

“Is that so?” Yang Tian’s left leg turned into a war hammer, his thighs looked like a chain that was connected to a war hammer. Yang Tian viciously swung his left leg and struck Fan Wen’s ribs.



The sounds of shattered bones were heard along with the sound of Fan Wen vomiting blood.

After pushing Fan Wen back, the metahumans that were ordered by Zhuang Zheng to fight Yang Tian dared not approach the latter. Instead, they supported Fan Wen and brought him back.

“I do not need your help, you guys just need to go up!”

Unfortunately, they did not listen to Fan Wen’s command and forcefully brought him back.


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Fan Wen scolded!

“Big Brother, are you okay?”

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“Just a minor injury, but it will be hard for us to return and report this.”

Fan Wen looked at the bodies that littered the ground, Fan Wu’s expression was also ugly. Zhuang Zheng asked the Fan Wu to help him get back his family heirloom, but Fan Wu had underestimated the black monster in front of him, causing the soldiers to lost their lives. Moreover, what made Fan Wu felt even angrier was that Zhuang Zheng stood by the side and had just watched as everything unfolded, even his own elder brother was injured in the end.

“I will remember everything that happened today.”

“Squad Leader Fan Wu, today…”

Fan Wu waved his hand and stopped Zhuang Zheng from continuing as he supported Fan Wen back into an armored vehicle.

“Captain Wu, you are here as well. That black monster is really powerful, even the two squad leaders…”

“There is no need to continue. Our mission is to rescue your group, we are not supposed to be bothered about other things.”

The soldiers have suffered severe casualties, Captain Wu must bring down Yang Tian.

“Wu Qin?”

Yang Tian recognized this Captain Wu. In his previous life, Yang Tian joined the army so that he could support Xiao Xiao and himself, at that time he entered Wu Qin’s platoon. However, Yang Tian was only a small fry soldier at that time while Wu Qin was an army captain, he did not know Yang Tian, but Yang Tian knew him.

The first time that Wu Qin met Yang Tian in his previous life was when Yang Tian was taking his revenge on a powerful monster hunting group, Wu Qin was trying to stop Yang Tian at that time, but Yang Tian was no longer someone that Wu Qin could handle. One of Yang Tian’s tamed beast, a Dark Fire Dragon easily turned Wu Qin into ashes.

“You know me?”

“I don’t know you.”

Wu Qin, Early Rank 3 Frost War Spirit

Elemental War Spirits and Elemental Warriors have a distinct difference, Elemental War Spirits control the elements in the air around them, allowing them to obtain better control when launching elemental attacks while Elemental Warriors can only control the elements within their own body.

“I do not know what creature are you, but since you can speak human. Nothing will likely happen to you if you return to the army with me.”

Wu Qin wants to trick him into returning with him and becoming a lab rat? However, Wu Qin had overestimated his own intelligence.

“I think you are an idiot.”

“You… looks like I need to act.”

Wu Qin elementalized, an icy blue transparent person appeared in front of Yang Tian.

“Frost Spear”

A three-meter spear appeared on Wu Qin’s hand, the spear was pointed at Yang Tian.

Black Battle Ax

Yang Tian’s arm turned into a battle ax, looking similarly imposing.

With the frost spear in hand, Wu Qin attacked Yang Tian first, the frost spear turning into sharp arrows which kept striking.

Ding Ding

The mass of the battle ax expanded, allowing Yang Tian to easily block the strikes of the frost spear, but one or two still managed to land on Yang Tian due to the immense speed of strike and withdrawing.


The area that was struck quickly turned into ice; it would have been a severe problem if it were other metahumans, but Yang Tian’s skin was covered by Venom. Unless the attack could pierce through Venom’s defense, the damage done to Venom was literally none.


The ice fell off Yang Tian’s body, no injuries were found on that spot.

“What happened?”

Wu Qin said in alarm, this was the first time he was encountering such a situation whereby his attacks were not working.

“You think too highly of yourself.”

Yang Tian vicious slashed his battle ax at Wu Qin, causing the latter to raise his frost spear to defend.


The frost spear was not enough to block the battle ax and completely shattered.

The instant the frost spear broke, Wu Qin retreated and condensed a new frost spear in his hands.

“You think it will be of use?”

Yang Tian continued to attack, breaking the frost spear each time, Wu Qin was expending a great amount of stamina just by creating frost spears.

“Haha, laughable.”

Yang Tian had caused Wu Qin to feel utterly inconceivable, his attacks did not work on Yang Tian while the attacks that Yang Tian gave him were filled with a dangerous vibe.


Yang Tian hacks Wu Qin’s elementalized body into two, an elementalized body was able to recombine but the process consumes a lot of stamina; it was also the fourth time that Yang Tian hacked Wu Qin’s body.

Frost Pulse

Pulses started to emit from Wu Qin’s body, the pulses were filled with ice energy from the air. This caused Yang Tian’s body to become obstructed and slowed his body.

“What a powerful skill.”

“Next, my turn.”

This is Wu Qin’s trump card. An ice element domain skill, the movement of all creatures within the range of the domain will be affected.

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